My Friend

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My Friend
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Song released in Hetalia Character CD II Vol. 4 - UK
Artist Noriaki Sugiyama
Released May 29, 2013
Lyrics YUMIKO(from DY-T)
Composer YUMIKO(from DY-T)
Arrangement Atsushi Harada
Hetalia Song Chronology
Ich liebe... My Friend Let’s Enjoy Today

My Friend is the third image song for the character England in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Noriaki Sugiyama in the voice of England. According to the Anime's website, the track is "a song introducing England’s friends! ☆ England’s friend’s… that means… you will see ♪."


ブラウニー ピクシー 楽しいやつら
ユニコーン みんな 俺の友達

もじゃもじゃ 茶色の毛
とても 働き者
俺以外に 人見知り
夜中にそっと 手伝ってくれんだ
ブラウニー ブラウニー 長いつきあいの
ブラウニー ブラウニー 俺の友達


真っ赤な 髪の毛
なかまたちと 楽しくすごしてんだ
ピクシー ピクシー 小さくてダンスが好き
ピクシー ピクシー 俺の友達


サラサラ 毛並みで
立派な 一本角
さみしいときに いっしょにいてくれんだ
ユニコーン ユニコーン 不思議な力をもつ
ユニコーン ユニコーン 俺の友達


アップルツリーマン、グリーン・マン、ディーナ・シー、グウレイヴ、レプラホーン、親指トム そして・・・

ほあたっ ほあたっ 奇跡を起こす呪文
ほあたっ ほあたっ ブリタニアエンジェル

ブラウニー ピクシー 楽しいやつら
ユニコーン みんな 俺の友達

BURAUNII PIKUSHII tanoshii yatsura
YUNIKOON minna ore no tomodachi

moja moja chairo no ke
totemo hataraki mono
MIRUKU ga daisuki de
ore igai ni hitomishiri
yonaka ni sotto tetsudatte kurenda
sonna yasashii yatsu
BURAUNII BURAUNII nagai tsukiai no
BURAUNII BURAUNII ore no tomodachi

'aa, koitsu wa toshi wo toruto, SANTA KUROOSU ni narutte iwareten dazo.
jiichan ni nattemo hatarakimono dana!'

makkana kaminoke
togatta mimi ga CHAAMUPOINTO
kirei na hane ni
fuwafuwana DORESU
nakamatachi to tanoshiku sugoshitenda
sonna youkina yatsu
PIKUSHII PIKUSHII chiisakute DANSU ga suki
PIKUSHII PIKUSHII ore no tomodachi

'koitsura ga mienai toki wa, yotsuba no KUROBAA wo atama ni noseru to iindazo.
mochiron, ore wa yatta koto naikedo na'

sara sara kenami de
sawari gokochi batsugun
tsuburana hitomi ni
rippana ippon tsuno
samishii toki ni isshoni itekurenda
sonna kawaii yatsu
YUNIKOON YUNIKOON fushigina chikara wo motsu
YUNIKOON YUNIKOON ore no tomodachi

'hontou, minna iiyatsu nanda. aa, mada mada takusan irun daze!'


hoatta hoatta kiseki wo okosu jumon
hoatta hoatta BURITANIA ENJERU

BURAUNII PIKUSHII tanoshii yatsura
YUNIKOON minna ore no tomodachi

Brownie, pixie, what jolly folks
Unicorn, all of them, my friends

With brown and wooly fur
He's extremely hardworking
Very fond of milk
And afraid of everyone else but me
He will help out silently in the dead of night
That kind fellow
Brownie, brownie, long have I known him
Brownie, brownie, my friend

"Ah, he told me that when he gets old he will become Santa Claus. So hardworking, even when he's past his prime!"

Bright red hair and pointy ears
Are their charming points
Made from beautiful feathers
Their dresses are light as air
They spend all day playing with friends
These merry fellows
Pixies, pixies, tiny and dance-loving
Pixies, pixies, my friends

"If you can't see these guys, just place a four-leaf clover on your head. But of course, I never have to do that!"

The feeling of her silky mane
Is simply amazing
She has round and cute eyes
And a single elegant horn
She will come to you whenever you feel lonely
That adorable fellow
Unicorn, unicorn, carrying magical powers
Unicorn, unicorn, my friend.

"Honestly, all of them are such great fellows. Ah, but there are still many others too!"

Oberon, Clurichaun, Knocker, Spriggan, Coblynau, Dunnie, Robin Goodfellow, Apple-Tree Man, Green Man, Daoine Sidhe, Gwraig, Leprechaun, Tom Thumb, and…

Take this, take this, my spell that creates miracles
Take this, take this, Brittania Angel

Brownie, pixie, what jolly folks
Unicorn, all of them, my friends

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