Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best

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Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best
「ヘタリア World Series」 はたふってベスト
Hata best tsujo.jpg
Album Information
Released December 29, 2012 (Comiket)
January 30, 2013
Tracks 36 (Two-Disc Limited Edition)
17 (One-Disc Standard Edition)
Label Frontier Works, Media Factory
Catalog Number MFCZ-3017
Hetalia Album Chronology
Hetalia: Axis Powers W Academy Story: Advancing Very Little! W Academy Newspaper Club Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo

Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best is a two-disk compilation CD for Hetalia: World Series, collecting all versions of the song Hatafutte Parade along with newly available Karoake tracks. Both versions will be released on January 30th, 2013, but the Limited Edition was sold early at Comiket 83 from December 29th - 31st. Additionally, the Limited Edition is only available for purchase from Animate.

Cover of the Limited Edition second disk.

Track Listing

Disc 1

Disc 2

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Hatafutte Parade (Netherlands and Belgium)"  Nobuya Mine and Eriko Nakamura 2:58
2. "Hatafutte Parade" (Instrumental Version)   
3. "Hatafutte Parade (South Italy)" (Instrumental Version)   
4. "Hatafutte Parade (Germany)" (Instrumental Version)   
5. "Hatafutte Parade (Japan)" (Instrumental Version)   
6. "Hatafutte Parade (England)" (Instrumental Version)   
7. "Hatafutte Parade (France)" (Instrumental Version)   
8. "Hatafutte Parade (America)" (Instrumental Version)   
9. "Hatafutte Parade (Russia)" (Instrumental Version)   
10. "Hatafutte Parade (China)" (Instrumental Version)   
11. "Hatafutte Parade (Greece)" (Instrumental Version)   
12. "Hatafutte Parade (Turkey)" (Instrumental Version)   
13. "Hatafutte Parade (Finland)" (Instrumental Version)   
14. "Hatafutte Parade (Sweden)" (Instrumental Version)   
15. "Hatafutte Parade (Chibiromano)" (Instrumental Version)   
16. "Hatafutte Parade (Spain)" (Instrumental Version)   
17. "Hatafutte Parade (Hungary)" (Instrumental Version)   
18. "Hatafutte Parade (Prussia)" (Instrumental Version)   
19. "Hatafutte Parade (Netherlands and Belgium)" (Instrumental Version)   
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