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Hetalia File Archive
A snapshot of the Hetalia File Archive, taken on May 21, 2013.
URL http://www.hetarchive.net/
Type Archive
Launched July 22, 2009
Current Status Active

The Hetalia File Archive, sometimes known as Hetarchive, is an archive for translations and scanlations of official Hetalia material. It hosts scanlations of the webcomic, mirrors of special events that Himaruya runs, organizes a mirror of Himaruya's blog, and hosts translations for various CD audio dramas and some game material. The site is run by JammerLea.


Originally started on July 22, 2009, Hetarchive, then hosted on horror-vacui.net, collected links for official Hetalia related posts hosted on the Hetalia livejournal community. This included links sharing official audio, video files, and game files, as well as other posts with translated material, news and posts relating to blog updates. It also hosted masterlists for other Hetalia communities and roleplays.

Upon Hetalia Indexes and Hetalia Scanlations becoming inactive, in late 2010, Hetarchive started adding scanlations to the site. In 2011, Hetarchive moved to its own .net domain and went to copying over the full comic scanlations to the site, using the files from Hetalia Scanlations as a base. This included scanlations of the webcomic, events, published manga, and a few other official sources. However, on December 24, 2012, Hetarchive received a cease and desist notice from Gentosha requesting that the published manga scanlations be removed from the site.[1] After this and after many of the previously linked video and audio files became inactive on livejournal, it was decided that the site would focus primarily on hosting translations instead of media file links.


April Fools 2010

On April 1, 2010, the site, then serving as a hub for livejournal links, was redesigned to appear as Prussia had taken over the site, and only reported on news relating to Prussia, as well as only linking to news relating to Prussia. This April Fools site design was titled 俺様のアーカイブ (The Awesome Me's Archive).

April Fools 2013

On April 1, 2013, the site was redesigned as if Spain took over. It was titled ¡Bésame el culo! (Kiss the Ass) and featured an ask.fm account where visitors could ask Spain questions.

The Sections

Below is a list of sections and what they cover:

Bamboo Thicket 2 Mirror

Hosted on LiveJournal, this blog mirrors posts from Himaruya's Bamboo Thicket blog on FC2, as well as archives posts from his previous blog on Yahoo, which has since been deleted. Where possible, the mirror provides English translations of the blog posts.

Character List

Though not yet complete, this section has a list of characters appearing in Hetalia along with any bio information on the characters as it's available. This is a basic character lookup, unlike the character information on the wiki which may go into more extensive detail.


In progress, this gallery hosts a collection of official images from Himaruya's blog, as well as cover illustrations from various books, CDs and DVDs.


This sections hosts translations of various audio dramas that were shared on livejournal. Although many are incomplete, there have been translations gathered from the character CDs, drama CDs and the Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep series. This section does not include song translations as they are already available on this wiki.


This section currently hosts a full translation of Prussia's Cleaning Game. Other game translations will be added later as available.


The largest part of the site, this section collects scanlations of the webcomic from Kitayume and other various sources. Within it, the sections are: Main Storyline, Non-Linear, Comic Diary, Extra, Events, and Deleted Strips.


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