Episode 98

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Episode 98
Hetalia: World Series episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 22
Length 5:00
Original air date February 25th, 2011
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
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The forty-sixth episode of Hetalia: World Series (ninety-eighth overall) was broadcast on February 25, 2011. It adapts Black Ships Have Come! from the extra stories.

Plot Summary

Pre-Credits: The Black Ships Prepare to Sail

America's Boss asks America if he wants to travel to Japan; America asks why Japan, and his boss says that the population of captured whales there is decreasing. America is unsure about this, but his boss carries on, saying that they'll ask Japan to open himself up to the world and ask for permission to do whaling there. America asks for a simpler explanation as he scribbles notes, so his boss says to make friends with Japan.

Later outside, America stands on a dock, presumably facing the Pacific Ocean, and asks to see Japan's face. England pops in the scene, asking if America has gone crazy, and America responds that he's practicing becoming friends with whales, not knowing what "whaling" really means. England's really stunned, asking if America should be friends with whales rather than with other countries.

Pre-Credits Trivia: Whaling in America

The Narrator then explains that back then around the 1800s, America used whales for making candles, oil, and the inner frames of women's skirts, which caused a decrease of the whales in the North American region and found itself in trouble.

On a world map, an arrow lands on Japan. In a darkened room, Japan has himself swaddled in blankets and shuddering in fear. The Narrator then says that "Mr. Perry" asked Japan to open up its country, get permission for whaling, and get access to refuel ports for ships.

A title card then says, "Black Ships Have Come!"

The Black Ships Have Arrived!

Outdoors, two Japanese men panic over the arrival of black ships coming to their shores.

The Black Ships Have Arrived!: Mito and Aizu Domains

Mito Domain yells to turn away the American ships. Aizu Domain, with a pet rabbit on his shoulder, says that Mito is behind the times and that he (Aizu) wants to coexist with the rest of the world. Mito tells him that he's on the foreigners' side, but Aizu defends himself, stating that it was just his opinion. Mito and Aizu continue to argue when Osaka Domain asks for Japan's opinion. Opening the door to his darkened room, Japan says that he'd rather die than go outside, especially since he has been shut-in for 200 years, and shuts the door. The three Domains are stunned.

The Black Ships Thought Ahead

A downward camera tilt shows the Black Ship in its gloominess. America and his naval officers are ashore, and Osaka asks Japan what he wants to do. Japan says that he's not mentally prepared and resorts to pretend to only speak Dutch but not English. Osaka agrees and acts as Japan's interpreter, America in Dutch, but America is able to converse in that same language, stunning him (Osaka). (Apparently, America thought ahead and brought a Dutch interpreter with him.)

The Black Ships Introduce Themselves

America greets Japan, saying his hobbies are quick-draw shooting, adventure, and archaeology. Japan asks Osaka to translate, and Osaka says America's name and that America likes to do naughty things. Japan asks him to ask America about his visit, and after Osaka asks, America responds that he's here to make friends with whales, mixing up the friendship and whaling reasons for his trip. Japan tells Osaka to tell him to go home.

The Black Ships Drink Tea

America has a lump on his head from his boss smacking him, but he asks Japan to open his country to the world. Osaka, still as translator, then says that Japan's asking if America wants any tea. America agrees, saying he's never had Japanese tea before. While America and his boss drink the tea, Japan asks Osaka what they should do, saying that the tea idea was used to buy them time, but he can't come up with any good ideas on how to get rid of America and his crew. Osaka agrees, and in a voiceover, Japan says that he can't make up his mind on anything.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

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  • The ending sequence for this episode features a group shot of the Allies along with a close-up shot of China.
  • After Japan and Osaka offer America tea in the webcomic, there was a scene of them visiting the emperor to ask advice, only to learn the emperor wants America gone. This scene was excised and did not appear in this episode, nor in the continuation in the following episode. Osaka was shown with his eyes open during this scene, while he never opens his eyes in the animated adaptation of the story.
  • Osaka's greeting of America and his Dutch translator is muted in this adaptation.
  • While the Aizu Domain appeared to have light colored hair in the manga, his hair is colored black in the anime. Osaka Domain's hair is colored black, as it originally appeared in the manga, though he would show up with light hair in later installments (to further his resemblance to Tsuko from Barjona).
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