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Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Vol. 3 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Hiroki Yasumoto
Released December 25, 2015
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German☆Jet (ジャーマン☆ジェット Jāman☆Jetto?) is an alternate version of the song "Hetalian☆Jet", the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: The World Twinkle. This version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in Germany. It is sung by Hiroki Yasumoto in the voice of Germany.



せいいっぱいの声で グーテンターク!ドイツだ!
地球(ほし)を飛び越え ジャーマン☆ジェット
せいいっぱい進め ロス ゲーツ!ロス ゲーツ!
覚悟を決めて立ち向かうのさ ヘタリア


新しい任務は ゼーア グート!ゼーア グート!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

時間はきっちり グーテンターク!ドイツだ!
宙(そら)を進行中 ジャーマン☆ジェット
警戒しながら ロス ゲーツ!ロス ゲーツ!
ナビの設定も完璧だ ヘタリア



言葉が違っても シュトレーヴェン!シュトレーヴェン!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア





声を合わせて グーテンターク!ドイツだ!
地球(ほし)が近づくぞ ジャーマン☆ジェット
スピードを確認 ロス ゲーツ!ロス ゲーツ!
このままいけば時刻通りだ ヘタリア



予想外の事態も ルーズン!ルーズン!
セカイはひとつ ザ ワールド ティンクル ヘタリア

“yotei no shuppatsu jikoku made ato ippun da!
koko kara no shigo wa issai mitomen! ki wo hikishimero! iku zo!”

seiippai no koe de gu-tenta-ku! doitsu da!
hoshi wo tobikoe jaaman☆jetto
seiippai susume rosu ge-tsu! rosu ge-tsu!
kakugo wo kimete tachimukau no sa hetalia

kagayaita hoshikuzu wo
shinchou ni toorinuke
yoyuu ga dekitara
vurusuto taberu zo

atarashii ninmu wa ze-a gu-to! ze-a gu-to!
sekai wa hitotsu za wa-rudo tinkuru hetalia

jikan wa kicchiri gu-tenta-ku! doitsu da!
sora wo shinkouchuu jaaman☆jetto
keikai shinagara rosu ge-tsu! rosu ge-tsu!
nabi no settei mo kanpeki da hetalia

uchuusen to souguu da!!
arakajime yonda
hon no kisai no toori
suikou suru zo!

“wa… wareware wa… chi… chikyuujin de arimasu!”

kotoba ga chigattemo shutore-ven! shutore-ven!
sekai wa hitotsu za wa-rudo tinkuru hetalia

“umu, douyara… umaku itta youda na.”

donna joukyouka ni oitemo
dekinai koto wa nai
hora koe wo dasu zo



koe wo awasete gu-tenta-ku! doitsu da!
hoshi ga chikaduku zo jaaman☆jetto
supi-do wo kakunin rosu ge-tsu! rosu ge-tsu!
kono mama ikeba jikoku doori da hetalia
“kyouryoku, kansha suru”

yotei shiteita basho wo
takusan mawatte
shoushou… fushigi na
shiriai ga fueta

“n? ano roketto… kemuri ga deteiru zo? mu? itariaaaaa!”

yosougai no jitai mo ru-zun! ru-zun!
sekai wa hitotsu za wa-rudo tinkuru hetalia

“Only one minute until the scheduled departure time!
There will be no chatting from here on! Now brace yourselves! Let’s go!”

With our loudest voices guten tag! I’m Germany!
Fly beyond the earth German☆Jet
Let’s advance with all our might los geht’s! Los geht’s!
I’ll resolve myself to facing it Hetalia

The shiny, twinkling stardust
We shall carefully fly past them
And when we have room to relax
Let’s have some wurst

The new mission is sehr gut! Sehr gut!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

We’re right on time guten tag! I’m Germany!
Currently traveling in space German☆Jet
While we stay alert los geht’s! Los geht’s!
The setting of the navigation system is perfect too Hetalia

We have encountered a spaceship!!
Just like the description in the book
That’ I’ve read in advance
I’m going to do this!

“We… we are… Ea…Earthlings!”

Even though we speak different languages streben! Streben!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

“Hmm, it appears… that it went well.”

No matter what kind of situation we’re under
There is nothing we cannot do
Come on, let’s sound our voices



Let’s chime in together guten tag! I’m Germany!
The earth is getting close German☆Jet
Verifying the speed sehr gut! Sehr gut!
Carry on at this rate and we will be right on time Hetalia
“Thank you, for your cooperation.”

We travelled to many places
That we have scheduled to visit
And made new acquaintances
That are a little… odd

“Hmm? That rocket… has smoke coming out of it? Huh? Italyyyyy!”

Even in unexpected situations lösen! Lösen!
And the world is as one The World Twinkle Hetalia

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English Translation by Donamoeba (Tumblr)

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