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Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Vol. 1 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Yasuhiro Takato
Released October 28, 2015
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French☆Jet Russian☆Jet Bù Zàiyì the Small Stuff ☆

Russian☆Jet (ロシアン☆ジェット Roshian☆Jetto?) is an alternate version of the song "Hetalian☆Jet", the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: The World Twinkle. This version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in Russia. It is sung by Yasuhiro Takato in the voice of Russia.



せいいっぱいの声で プリヴィエート!ロシアだよ☆
地球(ほし)を飛び越え ロシアン☆ジェット
せいいっぱいおどろう エート!エート!
たくさん友達みつかるかな? ヘタリア

あの惑星(ほし)も この恒星(ほし)も
いつかは僕んち なっちゃうだろうし

新しい出会いは ザメチャテルニイ!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

コートを脱いだら プリヴィエート!ロシアだよ☆
ボルシチ仕込もう ロシアン☆ジェット
誰にあげようか? ポイヂェム!ポイヂェム!
次はどこにたどりつくかな ヘタリア

ウォッカを Вот, пожалуйста


言葉がちがくても ニャラノー ニャラノー
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア


やるよ ロシアだもん
ほら 歌っちゃおうよ~


До ре ми фа сол ля си до ре

声を合わせて プリヴィエート!ロシアだよ☆
地球(ほし)へ帰ろう ロシアン☆ジェット
スピードをあげて エート!エート!
ラトビアたちが待ってるからね ヘタリア



手と手を繋いだら ドゥルーク!ドゥルーク!

セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

“nan da, roketto no koto nara
boku ni kiite kurereba ii noni? ufufu☆”

seiippai no koe de purivieeto! roshia da yo☆
hoshi wo tobikoe roshian☆jetto
seiippai odorou eeto! eeto!
takusan tomodachi mitsukaru kana? hetalia

ano hoshi mo kono hoshi mo
itsuka wa bokunchi nacchau daroushi
tanoshimi da naa☆

atarashii deai wa zamechaterunii!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

kooto wo nuidara purivieeto! roshia dayo☆
borushichi shikomou roshian☆jetto
dare ni ageyou ka? poijemu! poijemu!
tsugi wa doko ni tadoritsuku ka na hetalia

uchuusen to souguu da!!
uokka wo Vot, pozhalujsta
ikki ni nonde ne☆
Za vstrechu!

“boku, minna ga waiwai yatteru no miru no suki nan da”

kotoba ga chigakutemo nyaranou nyaranou
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“kimitachi no iette atatakai no kana?”

donna joushi no muchaburi mo
yaruyo roshia damon
hora utacchaou yo~


Do re mi fa sol’ lya si do re

koe wo awasete purivieeto! roshia dayo?
hoshi he kaerou roshian☆jetto
supiido wo agete eeto! eeto!
ratobia tachi ga matteru kara ne hetalia

minna ga iru basho wo
takusan mawatte
itsumo to chigau
tomodachi fueta

“uchuu kara miru chikyuu mo suteki dayo ne,
kore zenbu… ufu☆”

te to te wo tsunaidara duruuku! duruuku!
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“What, you could’ve asked me
everything about rockets, y’know… teehee☆”

With our loudest voices Privyet[1]! It’s Russia☆
Fly beyond the earth Russian☆Jet
Let’s dance with all our might Eto![2] Eto!
I wonder if I’ll find a lot of friends? Hetalia

That planet, and this star too
They will all become my house one day
I can’t wait☆

A new encounter is Zamechatel’nyj[3]!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

After I take off my coat Privyet! It’s Russia☆
I’ll start preparing Borscht Russian☆Jet
Who should I serve it to? Poydem[4]! Poydem!
I wonder where will we arrive at next Hetalia

We have encountered a spaceship!!
Bot, pozhalujsta[5] some Vodka
Let’s have a bottoms up☆
Za vstrechu![6]

“I like watching everyone having a good time.”

Even though we speak different languages Nichego[7] Nichego
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

“I wonder if it’s warm at your houses?”

No matter how unreasonable my boss’s demands are
I’ll still do them, because I’m Russia
Here, let’s sing~

“Here~ we go”

Do re mi fa so la ti do re

Let’s chime in together Privyet! It’s Russia☆
Let’s return to earth Russian☆Jet
We start speeding up Eto! Eto!
Since Latvia and the others are waiting Hetalia

I travelled to many places
Where everyone is
And made a lot of friends
Who are a little different from usual

“The earth look really gorgeous from space, too.
This will all be… teehee☆”

Hold our hands together Drug[8]! Drug!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

  1. Hi
  2. That's it!
  3. Great!
  4. Let's go!
  5. Please, here you go
  6. A toast to us meeting today!
  7. Nevermind
  8. Friend

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