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Unpublished strips


From Comic Diary 2. Germany pulls on Italy's hair curl, finding that it quiets him. Japan awkwardly asks Germany to act more gently.
From Comic Diary 2. Romano yells at Germany for touching Italy's hair curl. Germany asks what they are.
5 Years of Kitayume (キタユメ。5周年!)
The strips 5 Years of Kitayume and In Commemoration of our Fifth Anniversary (5周年記念なので) celebrate the fifth year anniversary of Himaruya's website, featuring Sweden and Finland.
Allied Sentai Forces (連合戦隊 ふぉーしーず)
From Comic Diary 1. The Allies debate over what color Super Sentai they would be.
America and the World Map (アメリカと世界地図)
From Comic Diary 2. America dislikes world maps and gets by with a map of the US. America cites his grudge over the Alamo as to why the map's Mexico is drawn poorly.
America's Strange Invention (アメリカ君の発想力)
From Comic Diary 8. America invents a strange device designed to make enemy soldiers fall in love with each other.
American English and the Original from the UK are a bit Different (アメリカ英語と本場イギリスの英語は微妙に違う)
From Comic Diary 2. England asks America for a "rubber," meaning an eraser. America gives him a condom.
An Ally Country's Lunchbox (同盟国弁当)
From Comic Diary 4. Italy makes Germany an Axis-themed onigiri lunch.
Answering Your Question... (若いときみたいに動けない…)
From Comic Diary 10. China tries to prove his flexibility.
Asian and Western Festivals (アジアと西洋の祭り)
A Christmas 2006 strip. Japan and China celebrate Christmas.
The Austrian Anschluss
A series of four strips: Annexation of Austria (オーストリア併合), The Forced Fusion (押しかけ併合), Parasite Aristocrat (いそうろう貴族), and Anti-France Aristocrat (対仏貴族). Austria is annexed by Germany, though he doesn't seem to mind. Later, France learns of the annexation and decides to get a picture of Austria to celebrate.
Austria's Annexation (オーストリア併合)
From Comic Diary 7. When Germany mentions holding a poll asking Austrians if they would like to be annexed, Austria writes "Ja" on thousands of slips.
Assault! The Neighbor's Roswell Incident (ロズウェル事件)
In 1947, a UFO lands in Roswell and America takes in the extra-terrestrial known only as Tony. (Adapted into anime episode 66)
The Axis Powers Jokes
A series of six strips: Postealia (ポスタリア), Bedtalia (寝床リア), The Moon, the Unsocial Guy, and the Old Dude? and also Italy (月と無愛想とオッサン、そんでイタリア), Special Attack Italy (特攻イタリア), Scoldalia (ねだりあ), and Demandalia (ねだりあ). Italy is unable to come up with a poster idea, but with the help of Japan creates several "Italy Loves Germany" posters. Romano attempts to convince his younger brother that Germany hates him, causing him to run away in a naked quest to learn the truth. (Adapted into drama Hetalia Character CD: Volume 2)
Bakki Baki (バッキバキム)
From Comic Diary 11. Lithuania is overjoyed that he has had a date with Belarus, despite her breaking his fingers.
Before the Boxer Rebellion (義和団事件前)
After China loses a war to Japan, the other Allies argue over which one of them should own China.
Big Brother and Christmas
Korea asks for presents from China, but chooses to take what he wishes instead.
Big Brother France and That Kid
A series of illustrations depicting France's relationship with Joan of Arc.
Big Brother France and The Frying Pan!
In the strip Suspicious-Looking Gods (うさんくさい神様), Hungary hears a message from God telling her to hit France with a frying pan. (Adapted into anime Episode 59)
Big Brother France and the Information Manipulation Activities!
A series of two strips: France and England are Good at Spreading Flase Information (イギリス・フランスお得意の偽情報を流す) and They Try Feeding them To Italy as Well (イタリアにも流してみる). France and England attempt to spread rumors about Italy and Germany. (Adapted into anime episode 41)
Black Ships Have Come!
A series of seven strips: The Black Ships Prepare to Sail (黒船出港準備する), The Black Ships are Here (黒船キタヨー), The Black Ships Thought Ahead (黒船、先読みする), The Black Ships Thought Ahead (黒船、自己紹介する), The Black Ships Drink Tea (黒船、茶を飲む), The Black Ships Make Demands (黒船、要求する), and Then, the Black Ships Go Home to America (そして黒船アメリカに帰る). America travels to Japan in his mission to find whales. Features characters representing the Mito, Osaka, and Aizu feudal domains. (Adapted into anime Episode 98 and Episode 99)
Bloody Sunday 1905 (1905年 サンクトペテルブルグ)
The protests and riots of his own people cause Russia to mentally crack and prepare for a killing spree.
Britannia Angel (ブリタニアエンジェル)
England, in the guise of Britannia Angel, turns South Korea into a baby to stop him from annoying his brothers. However, the baby Korea proves to be just as annoying.
Brother, Me, and the Breast Romance (兄貴と俺とおっぱいロマンス)
From Comic Diary 2. Korea claims China's breasts as his own.
Brothers (兄弟)
From Comic Diary 6. Italy and Romano have a playdate and their hair curls create a heart shape. Spain finds it cute.
Canadian Time (カナディアンタイム)
From Comic Diary 11. Enraptured by Kumajiro's cute eyelashes, Canada spends his entire weekend in a trance.
Checkmating Poland (ポーランドにチェックメイト)
Poland and Lithuania play a game of chess that quickly goes awry.
Chibitalia and the Holy Roman Empire
Holy Roman Empire dreams of the day he and Italy will become one unified empire. (Adapted into anime episodes 39 and 40)
China and Shinatty-chan
A series of three strips: I Guess We Can't Win Against Měi Guó After All (美国にはやっぱ勝てねぇある), Japanese Kitten (日国的小猫), and Fake (贋). China finds a friend in the Hello Kitty ripoff mascot "Shinatty-chan".
China Jokes
A series of three strips: Chinese Copy (中国コピー), Nihilistic Smile (ニヒルな笑み), and Delicacy from China (中国から流れてきた高級食材). They feature China's tendency to copy merchandise from Japan and the use of Nomura's jellyfish in dishes. (Adapted into anime episode 63)
China Melancholy (中国メランコリー)
China reflects on how the other Allies and Germany mistreat him, all the while being followed by a strange panda.
Chinese-Style Mini Revolution (中華ミニ反乱)
China gets fed up with the other Allies using him.
Contrary to the Italian Image (イタリアのイメージとは裏腹に)
Italy walks in on a naked Germany and is confused as to why their penises are different. In a footnote, it is revealed that Italy is the second highest-ranked country in cases of phimosis, while Japan takes first place.
The Countdown
In a strip entitled Reverse Countdown Manga (逆カウントダウン漫画), Germania quietly waits for Rome to join him. In a semi-related (but non-Hetalia story), Noto Kanazawa (of Kitakou) becomes annoyed that he has to be the one to announce the countdown to the second volume of Hetalia.
The Creation of Boxland (ダンボリスの作り方)
A four-part illustration set in which Sweden writes "England" on a carboard box and places it over Sealand.
The Cuisine That Was Originally England's (元はイギリスのあの料理)
From Comic Diary 4. Japan's boss asks for him to make a stew he had in England. Japan tries his best, producing nikujaga.
Cute Poland's Polish Joke (ポーランドジョークのポーランドカワイイ)
From of Comic Diary 6. Poland shows Italy a plane model with an ejection button.
Digesting Requests, Little by Little
A strip requested by a fan who asked that Hidekaz Himaruya draw something in the style of bara, a genre of fiction aimed at gay males that features sexual relationships between masculine men. Himaruya instead drew a strip in the style of bara (roses), making a pun on the term. Austria notices that Italy has put on his tie in a crooked fashion. The two share an awkward "romantic" moment, complete with roses in the background, as Austria fixes it. Meanwhile, France and Spain realize that several frying pans have gone missing. A following illustration showed the evolution of Italy's hair curl.
Disneyland is Too Far Away (ディズニーランドは遠すぎる)
From Comic Diary 5. China invites Japan to his amusement park filled with copyright-infringing mascots.
Do Your Best, Japanese Snacks! (日本菓子がんばる!)
Japan offers America, Italy, France, China, Korea, and Greece his snacks, getting various responses about them.
A Dream I Saw Once (さっき見た夢)
From Comic Diary 3. A denizen finds a young, lost Italy looking for someone with a similar face.
Eggland (イギたま)
England invents bubbling beer. France hits him with a mug of it. (Adapted into anime episode 20)
England and the Ghost at America's House (イギリスとアメリカンちの幽霊)
England sees a ghost while at America's house, but has a hard time convincing America that the "ghost" exists. (Adapted as a track in the sixth character CD)
England Catches a Cold (イギリスが風邪引きました)
WWII has caused England to lose vast amounts of money and, as a result, he catches a cold. America attempts to cure it, despite having no experience with sickness. (Adapted into anime episodes 57 and 58)
England's Egg (イギリスの卵)
England invents a hard-boiled egg. America cracks it on England's head. (Adapted into anime episode 20)
England's Last Wish (イギリス最後の願い)
From Comic Diary 3. A sickly England asks America to say his name like he did when he was young.
Even with Great Effort, a Human Can't Look Like a Beautiful Swan (人に見えない努力なんて白鳥並以上)
From Comic Diary 3. A young Italy promises Hungary to stay quiet, as Austria is unwell. Holy Roman Empire asks Italy to paint with him, and takes the silence as rejection.
Fantasy England (ファンタジーイギリス)
France stumbles upon England's strange collection of friends: fairies, unicorns, and ghosts.
Fierce Fighting! Asia Academy (激闘!アジア学園)
A collection of two strips: Fierce Fighting! Asian Academy and Stopping Your Opponent's Attack on Your Sense of Taste! Asia Academy (味覚のぶつかり合い!アジア学園). In this setting, China is an ordinary high school student having to put up with Korea, who bothers him with topics like his real estate and his soda (McCol).
