Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part

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Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part
Hetalia: The Beautiful World episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 18
Length 4:59
Original air date June 7, 2013
Production Credits
Screenplay Yuki Enatsu
Storyboards Shinichi Omata
Director Mitsutoshi Satō
Key Animation Chiaki Furuzumi
Ending theme "Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
Hetalia of the Dead - First Part Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!

Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part (HETALIA OF THE DEAD/後編 ??) is the eighteenth episode of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and the one hundred and eighteenth overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was broadcast on June 7, 2013. It adapts the remainder of the Hetalia of the Dead chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 5.

Plot Summary

Italy states that the nations were getting together and having a horror movie screening, all of which were scary.

England shows a movie he borrowed from India as France claims that he could guess what the Indian horror movies were like. In the film, the soul of a betrayed knight came back to life and slaughtered the others. Italy and America see it as scary, but the film quickly turns into a dancing scene. Japan then comments that India could do things that the others could not as if it was nothing.

In a quick transition note, it is said that English horror movies threw curve balls. Even if they have a seemingly happy ending, something will feel off if you think carefully. It is so noted that, when England and Germany worked together in a movie, it often had a bad ending.

Canada is happy that his movies are watched these days, but he quickly gets disappointed when New Zealand thought it was a Hollywood one. France claims to understand well the Canadian movies. At first, he says that the setup of them were elaborate, but then he states that they threw it all away at the end, which Canada uncomfortably admits. However, England sees it as "wonderful".

In another note, France is said to make all sorts of vulgar movies. In those films, the people that seemed to be saved were, actually, not saved at all. Also, they also torture the watchers with scenes that are visually beautiful but mentally disturbing.

Next, Italy yells and tells Japan that in the English movie they were watching, the main character died at the very end. France mocks England, asking if the latter felt so lonely. Though, England says that it was Germany's fault, but his words are cut off when Italy suggests watching Germany's movie. In this movie, a vampire was chasing a girl, whose boobs were shown in the first scene. Then, a "gay guy" appeared in the middle of the chase. America laughs at it, while France complains that he could not focus because of "the boobs and the gay guy".

A note says that the characters in the German movies were often a middle-aged guy, a girl with big boobs and a gay guy, and that the deaths in those movies were very ridiculous.

The next movie shows someone wearing a fur hat and quickly swifts to a building, upon which a great shadow was cast. Russia says that it stressed the watchers out, but then tells everyone that he mistook with one of his home videos, causing Italy to scream in horror. America thinks that his movies were not weird at all, which England agrees.

The last transition note explains that Russian horror movies were fluffy and vague, and that they looked like a fantasy when combined with the Russian scenery. It is even stated that those movies these days were made so close to the reality that they may make the watchers feel that humans were scarier than anything.

Eventually, Italy falls asleep peacefully by the dawn, as Russia suggests watching America's movies, which everyone views as weird too.

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