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This article is about the anime episode. For the similarly named Drama CD, see Hetalia Fantasia.
Hetalia = Fantasia
Hetalia: World Series episode
Episode Information
Length 5:00
Original air date September 25, 2012
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
Extra Episode 3 Hetalia = Fantasia Each Battlefield

Hetalia = Fantasia (ヘタリア=ファンタジア Hetaria = Fantajia) is a straight-to-DVD extra episode of Hetalia: World Series which was released on September 25, 2012. It is based on the plot of the drama CD "Hetalia Fantasia."

Plot Summary

Fantasia Hetalia

Italy arrives late due to falling asleep and Germany scolds him, announcing that he's reached level 50 in the time that he's been waiting. Italy is stunned that Germany's reached such a high level on the first day, and Japan tells Germany to calm down before revealing that he's already collected most of the rare items in the game. Feeling useless, Italy asks them if its really okay if he joins them, and Germany reassures him that it is fine.

As they walk through the town, Italy expresses his excitement over playing an online game for the first time. Germany explains that he is a blacksmith, Japan is a priest, and Italy is an adventurer, and Japan is pleased that they seem to be such a well-balanced party. Nearby, two girls chat excitedly about dresses from Monaco they've heard about, and they head off to go see them. Moments later, Germany and Japan realize that it has gotten too quiet, and look back to see that Italy has stayed behind to flirt with the girls.

In the First Town

Elsewhere, England reads the instruction manual and learns that he's a summoner, and can summon a cool-looking beast by reciting a spell. Excited, he tests out this power and creates a huge explosion. America arrives with an impossibly large gun for his gunner role in the game, and England reacts with contempt and tells him something so large and heavy must be a burden. America argues that size is the best part and smashes it onto the ground.

Russia apologizes for arriving late, citing his preparation time. China, running a supply stand, orders Hong Kong to send a carrier pigeon to Shanghai to secure more healing potions. Hong Kong complains that they work too hard and he wants to go home soon. Watching over these events, France remarks that everyone looks so small. England hears him, and France announces himself to everyone as the 'arrival of the main character.' Russia finally spots France standing at the top of a tall tower, and France admits that he's a little scared to be up there.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast


Image of DVD as seen on the Animate point items page.
  • The ending sequence for this episode features a silouette and closeup of Meito Anizawa, a mascot of Animate popularized by his guest role in the anime series Lucky Star.
  • Despite being released after the announcement of a fifth anime season entitled Hetalia: The Beautiful World, this special retains the World Series branding of the third and fourth seasons.
  • It is the only Hetalia episode not released by Funimation.
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