Finland's Holiday Home (フィンランド別荘を作る)
From Comic Diary 9. Finland spots a young America.
The First Meeting With Japan (ヘタリア1話の日本君との初対面)
In a supplement strip to Chapter 1, Italy and Japan get to know each other. (Partially adapted into anime episode 15)
For Some Reason They Sleep Naked (なぜか寝るとき裸)
The Italy brothers wind up with their hairs entangled after an argument. Germany pulls the two (naked) men apart. (Adapted into the drama Hetalia Character CD: Volume 1 and anime Episode 23)
France versus Italy
Italy asks France for his paintings back and France retaliates. In an omake, Italy is used as a human shield by France and the Holy Roman Empire. (Adapted into anime episode 56)
French... (フレンチ…)
From Comic Diary 9. Adding "French" to common words, such as maid or kissing, makes the subject more erotic or sensual.
Gentle Fight Between Russia and Me
A side-story to Prussia's 2009 April Fools blog hacking. Estonia's own blog is hacked, presumably by Russia. America decides to help him.
Germany and the Drug Store
Germany makes a trip to the drug store to search for medicine after the Italian soldiers get stomachaches from gorging themselves on gelato.
Germany versus Italy
Italy wants Germany to hug him, but Germany's height exceeds Italy. (Adapted into anime episode 11)
Giant Moussaka (巨大ムサカ)
From Comic Diary 6. Greece explains to Japan his movie about an enlarged moussaka that attacks humanity.
Greece and Japan and the Cat Relation (ギリシャと日本の猫関係。)
Greece and Japan bond over their love of cats.
Happy Birthday!
Consisting of the strip It's Late But Happy Birthday (遅れちゃったけど誕生日おめでとう). America celebrates his birthday.
Halloween Comic
A Halloween special, featuring various characters in their Halloween costumes and celebrating: Poland and Lithuania are ambushed by Russia (who they had attempted to scare), England and Sealand find that nobody wants to come to their houses for candy, France winds up late to the party after being arrested for lewd behavior, and Italy and Hungary share the candy they received. Adapted in anime Extra Episode 2.
Height Difference Between Sve and Me (スーさんと僕と身長差)
From Comic Diary 7. Finland borrows Sweden's formal clothing, but finds them not to his taste.
Hetare 5 Bonus Strip! (ヘタレ5おまけ)
A bonus strip to the fifth Hetalia chapter. Italy reminiscences about being enemies with Germany during World War 1.
Homeless Strips
Two strips once posted on Himaruya's website. The pages are now removed, but the files remain. Italy imitates Romano's speech style and Japan offends France.
I Thought Up Something Similar Too (俺もちょうど同じこと考えたんすよ)
From Comic Diary 3. China teaches Korea poetry. Korea attempts to recite it, but fails and then claims he created it 500 years prior.
If It's Japan, He Can Make It!
A series of three strips: Mind-Reading Binoculars (頭の中がのぞける双眼鏡), And, When I insist I started it (で、俺が起源を主張すると), and That Amusement Park (あの遊園地). Japan invents mind-reading binoculars. Korea then takes credit for them, but quickly becomes disappointed by the thoughts he sees and believes the binoculars to be "broken" (and not made by him).
If You See a Ghost's Actual Form (幽霊の正体見たり)
From Comic Diary 8. Italy and Germany are visited by a ghost on a cold night.
Iggy-Iggy Annoyance (イギイギ迷惑)
Greece and Poland conspire to get rid of the annoying England and attempt to use France to deter him.
In France (in フランス)
A teenage Italy visits France, who becomes interested in the younger man. (Adapted into anime Episode 59)
In Vienna (in ウィーン)
A younger Italy starts puberty. (Adapted into anime episode 48)
Inside of You (お前の中身)
From Comic Diary 7. China is horrified to learn who is inside his beloved Shinatty mascot costume.
It Stands Out (目立つもんね)
Part of the General Winter collection. France must wear a different uniform after his "flashy" one makes him a target for V-2 Rockets. (Adapted into anime episode 58)
Italy and the African War Front
A series of two strips: Italy and Germany and the Egyptian Campaign (イタリアとドイツとエジプト遠征) and England and the Italian Armoured Division (イギリスとイタリア機甲隊). Italy and Germany travel to Africa, though Italy can't stay quiet during their mission.
Italy Observation Diary (観察日記)
Germany makes observations on Italy's daily habits. (Adapted into anime episode 60)
Italy Omake
Italy demonstrates a "Red Devil" grenade to Germany. (Adapted into anime Episode 20)
Italy's Beautiful Architecture
A series of two trips: Supposedly 100 Friends, But Not a Single One is Made (友達100人どころか1人もできません) and Italian Architecture is Amazing (イタリア建築素晴らしい). A young England is approached by Holy Roman Empire, who gives him the gift of Italian architecture.
Italy's Big Brother
A series of three strips: Germany and Italy's Big Brother (ドイツとイタリアの兄ちゃん), Vengeful Big Brother (復讐兄ちゃん), and Ruined China (蝕まれる中国). Romano, angry at Germany for being around his younger brother and "corrupting" him, attempts to get revenge on Germany. In an unrelated strip, China is made to serve England and France after losing the Opium Wars. (Adapted into anime episodes 53 and 58)
It’s My First Appearance and All I Get Are Some Scribbles!
A series comprised of four strips: We're Gonna Connect to Each Other (つながってるんだぜ俺たち), I Can Only Remember Hwasango Had a Rolling Turn-About (火山高はゴロゴロ転がってる記憶しかないんだぜ), Even Then, He Claims to Have Started It (それでも起源を主張し続けるんだぜ), and I Question Why Everyone Has One (なんでみんな持ってるのか疑問に思ってたんだぜ). Korea and Japan have clashing personalities.
Japan Has a Cold (風邪っぴき日本)
From Comic Diary 1. America catches a cold that spreads to Japan.
Japan versus Italy
Italy hugs and kisses Japan. Japan demands that Italy take responsibility for his actions. (Adapted into anime episode 12)
Just Like Switzerland... (スイスのように…)
From Comic Diary 5. Switzerland convinces Japan to be steadfast in his dealings with political matters.
A Kid Who Can Do It If He Tries (やれば出来る子)
From Comic Diary 8. Italy defends Europe against an invading Turkey.
A Kind of Aristocratic Comic
A series of two strips: Court and Aristocracy (朝と貴族) and Aristocrat's Paparazzi (ぱぱらっちされる貴族). Germany has to put up with living with Austria after having annexed him. Meanwhile, France tries to take advantage of the situation once more with his photographs.
Korea Jokes
A series comprised of two strips: Give Me Back My Chickens (ニワトリカエセヨー) and Korean-Style Massage (韓式マッサージ). Korea steals Japan chickens and offers to give China a massage.
Korea's Private Pictures (韓国さんと秘密の写真)
South Korea shows China his photo album, in which he was used as ingredients in food during his earlier years.
Lazy Comic Country
A collection of four strips: Exchanged About 15 More Times (こんなやり取りをあと15回繰り返す), Very Slow World of Greece and Japan (ギリシャと日本のゆるすぎる世界), Youth and Old Man (青年とおじいちゃん), and Number of Times (回数). Greece is attempting to learn Japanese, Greece wonders what it would be like to live as a cat, Lithuania thanks Japan on behalf of the Baltics for his help (though Japan cannot remember who Lithuania is), and Japan and Greece discuss sex. (Partially adapted into anime episode 55)
Latvia's Shaking (ラトビアのふるえ)
Russia offers to help Latvia's uncontrollable shaking, but only makes the situation worse.
Lithuania's Out-Sourcing series
A broke Lithuania decides to work for America and spends time living with him. However, once the Great Depression hits, he is forced to return back to Russia. (Adapted as a track in Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 1)
Let's Assist The French Economy! (フランス経済に協力してみよう)
France, in an attempt to make money, decides to sell Italy.
Let's Go Take a Look at Estonia! (エストニアに会いに行こう)
A strip featuring Estonia, who discusses tourism and sightseeing in his country. A wild sheep attempts to eat Latvia.
The Lonesome Anglo-Japanese Alliance
A series of six strips: England Tries to be Friends with Germany (ドイツと友達になってみる), In Front of Japan's House (日本の家軒先にて), That Night (そして夜), It Has Been Formed...The British-Japanese Alliance (ふられたよ…日英同盟), We Formed an Alliance (俺たち同盟結びました), and A Little After the British-Japanese Alliance (日英同盟ちょっとその後). In a past tale, England and Japan form an alliance. (Adapted as a track in Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2 and into anime episodes 73 and 74)
Make a British Food
From Comic Diary 6. America remembers pretending to like England's food.
Making a Home (家作っぞ)
From Comic Diary 11. Finland mentions wanting some personal space to Sweden.
The Mechanisms of You and Me (俺とお前のメカニズム)
From Comic Diary 2. Italy explains why soldiers have sexual relations during war. Meanwhile, Romano asks Spain for help in the war, but Spain is too poor to contribute.
Miss Hungary and Her Maiden's Heart
A series of three strips and one illustration: Miss Hungary's Condition (ハンガリーさんの事情), That Time on April Fool's Day (エイプリルフールでのあの時), After the Matter (事の後), and The Others Join In (仲間入り). In a past tale, Hungary takes a bath with Italy. In the present day, Hungary catches France in the act of molesting Austria's chest and decides to watch before rescuing him.
From the old Bamboo Thicket. Greece ponders Moussaka.
My Younger Days (俺がちびだった頃)
From Comic Diary 9. France and Spain reminisce about their younger years.
The Night that Holy Rome Left (神聖ローマが行っちゃった日の夜)
(From the "Austria and Chibisuke" segment.') The night of Holy Roman Empire's departure, a lonely Italy asks Austria to sleep with him. Austria, mistaking it as an offer of sex, roughly rejects him and tosses him out a window.
