The Fragrance of Early Summer

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The Fragrance of Early Summer
Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Character CD Vol. 1 - Italy and Japan
Artist Hiroki Takahashi
Released June 24, 2015
Hetalia Song Chronology
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The Fragrance of Early Summer (初夏の香り Shoka no kaori?) is the sixth image song for the character Japan in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Hiroki Takahashi in the voice of Japan.



深い緑萌ゆる 小道ひとり歩めば


しゃらりしゃらりと 鈴の音鳴らし
古川の音は さらりさらり澄みやかに

草原を彩る ワタスゲの白穂は



木漏れ日 煌めく水面は


haru sugite natsu kenikerashi
aoaoto wakaba kirameku
kiri hareta yamano no saki ni
kaze koishiku soyogu

fukai midori moyuru komichi hitori ayumeba
itsushika hisoyakani omoihase
waga kokoro irodoru tooki kioku

harukanaru uta ga kikoeru
sayakani kodama ga hibiku
mawari wa yuukyuu na daishizen
sumiwataru mori no kaori

sharari sharari to suzu no ne narashi
ashimakase ni yamano wo ayumu
furukawa no ne wa sarari sarari sumiyakani
waga kokoro nagomaseru

kusahara wo irodoru watasuge no shiraho wa
natsukaze ni sayasaya yusurarete
fuwari mi wo hanachi waga mi wo tsutsumu

mimi wo sumaseba kikoeru
haoto ga yasashiku utau
gokan de kanjiru daishitsugen
sumiwataru hana no kaori

“shoka ga kaoru kono jiki wa, utsukushiku sakihokoru mizubashou ga midokoro desu. itaria-kun no ouchi dewa, oishiku minotta tomato no hatake ga keshiki ichimen ni hirogatteiru you de… zehi ichido, ittemitai desu ne.”

komorebi kirameku minamo wa
ryokushouiro ni kagayaku
shirakaba no komichi kara nagamereba
awai sekai ni iyasareru

aogimiru wakakusa no oka
shikitsumeru seishi no hana
utsukushiki shikisai ni kakomarete
sumiwataru shoka no kaori

The spring has passed and the summer come again
The new leaves glisten and twinkle in lush green
Beyond the fields and hills, where the fog dissipated
they rustle in the wind longingly

The sea of deep green burst into sprouts
As I walk alone in a small lane
Before I realized, my mind silently drifts
to remembrance of things past that tinged my heart with joy

I can hear poetry coming from a far distance
as the crisp-sounding echoes ring
I am surrounded by the everlasting nature
and the clear, fresh scent of the deep grove

The sound of bells jingling “ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling”
as I wander through the fields and hills
The sound of old rivers, gushing and rushing, crisp and clear
my heart is soothed and calmed by them

The white plumes of hare’s-tail cottongrass that color the meadow
whispering softly and swaying in the summer breeze
they gently take off and drift in the air, surrounding me

If you listen careful, you can hear them
the rustling leaves singing a gentle song
the vast wetland that I feel with all my five senses
and the clear, fresh scent of the flowers

“In this season of fragrant early summer, the mizubashou in beautiful full bloom is an highlight. At Italy-kun’s house, I heard that this is when the fields are completely covered in deliciously ripe tomatoes… I would most definitely want to visit them one day.”

The water surface that glitters under the sunlight shining through the leaves
shines in a vibrant copper green
When I gaze upon it from the small lane lined with Japanese white birch
my soul is healed by the world of soft colors

I look up towards the hill of fresh grass
and the blue-purple flowers that covers it
I’m surrounded by all these beautiful vivid colors
and the clear, fresh scent of the early summer


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