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Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Vol. 1 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Daisuke Namikawa
Released October 28, 2015
Hetalia Song Chronology
The Story of Snow and Dreams Romano☆Jet French☆Jet

Romano☆Jet (ロマーノ☆ジェット Romāno☆Jetto?) is an alternate version of the song "Hetalian☆Jet", the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: The World Twinkle. This version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in South Italy. It is sung by Daisuke Namikawa in the voice of Romano.



せいいっぱいの声で チャオ!チャオ!
地球(ほし)を飛び出せ ロマーノ☆ジェット
せいいっぱいおどろう オップラー!オップラー!
爺ちゃんみたいに勇ましいだろうー ヘタリア


カッコいいの出来たぞ ブラ~ヴォ!ブラ~ヴォ!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

トマトをかじって チャオ!チャオ!
かわいい子探せ ロマーノ☆ジェット
気ままな旅だぞちくしょー アンダーレ!アンダーレ!
次はどこにたどりつくかな ヘタリア

宇宙船と遭遇だぁ!! ヴォアアア!
喰らえ ナポリタントルネード!!


言葉が分かっちゃったぞ!ストゥピート ストゥピート
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

「ちぎー おい、そこはひっぱるなーこのやろー」



Do re mi fa sol la si do re

声を合わせて チャオ!チャオ!
地球(ほし)が近づくぞ ロマーノ☆ジェット
スピードあげて オップラー!オップラー!
歌ったら腹が減ったぞーこのやろー ヘタリア


手と手を繋いで ブラ~ヴォ!ブラ~ヴォ!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

“chikushou, ore no roketto
nanka sugee akai zo~! kono yarou!”

seiippai no koe de chao! chao!
hoshi wo tobidase romaano☆jetto
seiippai odorou oppuraa! oppuraa!
jiichan mitai ni isamashii darou hetalia

kirakira no hoshikuzu wo
takusan atsumete
beddo ga dekitara
shiesuta daa kono yarou

kakkoii no dekita zo bura~vo! bura~vo!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

tomato wo kajitte chao! chao!
kawaii ko sagase romaano☆jetto
kimama na tabi dazo chikusho~ andaare! andaare!
tsugi wa doko ni tadoritsuku kana hetalia

uchuusen to souguu daa!! voaaa!
kowasugiru daro kono yarou
uwaa kocchi miruna yo chikkushou
kurae naporitan toruneedo!!

“wareware wa uchuujin de arimasu?”

kotoba ga wakacchatta zo! sutupiito sutupiito
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“chigii oi, soko wa hipparunaa kono yarou”

donna bikkuri ni deattemo
meshi ga umakereba
zenbu kaiketsu dazo! sono yarou

“wuuno, duue, tore, daai!!”

Do re mi fa sol la si do re

koe wo awasete chao! chao!
hoshi ga chikaduku zo romaano☆jetto
supiido agete oppuraa! oppuraa!
utattara hara ga hetta zo~ kono yarou hetalia
itta koto no nai basho wo
takusan mawatte
pinchi wo migoto ni
kaiketsu shita zo~ kono yarou

“chanto kaette kita zo~ supein~
homero~ kono yarou!”

te to te wo tsunaide bura~vo! bura~vo!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“God dammit! My rocket
Is really red for some reason! You bastard!”

With our loudest voices Ciao! Ciao![1]
Fly out of the earth Romano☆Jet
Let’s dance with all our might Oplà! Oplà! [2]
I’m gallant just like Grandpa, aren’t I~ Hetalia

The twinkling stardust
Let’s collect lots of it
And when the bed is made
It’s siesta~ You bastard~

I made a cool one Bravo! Bravo!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

Munching on a tomato Ciao! Ciao!
Looking for cute girls Romano☆Jet
I’m travelling footloose, dammit Andare! Andare! [3]
I wonder where we will arrive next Hetalia

We have encountered a spaceship!! Whoaaa!
That’s too scary, you bastard
Woah don’t look this way, dammit
Take this, Napolitan Tornado!!

“We are Space Aliens?”

I understand your words! Stupito stupito [4]
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

“Chigi-! Hey, stop pulling me there! You shitface!”

No matter what kind of surprise I encounter
As long as the food is delicious
Everything will work out! You bastard!

Uno, due, tre, dai![5]

Do re mi fa sol la si do re

Let’s chime in together Ciao! Ciao!
The earth is getting close Romano☆Jet
We start speeding up Oplà! Oplà!
I’m hungry now after all the singing, you bastard Hetalia

I traveled to many places
Where I’ve never been
And did an amazing job
getting out of a predicament~ you bastard

“I made it back properly~ Spain~
Sing praises to me, you shithead!”

Hold our hands together Bravo! Bravo!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

  1. Hello! Hello!
  2. Presto! Presto!
  3. Go! Go!
  4. Amazed
  5. One, two, three, come on!

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