Nnyu (んにゅ)
Italy meets his younger self and tells him he will become a strong nation. Later, Italy is drunk and crying, depressed that he lied to himself. (Partially adapted into anime episode 58)
No Kangaroo No Koala (NO カンガルー NO コアラ)
From Comic Diary 9. Austria is morose that his name is confused with Australia.
Omnivorous Brother (雑食兄ちゃん)
France asks an innocent teenage Italy if he likes him in an attempt at intercourse. (Partially adapted into anime Episode 59)
On the Other Hand, Japan Around That Time (一方その頃日本)
A side-strip to Maria Theresa and the Seven Years' War. Japan is happy to help Sugita Genpaku.
One With Many Lovers (恋多き人)
From Comic Diary 8. Italy's battle history notebook is filled with pictures of him and women.
Playing in the River
Holy Roman Empire is playing naked in a river. When Italy decides to join him, he becomes flustered.
Poland and Lithuania: While You Were Gone (いない間)
A two-strip series. After a long time spent apart, Lithuania and Poland hang out. Lithuania learns that Poland is good friends with Italy, while Poland discovers the scars that Lithuania bears from his time served under Russia. (Adapted into anime episode 52)
Popular Spain (もてもてスペイン)
From Comic Diary 9. The Italy brothers agree to marry Spain when they are small.
Pumpkin Panties
A Christmas 2006 strip. Italy gets stuck while looking for Christmas decorations.
Red Panties
A Christmas 2006 strip. Italy gives Germany a pair of red boxers for Christmas, hoping they bring him good fortune.
Reduce Your Opponent's Willpower, American-style!
A set of two strips: Step on Japan's Will (日本のヤル気をそいでみる) and Step on Russia's Will (ロシアのヤル気をそいでみる). America attempts to reduce Japan and Russia willpower, but his plans backfire. In an omake, America and Italy wonder where they can read "The Atmosphere", having misunderstood the phrase. (Adapted into anime episode 41)
Running Away with Sve (スーさんと家出)
Sweden and Finland escape from Denmark and start a life together, though Finland is conflicted on how to feel about Sweden. (Adapted into anime episode 69)
Sealand and Iceland's Meeting (シーランドくんとアイスランドくんの出会い)
Sealand finds a potential friend in Iceland, who is selling himself on Ebay.
Sealand and the Not-Really-Related Depression (シーランドくんとあんま関係ない不景気)
Sealand becomes a robot with Japan's Ginga Transformation Kit, but instantly uses his rocket punch and loses it.
Shared-Fate Country (運命共同国)
France drops his ring in a garbage can and sets England up to get stuck in it, but France winds up injured when the can topples over onto him.
Something Written as the Immediate Effect
Austria allows a distraught Italy the day off after Holy Roman Empire leaves. (Adapted into anime episode 47)
Soon Already (もうそろそろ)
From Comic Diary 7. Greece and Japan shop for America's birthday.
Spain's Lazy Morning (スペインのゆるい朝)
Spain dreams of Romano trying to wake him up.
Stop It, Jeez (やめてよもー)
From Comic Diary 9. Japan is upset that England's shirt contains Harry Potter spoilers.
The Story of China and Teensy Japan
China encounters a young Japan and raises him. Japan eventually turns on China and attacks him with a katana. In the present day, a depressed China reflects on how his younger brother has changed. (Adapted into anime episode 16)
The Story of Italy's Big Brother
A series of three strips: The Story of Italy's Big Brother (イタリアの兄ちゃんのお話), I've Been Caught (捕まりました), and Let's Try Escaping (脱走してみよう). The Italy brothers are captured and held hostage by England, after a training mission doesn't go the way Romano planned it. (Adapted into the drama Hetalia Character CD: Volume 1 and anime episode 63 and episode 77)
Summary of the War of Austrian Succession
A series of further footnotes on the war, detailing the background behind it. Features the minor characters of Saxony and Bavaria in their first cameos.
Super Angry Japan (ゆるゆる日本大フンドー)
From Comic Diary 10. A two part strip in which Greece wants to see Japan angry.
Supersize You! (スーパーサイズユー)
A series of four strips: Supersize You, French-Style Diet (フランス式ダイエット), Chinese-Style Diet (チャイナ式ダイエット), and Japanese-Style Diet? (日本式ダイエット?). After gaining weight due to his fast food-eating habits, America gets diet advice from France, China, and Japan. (Adapted into the drama Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 1 and anime episode 17)
Sve and the Dog
Consisting of the strip Finland's Sense (フィンランドセンス). Finland finds a puppy and spends time thinking up bizarre names for her. In the end, Sweden and Finland come to a compromise to name her Hanatamago.
Take It Latvian (それいけラトビアン)
From Comic Diary 4. Estonia makes a short-lived pledge to never say Latvia.
Therapy for Spain (スペインの癒し)
From Comic Diary 5. Spain talks to Romano and plays with his hair curl, not realizing it is an erogenous zone.
They Don't Get Along, Yet Always Fight Together (仲悪いけど何回も一緒に戦ってたりする)
Part of the General Winter collection. France and England quarrel over each others' delinquencies, much to the amusement of America and Russia. China is annoyed. (Adapted into anime episode 58)
They Might Really Eat Them in Some Places (ある地方ではマジで食うらしい)
From Comic Diary 6. China is upset that a Japanese character called "Kitty-chan" also has a pet cat.
This is an Eroge? (これなんてエロゲ?)
From Comic Diary 2 and contains a short follow-up called >Why Are Both Choices R18? (>なんでどっちの選択肢も18禁なのですか?). In an eroge-esque scene, Korea asks China if he likes him. China finds he would end up in a sexually explicit situation regardless and opts not to comment.
This Kind of Sealand is OO (こんなシーランドは○○だ)
England has a nightmare about Sealand growing up and becoming an actual nation.
To Your Heart's Content, Russia! (心行くまでロシア!)
A three-part strip. Russia oversees the construction of the White Sea-Baltic canal.
Traits Of Japanese People That Americans Have Noticed (アメリカ人君からみた日本人の特徴)
Himaruya asks his American friends what they consider to be traits of Japanese people. In a series of illustrations, America notices these unusual habits in Japan.
The Violent Sve of Northern Europe Takes a Mighty Swing!
Comprised of two parts: Reuinion (再会) and And Then, Poland Appears (で、ポーランドがやってきました). Sweden and Finland meet up with Estonia and the two other Baltics, but Poland gets in the way of Sweden's plan to adopt them. In the end, he only gets partial custody of Estonia and Latvia. (Adapted into anime episode 70)
The Three Close Baltic Nations バルト三国がまとまったのって一回だけなような
Latvia and Estonia are friendly to Lithuania, but their own relationship grows distant.
Twisted Noble (ひねくれ貴族)
From Comic Diary 9. Austria's megalomaniac Mr. Newspaper reveals to the world that his presidential candidate was once a German officer.
Unusual Current Events (珍しく時事ネタ)
From Comic Diary 3. China spreads photoshopped images of Korea on the Internet, but Korea takes them as a sign of recognition.
We Love England
A series of strips and illustrations featuring England. It includes the strips England and the Naked Man (イギリスと裸の男) and England and Infant America (イギリスと乳幼児アメリカ). In the first, he is challenged to a masturbation marathon by France, while in the second he beats up Spain and convinces the younger America that the other man is actually a "demon".
The Week in Valentino (バレンチーノの一週間)
From Comic Diary 4. Italy, after failing again at his military training, feels intimidated Germany.
The Well-Informed Holy Doki-Doki Empire (物知り神聖ドキドキ帝国)
From of Comic Diary 6. Italy asks Holy Roman Empire what a cat is saying.
We're Making an Anime!
Comprised of the strips We're Making an Anime Together. (一緒にアニメ作ることになりました。), Anime Drawings! (アニメ描くんだぜ!), It's a Cool Pose! (カッコいいポーズなんだぜ!), and For Me, Christmas is Just an Ordinary Day! (俺にとっちゃ一人のクリスマスは平日だぜ!). China and Korea attempt to make an anime, but their efforts go awry.
We're Not Friends When Training, But Boss and Subordinate (訓練中は友達じゃなく上司と部下でいたいのに)
From Comic Diary 1. Italy has difficulties following Germany's command.
We're Shipwrecked
A series of two strips: It's Behind You (貴方の後ろにいる) and Stranger Like Me (ストレンジャー ライクミー). The Axis wind up shipwrecked on an island once more, though this one turns out to be a secret villa of China's. In the strip, it is noted that Chinatowns exist all across the world (even on a deserted island). (Adapted into anime episode 24)
We're Shipwrecked Too!
A series of four strips: In a Disaster... (遭難しました), First Night of Diaster (遭難1日目の夜), England and a Normal Lamp (イギリスと普通のランプ), and It Improves a Little (よくしってるあそこでした。). England and America wind up shipwrecked on the same island as the Axis, where France and Seychelles happen to be visiting.
What-daze, 3 Hits
A series comprised of three strips: Breasts Are Forever (おっぱいは永遠なんだぜ), Kumdo? That's What It Is (クムド?なんだぜ), and Audacious Bath (押しかけ風呂). Korea continues to annoy Japan.
Why Americans Love Spring (アメリカ人が春大好きなわけ)
America and Japan both prepare for spring in their own personal ways. (Adapted into anime episode 36)
World Baseball Classic
In a strip entitled Who Are You?!? Special Attack Team Italy (ダレダ貴様は!!特攻イタリアチーム), Canada plays baseball against Italy, only to find that the "Italy" he sees is an imposter.
You Be Italy and I'll Be Germany
Contains two strips: And It'll Be Bad if You Keep Clinging on Me (なつかれすぎても困るし) and You're Italy and I'm Germany (君がイタリアで、ドイツが俺で). Germany and Italy attempt to switch their roles and personalities.
You Might Be Mine (お前は俺のかも)
From Comic Diary 8. America convinces Japan to buy a computer.


