Episode 93

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Episode 93
Hetalia: World Series episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 17
Length 5:00
Original air date January 21st, 2011
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
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The forty-first episode of Hetalia: World Series (ninety-third overall) was broadcast on January 21, 2010. It adapts Medieval England's Clothes and Hair: The Revenge from the third published volume.

Plot Summary

Fashion (History) Repeats Itself

The narrator retells the events of Episode 46, while clips are shown from it.

The younger England sits by a lake, upset over the fact that he grew his hair out for nothing. A watery voice from the lake ("The Lord of the Lakes") answers that it's nothing to be depressed over. England sits up confidently, deciding that he'll find a way to be better than France. But he is interrupted by a laughing France, who rushes towards him in a flowing blue tunic. England becomes disturbed by France's "girly" clothes, but France explains that it's only the latest fashion from his home. He demonstrates how his tunic can dance in the wind, but England only ridicules him more.

France pulls out a smaller tunic and states that it's too bad England thinks that way, adding that he'll just have to wear it over his head. England becomes irritated and decides that he'll wear it after all, if only to stop France's annoying behavior.

The narrator explains that it was fashionable in the 11th century to wear long, frilly tunics, but that these tunics caused other men to become disgusted. They add that this was due to the Norman Conquest in France, but that it was also popular in England (though different). England's tailor wonders if the country will really be okay.

A scene depicting the 1000s is shown next, as a young man with long hair and a young man with a long tunic appear. An older man scoffs in disgust at them. The scene then switches to the 1990s, where a long-haired young man and a young man wearing baggy pants appear. Another older man becomes confused by their fashion.

I'll Show It To Boss Spain

France shows off a gaudy new outfit to Spain and asks him about his thoughts. Spain says that the outfit looks great, and that he could fill the sleeves with a lot of snacks. France feels flattered and Spain insists that it looks good, but the younger Romano sneers at how foolish France is to fall for "lip service".

Spain then finds a sword and loudly expresses his delight over it, while Romano points out that it's really just "trash".

The Wonders of the Fourth-Dimensional Pocket

England lurks behind a wall, thinking to himself that he'll succeed in finally becoming more popular. He decides to spy around to see what fashions are popular, improve on them, and cause France to become upset. England leaps off a crate to go gather information, but winds up stumbling head-first into a man's crotch.

England is instantly horrified by the man's giant codpiece, as the man asks if he's okay. The narrator explains that the codpiece was fashionable due to its emphasis on masculinity.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

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  • The ending sequence for this episode features a group shot of the Allies along with a close-up shot of Russia.
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