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Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Vol. 2 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Noriaki Sugiyama
Released November 25, 2015
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Japanese☆Jet British☆Jet Chinese☆Jet

British☆Jet (ブリティッシュ☆ジェット Buritisshu☆Jetto?) is an alternate version of the song "Hetalian☆Jet", the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: The World Twinkle. This version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in England. It is sung by Noriaki Sugiyama in the voice of England.



せいいっぱいの声で ハロー!イギリスだ!
地球(ほし)を飛び越え ブリティッシュ☆ジェット
せいいっぱいおどろう エンジョイ!エンジョイ!
どんなやつらに会えるかな ヘタリア

試そうか 「はぁーーー!」

新しい可能性を レッツ トライ! レッツ トライ!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

流れ星ささっても ハロー…イギリスだ…
スマートに行こう ブリティッシュ☆ジェット
スコーンも焼けたぞ レッツゴー レッツゴー
妖精たちが騒ぎ出したぞ ヘタリア



言葉がちがくても マイフレンズ マイフレンズ
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア





声を合わせて ハロー!イギリスだ!
地球(ほし)が近づくぞ ブリティッシュ☆ジェット
スピードをあげて レッツゴー!レッツゴー!
雨の降る街に帰ろうか ヘタリア



手と手を繋いだら グッドフレンズ!グッドフレンズ!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

“nanda omaera~
issho ni ikitai no ka? shouganee na, iku zo~!”

seiippai no koe de harou! igirisu da!
hoshi wo tobikoe buritisshu☆jetto
seiippai odorou enjoi! enjoi!
donna yatsura ni aeru kana hetalia

kagayaita hoshikuzu wo
takusan atsumete
tokubetsu na majutsu wo
tamesou ka “haa—!”

atarashii kanousei wo rettsu torai! rettsu torai!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

nagareboshi sasattemo harou… igirisu da…
sumaato ni ikou buritisshu☆jetto
sukoon mo yaketa zo rettsugou rettsugou
youseitachi ga sawagidashita zo hetalia
“n~, nanda?”

uchuusen to souguu da!… tte
uchuujin daaaaa—!
a, oi omaera…
e? warui yatsu janaitte?

“nanka nita yatsu, amerika no tomodachi ni ita yona…”

kotoba ga chigakutemo maifurenzu maifurenzu
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“ore wa igirisu da. yo… yoroshiku na!”

donna fushigi na yatsura demo
kekkou tanoshii na
issho ni utaou na

“oi, kuttsukisugi datte. yamero yo baka…! se~no!”


koe wo awase te harou! igirisu da!
hoshi ga chikaduku zo buritisshu☆jetto
supiido wo agete rettsugou! rettsugou!
ame no furu machi ni kaerou ka hetalia

hoshi ga michibiku basho wo
takusan mawatte
nandaka kawatta
tomodachi fueta

“koushite uchuu darou ga, doko darou ga…
koucha wo nonderu to shinshiteki de odayaka na kibun ni naru na”

te to te wo tsunaidara guddofurenzu! guddofurenzu!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“What, Fairies, you lot…
would like to come with me? Oh fine… let’s go~!”

With our loudest voices Hello! It’s England!
Fly beyond the earth British☆Jet
Let’s dance with all our might Enjoy! Enjoy!
I wonder if what kind of guys I’ll meet Hetalia

The shiny, twinkling stardust
I shall collect lot of it
And try my hands on
A special kind of magic “Haa—!”

With a new possibility Let’s try! Let’s try!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

Even though I’m stabbed by a shooting star Hello… It’s England…
Let’s do this with style British☆Jet
I’ve also baked some scones Let’s go Let’s go
The fairies started causing a ruckus Hetalia
“Hmm~, what’s going on?”

We have encountered a spaceship! …wait,
It’s an aliennnnnn—!
Ah, hey, you lot…
Huh? You’re saying he’s not a bad guy?

“Actually, he looks similar this friend of America…”

Even though we speak different languages My friends My friends
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

“I’m England. A… a pleasure to meet you!”

No matter how strange these guys are
They are rather fun
Let’s sing together

“Hey, you’re pressing against me too closely. Stop it, idiot…! Here we go!”


Let’s chime in together Hello! It’s England!
The earth is getting close British☆Jet
We start speeding up Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s return to the town that rains Hetalia

I travelled to many places
Where the stars led me
And made a lot of friends
Who are somewhat odd

“It’s doesn’t matter if I’m in outer space or wherever I am…
when I drink my tea, I feel like a true, calm gentleman.”

When we hold our hands together Good friends! Good friends!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

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English Translation by Donamoeba (Tumblr)

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