Punchlines (つかわんて。つかわんて。)
A series of panels featuring punchlines that Himaruya uses when at loss to think of them: Shinatty tells China that he has had a nightmare about Google, Belarus (munching on a "punchline") threatens to rip the reader's penis off, Poland plays a video game while a caption reads that history has been changed, a basin falls on Japan's head (though he is familiar with that gag), Japan reacts to Germany and Italy arguing, and Korea informs the readers that all of their cells originated from him.
Unexpected April Fools (我が心、くそ真面目にエイプリルフール)
A precursor to the April Fools 2010 event. Japan is introduced to the concept and puts his country's efforts into developing the perfect joke.
By the way, as for movies I really really like English made horror movies. (ちなみに映画はイギリス製作のホラー映画がめちゃくちゃ好きです。)
English horror films are described.
Mr. England in a Movie (映画の中のイギリス人)
English horror tropes are covered.
America's Sense of Taste is Seriously Terrible
A young America enjoys a picnic lunch prepared by England. France approaches him and states that, even though he lost the previous fight to England, he expects that America will want to be his territory after tasting his food. America finds that both England and France's foods are delicious, much to France's horror. In the present day, England lectures America about his eating habits and tosses him a can of Marmite, bragging about his healthy eating. However, America hates Marmite and runs off upset. England watches him while pretending to be calm, though afterwards he cries loudly at a tree that learns his cry. Japan makes a pipe from the wood of the tree; when Japan plays it, it sings "America is a wanker!," repeating England's words.
Chibitalia and the Sword (ちびたりあと大きな剣) (2011)
Holy Roman Empire finds Italy carrying a large sword. He seizes it, thinking Italy was simply transporting it. Italy reveals that it was for sword practice.
Halloween! (ハロウィーン!) (2011)
A precursor to the 2011 holiday event, the strip features the Baltics (particularly Latvia) with Belarus.
Mochi of the Dead
In a hypothetical situation, a virus spreads turning mochi nations evil. America-Mochi, despite his growling, is unable to appear scary.
Raising Mochi
Several nations are personified as mochi with characteristics influenced from their human counterparts. Estonia takes them in as pets and must deal with their various quirks in a collection of strips cumulatively called Raising Mochi. It includes the strips First Contact, There Wasn't Much of a Choice, So I Decided to Keep It, UMA and Trashcan, UMA and Ice Cream, Interview with Lettuce, Encounter with the Unknown, Fat, Fat Mochi, Wait For Me!, It's Canadian Time, He Was Surprised, Hardest vs. Softest, He is Clumsy At Everything He Does, Beautiful Mochi, Lovely Mochi, More Mochi, Hello!, First Meeting, I Introduce Myself!, The Berserk Word, Lettuce, Visitors, He's Cool, Sweet Mochi Friends, Covered in Maple Syrup, and Smiley Mochi. Another series of strips (First Meeting, Battle, and Truce) illustrate the relationship between the mochi America and mochi Russia. A final strip, Friendship, shows mochi Russia's attempt to socialize with a frightened mochi Italy.
America's Brewster F2A Buffalo
A draft strip no longer available on Himaruya's website. America's new plane, despite being advanced, is inferior to the Japanese war planes.
Commitment to Paper (紙へのこだわり)
A single strip created to thank fans for their support and announce the release of volume 4. Japan discloses that the cover "sparkles" and that the paper quality is high. America comments that the Axis Powers focus on strange things.
These Things Happen A Lot (わりとよくあることよろし)
China asks Japan to create a New Years card for him.
A Foolish Costume Comic (続きからあほな仮装漫画とお返事です!)
Korea encounters China, who is wearing a copyright-infringing Disney outfit and is thus censored.
Though I Shall Depart, You Shall Remain (私が去ろうともあなたは残る)
An updated version of the lost strip Who Are You?. A soldier recognizes France as a young man from his grandfather's picture. He later dreams of staying young forever. His wife reminds him that it would be a lonely existence, as every regular human he would befriend or love (including herself) would eventually grow old and die.
Mr. Turkey and the EU (EUとトルコさん)
Turkey offers to have a better relationship with Greece due to the latter's current state. Greece wonders if he has stopped caring about becoming a EU member, and Turkey indicates that he has not. Turkey is told to wait for his European Union acceptance results. An unidentified nation arrives and is immediately accepted. Turkey decides the EU is simply intimidated by him and don't understand how valuable he would be.
Mastermind (黒幕)
France suspects that Germany is responsible for his economic problems.
Butter Crisis (バタークライシス!)
Norway suffers from a butter shortage at Christmas. Denmark arrives to help him.
As Usual, Denmark Swings Too Low at Sweden (デンマークさんがスウェーデンさんに殴りかかりすぎな件について)
Denmark does not give up in attacking Sweden.


