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Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Vol. 2 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Hiroki Takahashi
Released November 25, 2015
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Hoi Sam☆Nice Guy Japanese☆Jet British☆Jet

Japanese☆Jet (ジャパニーズ☆ジェット Japanīzu☆Jet?) is an alternate version of the song "Hetalian☆Jet", the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: The World Twinkle. This version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in Japan. It is sung by Hiroki Takahashi in the voice of Japan.



せいいっぱいの声で こんにちは 日本です
地球(ほし)を飛び越え ジャパニーズ☆ジェット
せいいっぱい踊りましょう そーれ そーれ
どんな旅路になるのでしょうか ヘタリア


新しい景色に あっぱれ あっぱれ
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

流れ星を追って こんにちは 日本です
俳句(うた)を詠みましょう ジャパニーズ☆ジェット
引きこもらずに 参りましょう 参りましょう
若い人には負けませんよ ヘタリア


「焼きそばやりんごあめ 美味しいですよ」

言葉は違えど 出た出た 月が
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

「新しき 友と踊りし 我が心」




声を合わせて こんにちは 日本です
富士が近づく ジャパニーズ☆ジェット
時刻通りに そーれ! そーれ!
一分の遅れも謝りますよ ヘタリア



手と手を重ねて あっぱれ あっぱれ
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

“ha, kanari kogata ni narimashita… ganbarimashita yo”

seiippai no koe de konnichiwa nihon desu
hoshi wo tobikoe japaniizu☆jetto
seiippai odorimashou soore soore
donna tabiji ni naru no deshou ka hetalia

kubi kara sageta kamera
shikkoku no naka de
kirameku hoshiboshi wo

atarashii keshiki ni appare appare
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

nagareboshi wo otte konnichiwa nihon desu
uta wo yomimashou japaniizu☆jetto
hikikomorazu ni mairimashou mairimashou
wakai hito ni wa makemasen yo hetalia

uchuusen to souguu desu!
douzo kono wa no naka

“yakisoba ya ringoame oishii desu yo”

kotoba wa chigaedo deta deta tsuki ga
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“atarashiki tomo to odorishi waga kokoro”

donna henka ni mo
sugu naremasu
tomo ni utaimashou
gojunbi totonoimashita ka?

“san hai!”

Ha ni ho he to i ro ha ni

koe wo awasete konnichiwa nihon desu
fuji ga chikazuku japaniizu☆jetto
jikoku doori ni soore! soore!
ippuun no okure mo ayamarimasuyo hetalia

minasan no iru basho wo
takusan mawatte
totemo yuuigi na
tabi to narimashita

“koushite watashi tachi no hoshi wo mi nagara…
ocha wo tashinamu no wa, saikou no zeitaku desu ne”

te to te wo kasanete appare appare
sekai wa hitotsu za waarudo tinkuru hetalia

“Oh! It has become considerably compact in size… I did the best I could. ”
With our loudest voices Hello, I’m Japan
Fly beyond the earth JAPANESE☆JET
Let’s dance with all our might SO-RE! SO-RE!
I wonder what kind of journey it will be HETALIA

With the camera I hang around my neck
In the darkness of the night
Those twinkling stars
I shall capture them

To a new scenery Bravo! Splendid!
And the world is as one THE WORLD TWINKLE HETALIA

Chasing after the shooting star Hello, I’m Japan
Let’s recite a haiku JAPANESE☆JET
I won’t isolate myself Let’s go! Let’s go!
I won’t lose to the young ones HETALIA

We have encountered a spaceship!!
Please feel free to enter
Into the circle
And let us dance

“Fried noodles and candied apples are delicious.”

Although we speak different languages THE MOON IS OUT, IS OUT
And the world is as one THE WORLD TWINKLE HETALIA

“To begin a dance
With newly acquainted friends
Such is in my heart”

No matter what changes there are
I’ll get used to them right away
So let’s sing together
Are you ready?

“And three, go!”


Let’s chime in together Hello, I’m Japan
Mount Fuji is getting close JAPANESE☆JET
We’re right on time SO-RE! SO-RE!
I’ll apologize even if I’m just one minute late HETALIA

In a place where everyone is present
I ran around a lot
And it was a very
Fruitful journey

“Just like this, watching our planet, the earth…
While we sip tea, is the highest form of luxury, isn’t it?”

Put our hands together Bravo! Splendid!
And the world is as one THE WORLD TWINKLE HETALIA

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English Translation by Donamoeba (Tumblr)

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