Episode 97

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Episode 97
Hetalia: World Series episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 21
Length 5:00
Original air date February 18th, 2011
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
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The forty-fifth episode of Hetalia: World Series (ninety-seventh overall) was broadcast on February 18, 2011. It adapts a portion of United States of Hetalia 2 from the third published volume and Checkmating Poland from the extra stories.

Plot Summary

United States of Hetalia 2

The episode opens with England intercepting a transmission from the Axis powers. He announces that he knows the Axis' whereabouts and that they got shipwrecked. He then gloats about how his superior technology made it so easy to find them as as unknown figure zooms past him. But, England's gloating is interrupted when France announces that he knows the whereabouts of the Axis and suggests that they make a sneak attack on Germany, much to England's chagrin.

The narrator then explains that the Allied guys went after the Axis guys. But then, we see America and China washed up on shore, complaining that they didn't have to get to the island in the same way the Axis did and explaining that they got separated from England, France and Russia when they washed up on shore. China then decides that the two of them need to find shelter and food. America asks if China has a vacation home on this island, which he doesn't. China then explains that if they don't find shelter and provisions, they'll be in big trouble if a storm hits. America quickly finds a cave that can protect them and reveals a hidden stash of food under his shirt.

China complains that America's "secret stash" is just a bunch of junk food and tries to explain that healthy food leads to a healthy life and that too much junk will make him sick. America replies that it's better to eat things you enjoy and offers China a chocolate bar, which he greedily accepts. But then, China suddenly remembers that they have to find the others and America suggest they start searching on a nearby hilltop. As America and an exhausted China reach the top, they both admire the beautiful view of the sunset. America suggests that he could build a hotel here, and China quickly offers to work for him. As the two laugh, the narrator explains that the two of them completely forgot about searching for their allies.

Checkmating Poland

Lithuania and Poland are playing chess, and Lithuania has Poland trapped. Poland whines that he can get out of this mess, and Lithuania replies that he can't lose in a game that requires brains. Poland then announces that he's exercising the Poland Rule and that it will be his turn forever, much to Lithuania's shock and confusion. Poland then starts tossing around all the various chess pieces and Lithuania complains about what exactly the "Poland Rule" is and that the game's turned into pawns beating up on each other. Poland then proclaims that he's won the game and says it's even more fun to see Lithuania's face than it is to play the game. Lithuania complains that this is how Poland always is.

The segment ends with Poland in a oversized sweater and mini-skirt asking Lithuania how he looks. An exasperated Lithuania asks him if those are girls' clothes.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • The ending sequence for this episode features a group shot of the Allies along with a close-up shot of England.
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