Davie (2013)
A young America befriends a boy named Davie, who has a particular fondness for a type of blue flower. America is set on bringing him one, but learns that it is native to the UK. England offers to bring some back, while America infrequently visits Davie. However, while America barely ages, Davie enters adulthood and begins a family of his own. By the time America acquires the flowers, Davie has died and his funeral is processing. America, believing Davie's grandson is Davie, is confused when the flowers are placed in the casket.
Magic Words for Denmark (デンマークさん魔法の言葉) (2013)
Sweden launches a land-based attack against Denmark. Wanting to impress Norway, Denmark faces Sweden head-on and is easily defeated. Norway ignores the battle, focusing on dirt under his nail.
Grandpa Rome's Visit Home (ローマじいちゃんの里帰り) (2013)
Rome, with Germania chaperoning, is allowed by God to visit Earth. He is unhappy to find that his old house no longer exists, with only a bench where the entrance once stood. Rome is remorseful of what has been lost and what he never took the time to do. Germania suggests there is nothing to regret, as Roman culture still fascinates people, his legacy lives on in his grandsons, and Rome has been freed of war.
Denmark and Sweden's Friendly Relations (デンマークとスウェーデンの友達付き合い) (2013)
Denmark builds relationships with Netherlands, Hesse, and other nations.
Taiwan's Lantern Festival (2013)
A request from the Halloween 2013 event. Hong Kong wishes for wealth during Taiwan's annual lantern festival. As he makes the same wish every year, Taiwan suggests he write his second wish down.


