Episode 94

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Episode 94
Hetalia: World Series episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 18
Length 5:00
Original air date January 28th, 2011
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
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The forty-second episode of Hetalia: World Series (ninety-fourth overall) was broadcast on January 28, 2011. It adapts segments from the version of Boss Spain and Chibiromano seen in the third published volume.

Plot Summary

Boss Spain and Chibiromano: The Battle of Garigliano

Spain and France pant, exhausted by fighting. Spain remarks that he didn't think France would be this despicable, but France urges him to duke it out more, as their battle will be finished in one blow. But Spain's bull tackles France to the ground, ending the battle instantly. Spain stares at the fallen France in disbelief, while his soldiers cheer over their victory at gaining South Italy as their province.

A sleeping Spain expresses joy over the victory, but is awoken by the younger Romano leaping on him and causing blood to spew from his mouth. Romano jumps up and down on Spain, repeatedly demanding him to make breakfast, while Spain thinks to himself that Romano isn't very "cute" at all.

Meanwhile, France sulks over his loss and states that he won't lose again, while Switzerland orders him to shut up.

The Boss' Spanish Class

Spain has just finished up another Spanish lesson with Romano, who's busy eating. Belgium then greets Spain and notices the "cute" Romano with him. She asks if he's learning Spanish, but Spain notes that there hasn't been much progress. Romano then rushes over to Belgium and orders her to kiss him, while Spain becomes aggravated at him for using the language to flirt.

Belgium asks Romano if he'd like her to kiss him on the cheek. Romano becomes flustered and hesitates, blushing, and realizes that he's not ready for it. Spain wonders what's gotten into Romano and remarks that he looks like a "poofy pancake" (while Romano continues to blush). Belgium answers that he's just actually very innocent, and apologizes for teasing. She offers to give Romano some tart au matons, but then notices her brother Netherlands passing by. She asks if he'd like to come join them for snacks, but Netherlands refuses due to Spain being around.

Boss' Troubles with Henchman

Spain muses that while he's been Romano's caretaker for a while, he's become rather nervous. He notes that in land position, they're rather distant. He adds that the Ottoman Turks have made suspicious advances, and that he doesn't trust France or the other overseas countries. As he ponders these facts, he pokes Romano's cheeks (though Spain remains oblivious to Romano telling him to "stop").

Spain then remembers that he also has politics to deal with, as he continues to poke Romano's face, but realizes that he'll just get a stomachache if he thinks about them too hard. He pokes Romano's face more (much to Romano's increasing irritation) and thinks of churros, then realizes that the cheeks feel really squishy and good. Spain starts to grab and squeeze Romano's cheeks, remarking that his face feels so good, while Romano screams for Spain to stop touching him.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • The ending sequence for this episode features a group shot of the Axis along with a close-up shot of Italy.
  • First appearance of Netherlands in the anime, and first full speaking appearance of Belgium.
  • While Spain and Romano wore different clothing in the published strips in the third volume (Romano in a long dress or tunic with a white collar, and Spain in a puffy-sleeved ribbed top), the anime instead depicts them in the clothing they wore in the webcomic version of the Boss Spain stories (with Romano in a blouse and breeches, and Spain wearing a vest over a shirt with a ribbon and drawstring closure ).
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