Hetalia: The Beautiful World: Sound World

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Hetalia: The Beautiful World: Sound World
アニメ ヘタリア The Beautiful World サウンドワールド
Album Information
Released September 25, 2013
Label Frontier Works, Media Factory
Catalog Number MFCZ-1024
Hetalia Album Chronology
Hetalia Character CD II Vol. 8 - China Hetalia: The Beautiful World: Sound World Hetalia: Axis Powers W Academy Newspaper Club: Sports Festival Edition!

Hetalia: The Beautiful World: Sound World is the soundtrack for Hetalia: The Beautiful World. It contains 25 BGM tracks, as well as an anime-sized version of Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo and a brand new character song sung by Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Track Listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "The Beautiful World of Hetalia (Short Version)" (ヘタリアの美しき世界(ショートバージョン))   
2. "Daily life of the Axis ~Nonchalant Honwari☆~" (枢軸の日常~ほんわり、のほほんと☆~)   
3. "Mochi Version A" (もち ヴァージョンエー)   
4. "The Newspaper Club will Proceed Today Too! ~The Newspaper Club Theme~" (今日も新聞部は行く!~新聞部のテーマ~)   
5. "Mochi Version B" (もち ヴァージョンビー)   
6. "Memories of Childhood ~Russia's Recollection Theme" (幼い頃の記憶~ロシア回想テーマ~)   
7. "Russia's Daily Life~Russia's Theme 3" (ロシアの日常~ロシアのテーマ3~)   
8. "The Best Splendid Elegance ~France's Theme 3~" (優雅で華麗に極上と~フランスのテーマ3~)   
9. "Relaxing in Boss Time♪~Spain's Theme 2" (親分タイムでのんびりと♪~スペインのテーマ2~)   
10. "Always and Constantly Everyday~America's Theme 3" (いつもと変わらない日々~アメリカのテーマ3~)   
11. "Estonia's Sentiments~Estonia's Theme" (エストニアの心情~エストニアのテーマ~)   
12. "American Movie Ending"     
13. "Designer Netherlands Appearence ~Netherlands' Theme~" (オランダ登場やざ~オランダのテーマ~)   
14. "Together With Big Brother♪~Belgium's Theme" (お兄ちゃんと一緒♪~ベルギーのテーマ~)   
15. "Theme of Childhood ~Chibi Greece's Theme~" (幼い頃の思い出~ちびギリシャのテーマ~)   
16. "Peculiar to the alliance...A feeling of air..." (連合独特の...空気感...)   
17. "Halloween Came♪" (ハロウィンがやってきた♪)   
18. "Christmas Song Medley" (クリスマスソングメドレー)   
19. "Happy Friends, That Alliance" (ゆかいな仲間、それが連合)   
20. "The Overwhelming Awesome Me Song~Prussia's Theme" (圧倒的俺様ソング~プロイセンのテーマ~)   
21. "Orleans Crusade~Jeanne d'Arc's Desire" (オルレアン聖戦~ジャンヌダルクの思い~)   
22. "Thought in the depths of the chest~Jeanne d'Arc's Intention" (胸の奥にある思い~ジャンヌダルクの心意~)   
23. "Sunny and Clear, Weather Conditions☆~Seychelles' Theme" (晴れやか快晴、天気模様☆~セーシェルのテーマ~)   
24. "A Horror Movie Screening with Everyone" (みんなでホラー上映会)   
25. "An Incident Occurs! It's Chaotic" (事件発生!てんやわんや)   
26. "Here's some tea... How is it?~Japan's Theme 3" (粗茶を...いかがですか?~日本のテーマ3~)   
27. "Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo (Short Version)" (まわる地球ロンド(ショートバージョン))Daisuke Namikawa  
28. "Pukapuka☆Vacation[1]" (ぷかぷか☆ばけーしょん)Daisuke Namikawa, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Hiroki Takahashi  


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