Málaga Smile (マラガスマイル)
Spain notices a haggard Germany.
And This is What They've Been Up To (してきたんだわ)
Bulgaria and Romania think they are descendents of Rome.
When the Angel and Devil Appear (天使と悪魔が出る現象)
Italy asks Japan if he ever experiences apparitions.
Mr. Persia and the Two Kings (アメリカもほんとスチームパンク好き)
Persia is introduced.
America’s Crazy About Steampunk, Too (アメリカもほんとスチームパンク好き)'
America expresses his interest in steampunk to England, who appreciates that it takes place in the Victorian era.
Private Concert (プライベートコンサート)
Prussia plays the flute for Germany and insists he keep it. Germany notices a wound on Prussia's hand. Unknown to him, Prussia received it a week ago and it has yet to heal.
Roman Emperors Having a Chat (つかいどころが全くない皇帝雑学)
Heliogabalus, an emperor from Syria, is introduced.
The Students That Can’t Study! Present Day Eastern Europe (学生で学べない!東欧の近代)
Contains the strips Eastern European Students, Eraser, It's Been Like This For Awhile, The Final Results of the Eraser, The Cold Days, Romania, and Somewhat Recently. A series of strips exploring the relationship between Bulgaria and Romania in a modern day school setting.
Opening a Country is Tough, Too (開国も大変だ)
Prussia helps Japan with his German skills after creating a treaty with him.
Overly Incomprehensible Scrapped Material (わけがわからなすぎて没のネタ)
Contains the strip Nero and the Spirit of the Performer. Nero wants to become a performer.

Partially unpublished

Though the bulk of the strips were printed in volume 1, the story cuts off with Holy Roman Empire leaving after Italy warns him about Grandpa Rome's downfall. The original series included a few pages in which Italy gives HRE a pair of panties as a parting gift and HRE declares is loved, kisses Italy, and promises to return. Also omitted was a page with Spain pledging to help Austria. The anime adapts these strips in Episode 22, but replaces the underwear with a deck brush.
In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy (2分でなんとなくうわべだけはつかめるようなヨーロッパ経済)
A strip series also containing The Flower-Making Family (花作り貴族), Switzerland and the Bank (スイスと銀行), and four illustrations explaining European countries' economic states. Spain falls incredibly ill due to the state of his economy, causing Romano to go on a quest to cure him, only to come back and find that Spain has already recovered (due to adopting the euro as his currency). After recovering, Spain spends time helping Austria make special flowers, while France envies the stability of Switzerland's land and people (due to his rich banks). It is shown that France has trouble with his own businesses due to the fact that his people have regularly-scheduled strikes. A map of nations' economy then shows how various characters are affected by their own economies. (Adapted into anime episode 62) The strips about France and Switzerland's contrasting economies were included in volume 3.
It's Sealand!
A series of strips focusing on the micronation Sealand. Several strips were reprinted in Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 1. However, the strip Let's Persuade People (口説いてやりますよ) cuts off before a three-panel segment wherein Latvia stabs Sealand with red carnations. The rest of the strips, which involve the relationship between England and Sealand, Sweden buying Sealand via an online auction, and Latvia attempting to give Sealand advice, were also omitted. The first part was also adapted in Episode 21 of the anime.
Maria Theresa and the War of Austrian Succession
While the majority of these strips were included in volume 1, a short strip featuring Prussia laughing until he coughs and one where France loots a beaten Austria are removed.
Maria Theresa and the Seven Years' War
In a sequel to Maria Theresa and the War of Austrian Succession, England forms an alliance with Prussia due to Austria allying himself with France. After Austria is further weakened by the war, Hungary prepares to enact revenge on Prussia. The volume 4 published version omits sequences featuring France and Spain, and also eliminates cameos from Italy, Sweden, Finland, England, Poland, and Lithuania.
Together with Grandpa Rome
This strip series was reprinted in a redrawn format in Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 2. Removed was the strip Grandpa and the Saint (爺ちゃんと聖人), in which Rome makes a nude sculpture of Germany. An illustration where Rome visits a sleeping Romano and an illustration that revealed that Rome had tied up God in order to escape the afterlife were also removed.
Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness
The first of these strips was reprinted in Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 2 and extended in order to further flesh out Liechtenstein's back story. Removed were strips concerning Austria and Prussia.
Walking Together (いっしょにとことこ)
A strip included in volume 4 of the published manga. Omitted was the first portion of a two-part walking chart and a panel where Germany and Austria have a short conversation.


