Let’s Enjoy! Let’s Get Excited! Cheers!

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Let’s Enjoy! Let’s Get Excited! Cheers!
Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Character CD Vol. 4 - Denmark and Sweden
Artist Hiroshi Shimozaki
Released August 05, 2015
Hetalia Song Chronology
In the Bluebell Woods Let’s Enjoy! Let’s Get Excited! Cheers! Mm.

Let’s Enjoy! Let’s Get Excited! Cheers! (楽しむっぺ!盛り上がっぺ!乾杯だっぺ! Tanoshimuppe! Moriagappe! Kanpai dappe!?) is the second image song for the character Denmark in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Hiroshi Shimozaki in the voice of Denmark.

It was released on August 05, 2015.


楽しむっぺ 盛り上がっぺ 俺の歌聞いてくんちょ

シェラン島 フュン島に ボーンホルム島

443の島 けっこうすげぇべ?(いっぺぇだっぺ)
遊びにくんなら歓迎だかんな アクアビットで(乾杯だ)

Hvordan går det?

ほら始めっぞ くよくよすんな 俺に全部任せてくんちょ
しんぺえすんな とりあえず 乾杯すっぺよ
北欧一の リーダーシップで 悩みぐれぇ解決すっからよ

デニッシュ クリングル そんでフリカデラ

一度読むっぺアンデルセン ためんなるごど(いっぺぇだっぺ)
心も体もぬぐだまる ビターズもあんぞ(乾杯だ)

Jeg har det godt

自信満々で いればいいかんな 困ったら助けてやっからよ
細けえこと 気にすんな かまごたあんめ
しゃあねえべ 失敗しても 北欧のみんなが味方だかんな


コペンハーゲンで チェスでもすっぺ いつでも付き合ってやっからよ(がんばっぺぇ)
遠慮すんな とりあえず(ほしたらよぉ) 乾杯すっぺよ(もっかいな)
På gensyn

おもしれぇこと まだまだすっぞ 楽しむんが大切だかんな
今度はもっと 大勢で 盛り上がっぺよ
北欧のみんな 連れてくっからよ おめぇもそん時は参加な

tanoshimuppe moriagappe ore no uta kiite kuncho

sherantou fyuntou ni boonhorumutou
yutorando hantou mo orenchi

yon hyaku yon juu san no shima kekkou sugeebe? (ippee dappe)
asobi ni kun nara kangei dakan na akuabitto de (kanpai da)

minna issho ni nomeba shinyuu dabe
Hvordan går det?

hora hajimezzo kuyokuyo sunna ore ni zenbu makasete kuncho
shinpee sunna toriaezu kanpai suppeyo
hokuou ichi no riidaashippu de nayami guree kaiketsu sukkara yo

denisshu kuringuru sonde furikadera
umee mon tagusan akkarayo

ichido yomuppe anderusen tamen naru godo (ippee dappe)
kokoro mo karada mo nugudamaru bitaazu mo anzo (kanpai da)

kyou wa omou zonbun hore nonbe yo
Jeg har det godt

jishin manman de ireba ii kan na komattara tasukete yakkara yo
komakee koto ki ni sunna kamagota anme
shaaneebe shippai shite mo hokuou no minna ga mikata dakan na

suweeden to wa mukashi kara nanben mo kenka shida naa (ippena)
nde mo ima dewa kono toori daremo ga mitomeru hodo (mabudachi na! )
ima kangaereba ii omoide dabe
kopenhaagen de chesu demo suppe itsudemo tsukiatte yakkara yo (ganbappee)
enryo sunna toriaezu (hoshitara yoo) kanpai suppeyo (mokkai na)
På gensyn

omoshiree koto madamada suzzo tanoshimun ga taisetsu dakan na
kondo wa motto taisei de moriagappeyo
hokuou no minna tsurete kukkara yo omee mo sontoki wa sanka na

Let’s have fun! Let’s get excited! Please listen to my song!

Zealand, Funen, and Bornholm
The Jutland Peninsula is also my house

I have 443 islands, it’s pretty amazing yeah? (there are so many!)
If you come to my house to play, I’ll welcome you with akvavit (cheers!)

Once we all drink together, we’re best friends
Hvordan går det?[1]

Here, let’s get started. Stop moping about. Just leave everything to me!
There’s no need to worry, for the time being, let’s make a toast!
I’ll solve your problems with the best leadership skills among the Nordics!

The Danish kringle, and also frikadeller
I have a lot of delicious food, so yeah!

You should read them at least once, Andersen’s stories will do you good (there are so many!)
I also have bitters that will warm your heart and body right up (cheers!)

Here, drink as much as you want today!
Jeg har det godt[2]

Just be your confident self, when you’re in trouble, I’ll come help you
Don’t sweat the small things! It doesn’t matter
It can’t be helped, and even if you fail, the Nordics will all be on your side

Sweden and I used to fight all the time, yeah (many times!)
But nowadays, as you can see, it’s well known by everyone (that we are best friends!)
When I think about it now, those were good memories

Let’s play chess in Copenhagen, I’m always up for a game (good luck!)
There’s no need to hold back, for the time being (and then) let’s make a toast! (once again!)
På gensyn[3]

There are still so many interesting things! It’s important to have fun!
Next time, we’ll have more people and get even more excited!
I’ll bring all the Nordics along, so you’ve gotta join in too!

  1. How are you?
  2. I feel good
  3. See you later

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