Boss Spain Doesn't Understand
Another incomplete strip series by Himaruya, this one focuses on Spain and Romano: After becoming jealous and frightened of Spain talking to a German soldier, Romano becomes angered further at Spain not listening to him while Spain wonders why Romano treats him so harshly.

In the cliffhanger, Spain attempts to talk to Romano but winds up comparing him to a tomato and causes him to become upset once again.

Buon San Valentino
After Italy gives Germany red roses on Valentine's Day, Germany mistakes Italy's innocent gift as a romantic confession. In a cliffhanger, Germany goes to propose to Italy but the dinner date winds up becoming disastrous. Germany is then overcome by a flood of emotions and what seems to be a memory from the distant past.
Holy Roman Empire is No More
France informs Italy that HRE had died and urges him to move on.
Italy's Dream: Prologue
In a supplement to the Chibitalia story, Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia sleep together on a thunderstorm-filled night. In his dream, Chibitalia meets a strange young man (Japan). The story is unfinished and it remains to be seen if it will be continued.
The World Conference (prototype)
An early version of the strip Meeting Of The World, with various differences from the published color version in Hetalia volume 1:
  • South Korea has a few more lines than he does in the published version, opposing Japan but agreeing with America (though America has no clue who he is).
  • Greece has no line in the prototype version, instead he is only depicted sleeping in one shot.
  • Belgium appears sitting next to Spain at the meeting, who is later shown having to make a bunch of roses while Greece sleeps.
  • Belarus is not shown holding a knife to Latvia's back. When Estonia tells Russia to leave Latvia alone, a note reads that he "reeks of money".
  • Poland does not threaten to make Russia's capital Warsaw, but loudly objects to the idea of him laying a hand on Lithuania. Both Poland and Lithuania are shown with their hair tied back into ponytails.
  • Romano, who is not depicted in the volume 1 meeting, is shown sitting beside his brother. Egypt is also shown sitting near both of the Italy brothers, while he was also removed from the published version.
  • Instead of yelling about pasta, Italy suggests they have ice cream with lunch, only to be berated by his brother for not having data (though he doesn't have it either). When the two are glared at by Germany, Italy states "There are two hungry Italians right here."
The World of War and the Fool of Owari (戦乱の世と尾張のうつけ)
A currently unfinished story by Himaruya involving Japan and his feudal regions, plus Oda Nobunaga. Features the first and only appearances to date so far of the characters representing the Sendai, Owari, and Kanazawa domains. Second appearance of Aizu, Osaka, and Mito.

Holiday Events

America and Christmas

A "Christmas special" strip with America and Japan.

  • This story was adapted into episodes 71 and 72 of the anime.
April Fools' 2007

France hijacks Himaruya's Kitayume website and hosts his own viewer-mail, as well as going on a rampage to strip and force the other nations into sexually-suggestive situations. While the actual event consisted of dialogue and small illustrations, the Aftermath of France's April Fools (フランス エイプリルフールあとの祭り) is a two page comic depicting the other nations deciding on a method of revenge. The group agrees with Sweden's suggestion: France is forced to eat England's cooking and praise him as the superior nation.

Christmas Rampage 2007

A ten-part story involving members of the cast and fanservice: After a peaceful "reader mail" segment with Finland, France proceeds to go on a stripping rampage, removing the other nations' clothes and humiliating them. He eventually faces off against England in a showdown.

  • A sequel strip series could be found at one point on Kitayume, but for some reason or another, it was removed. The Rampage sequel contains a crossover with characters from Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and Barjona Bombers (two other webcomics by Himaruya), as well as more fanservice.
Merry Halloween

A 2008 Halloween special strip featuring America, Japan, England, and Russia.

April Fool's 2008

Spain hijacked Kitayume for the 2008 April Fool's event. A hungover France asks Spain for help. Spain agrees and runs a news program detailing false stories and rumors. France approaches Spain and warns him that he has angered the god of lies and that, to appease him, he must strip. Spain falls for the prank, much to Romano's chagrin. Though the event primarily consisted of small illustrations and text, but contained three strips: Austria explains that lying is appropriate on April Fool's Day, France tells Spain to strip to save Madrid, and Romano confronts Spain over the prank. A summary of the what occurred before the event was also drawn. England treats France to drinks and develops a hangover. He encounters Spain and demands he hijack the site.

Christmas 2009

The summary of 2009's Christmas for the nations:

America dresses up as Santa Claus and makes a dramatic entrance into the house of a child (by smashing through the window). When the boy asks if Santa can get him anything for Christmas, America responds that he can with, to the boy's confusion. Meanwhile, England notes that there are three Santas that have gone missing while Finland worries that the presents won't be delivered on time. When England asks if Finland could get help from Sweden though, Finland becomes scared by the idea. Elsewhere, Canada is busy on the phone tracking Santas while Greece and Turkey wind up in another one of their fights.

America then declares that he can fix the missing Santas problem, but winds up annoying England and Finland with his "" suggestion. Later, it is shown that the three former "Axis" nations of Italy, Germany, and Japan have taken up the jobs of the missing Santas and are delivering the children their presents (Japan then reveals that his presents were boxes inside of boxes).

On Christmas day, Sealand plans to make a wish to Santa but finds that the only guard at the fort is asleep and won't be able to pass his wish on (as well as having forgotten to buy presents). Elsewhere, France is accused by England of executing Santa Claus. A flashback follows about when the French Santa, Pere Noel, was burnt in effigy and "executed". However, the mayor of France then staged the revival of Santa, thus bringing cheer to the children.

In the finale, France and England wind up arguing over Christmas while flashbacks to their other chaotic Christmases with each other are shown.

Christmas 2010

Various nations are attacked and kidnapped by mysterious figures with cat ears.

April Fools 2011 (2011年エイプリルフール!)

Several characters are blackmailed into wearing woman's clothing with threats to expose embarrassing pictures of them to the public. (Adapted into anime episode Our Failure)


A scrapped strip that features Japan finding France and England dressed in strange clothing and fighting.

Halloween 2011 (ハッピーハロウィーン!)

The Halloween event for 2011 has various nations dressing in costumes and attending America's Halloween party/costume contest event. Aside from the main event, several side-story strips were produced, showcasing characters' various interactions. Included were the following strips:

  • China and Hong Kong discuss their costume options [1]
  • Hungary asks for Austria's opinion on her masculine costume [2]
  • Korea asks China to join his costume theme and dress as a heroine [3]
  • Latvia meets mochi America [4]
  • Holy Roman Empire is terrified by Italy's choice for a costume party [5]
  • Turkey asks Greece to join his costume group [6]
  • America encounters America mochi [7]
  • Cameroon is not used to Halloween [8]
  • New Zealand, Australia, and Tonga ask England to judge their sheep costumes [9]
  • Bulgaria's angel wings and Romania's devil wings become entangled [10]
  • Germany asks Japan if his costume's chain is heavy [11]
  • Rome tricks other nations into wearing costumes similar to Italy's [12]
Christmas 2011

North Italy, Germany, and Japan are acting as hosts for the Christmas event on Hetalive, accepting requests, answering questions, and celebrating Christmas with other nations. This event was left unresolved, but is set to continue in December 2013. Though the majority of the event is comprised of dialogue and small illustrations, it does include several strips, some of which were adapted into the anime:

  • America cat and Japan cat watch the sun rise of New Year's [13]
  • The artistic micronations have a meeting [14]
  • Taiwan visits Hungary's hot springs [15]
  • France insists Switzerland be less prickly [16]
  • The nations' companion animals have their own Christmas party [17]
  • Molossia accidentally yells at America [18]
  • The Holy Roman Empire lacks unity [19]
  • Rome asks Germania if he knows any cute women [20]
  • Japan learns from England that nudity is embarrassing [21]
  • Iceland dreams that Turkey helps him become popular with tourists [22]
  • France learns of a haunted hotel in England [23]
  • Liechtenstein meets Kugelmugel [24]
  • Germania is not impressed with Rome's nudity and penis swords [25]
  • Germany, Italy, and Japan take strange requests [26]
  • Mochi Italy interacts with a zombie [27]
  • Mochi Italy interacts with ants [28]
  • Mochi Italy interacts with a cat [29]
  • Mochi Italy interacts with a hermit crab [30]
  • The Teutonic Knights asks to touch Poland's genitals, as he has been forbidden from interacting with females and sees Poland as effeminate [31]
  • Russia suggests that he and Japan have a tunnel connecting their homes [32]
  • Spain gives Romano a cheerfulness charm [33]
  • Austria tires while walking to the meeting room. [34] Adapted in the episode Brother! We are...!!
  • Bulgaria sings to keep his spirits up while under Russia's control [35]
  • Bulgaria learns about Romania's history [36]
  • Hong Kong visits Korea 8 hours before the Asian Group Meeting, catching him off guard [37]
  • Germany, Italy, and Japan attempt to do a front bend [38]
  • England and Norway meet each other's magical friends [39]
  • Seborga asks Monaco for a date [40]
  • Austria describes historical underwear [41]
  • The young Italies attempt to persuade Netherlands to not go to war [42]
  • Latvia and Estonia are in good spirits [43]
  • Ladonia is upset that Santa has not arrived [44]
  • A young Netherlands is amazed by Belgium's wealth [45] Adapted in the episode At Netherlands'
  • Australia, New Zealand, Wy, and Hutt River have a barbecue [46]
  • Prussia is hired to train America [47]
  • Lithuania dreams that India and China fight over who is better friends with Russia [48]
  • Seychelles collapses from the cold [49]
  • Female nations hold an end-of-the-year girls' meeting [50]
  • England writes a letter asking America to end the Revolutionary War, and Canada ensures its delivery [51]
  • Sweden aids Finland, who is confronting Russia [52]
  • Netherlands prevents Denmark from befriending Japan [53]
  • Poland tries out different hairstyles [54]
  • Turkey tells young Greece and Egypt a story [55] Adapted in the episode Turkey&!
  • Vietnam learns to smile [56]
  • Cameroon teaches a small primate to play soccer [57]
  • Hong Kong is returned to China, but he has changed under England's guardianship [58]
  • Italy fully opens his eyes [59]
  • When cornered, Prussia suggests Fritz use his special technique [60]
  • Romano is found to be a hard worker [61]
  • Nations discuss coffee preferences [62]
  • Ladonia is finally visited by Santa [63]
  • Germany is uncomfortable with Russia's greeting [64]
  • Korea disrupts the Asia Group [65]
  • Belgium dreams of a discarded Luxembourg design [66]
  • Austria and Russia lead France to a marsh and break the ice [67]
  • England ponders America's habit of mass-production [68]
  • In an intermission, nations feel cheered by the Christmas spirit [69]
Halloween 2013

The Halloween 2013 has multiple nations attending a ghost-themed party. Several begin explaining their choice in costumes and telling ghost stories. Meanwhile, America and England are involved in a contest to scare one another. It includes the following strips:

Extra 1 (おまけ1)
Romania is unhappy that Moldova has chosen Russia over him. Bulgaria attempts to comfort him, but fails. Meanwhile, Latvia and England watch from afar.
Extra 2 (おまけ2)
England is interested in ninjas.
Extra 3 (おまけ3)
Romano becomes annoyed with Spain. Iceland compares it to his situation with Norway, but acknowledges that he doesn't truly mind.
Extra 4 (おまけ4)
Luxembourg appears in a scary costume.
Extra 5 (おまけ5)
Denmark's human guest leaves the party. In the future, she becomes a great historian.
Are You an Old Man? (おじさまか)
Monaco specializes in being an onlooker.
Ninja 5
America, Turkey, Sealand, England, and Japan create a ninja team.
Extra 6 (おまけ6)
Lithuania looks for Poland.
Extra 7 (おまけ7)
Canada thinks of costumes.
Extra 8 (おまけ8)
Greece and Turkey meet at the party.
The Smell of Winter (冬のにおい)
Japan thinks of the scent of winter.
A Cold Day (寒い日)
America tries to sell warm clothing.
Mochi (もち)
Estonia gives mochi America a costume.
Extra 9 (おまけ9)
Contains the strip Rescue and Ignore. Belarus and Lithuania rescue Poland.
Halloween! (はろうぃーん!)
As the night ends, nations disperse. Italy's bosses send him a letter.
Extra 10 (おまけ10)
America scares England.
Night (夜)
Romano and Spain encounter a mysterious man.
With Portugal, Part 2 (ポルトガルさんと2)
Romano dislikes Portugal.
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