Episode 12

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Episode 12
Hetalia: Axis Powers episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 12
Length 5:00
Original air date April 10, 2009
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Ending theme "Marukaite Chikyuu" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
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The twelfth episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers was broadcast on April 10th, 2009. It adapts the strip Japan Vs. Italy from the original webcomic, as well as the strips Secret Training and 007 from the Allied Forces arc and England, I Have Something to Tell You from the America Cleans Out His Storage Room chapter in Volume 1 of the published manga.

Plot Summary

England, I Have Something To Tell You...

Leaving off from the teaser from episodes 10 and 11, France proposes marriage to England, to the shock of the other man. Believing it to be a joke, he informs France that it's not April Fools, and asks if he's that screwed up to not buy a calendar. A gloomy France tells him that he did in fact buy a calendar, and shows England his "calendar": A marriage registration form.

France grabs on to England's hand and attempts to make him sign the form, as England puts up a struggle and refuses to sign it. France pleads with England, telling him that his house is going through rough times due to the "Suez Canal" and his boss told him that if the two of them didn't merge, he might die.

England refuses, saying he won't marry France for that reason, and proceeds to scratch out his name on the marriage form. As England laughs over his victory, France becomes upset and continues to plead the idea of marriage to him, telling him to think of it as a "favor". England refuses yet again, and tells France to take care of his own problems, but winds up cut off by a devious France, who drags him off.

The following footnote tells of the attempted Franco-British Union in 1956, when the French Prime Minister Guy Mollet proposed the idea of a union between England and France, but was shot down. Even with the idea being rejected, he still wanted France to join the Commonwealth.

In the background of the footnote, France appears, laughing to himself and assuring that "everything will be all right".

Secret Training With 007

Germany conducts a secret training session, instructing Italy and Japan on how to take down England. Italy's idea of capturing England involves creating a white flag and waving it, and pleading for help. Japan's answer to the situation is: "Mimic the wailing of William I".

An hour later, England can be seen darting through the bushes in the forest, searching for the Axis. Two hours pass, and we cut back to Japan and Italy in the middle of training, though their session has yet to end. Germany quizzes the two on what to do when England approaches them.

Meanwhile, England is shown crawling across the ground of the forest, laughing to himself that when it comes to spying, he happens to be the best. England (with a cat hiding in his jacket and a mouse tugging at his collar) finds the Axis and decides to watch their training from his spot in the bushes, but is quickly taken aback in shock and embarrassment when he overhears Germany asking the other two men what they would do if England approached them wiggling his ass and wearing a costume from "Rio's Carnival".

Japan Vs. Italy

Japan is unexpectedly greeted by Italy with a strong hug. The startled Japan quickly shoves Italy off, telling him it was his "first time". A confused Italy can only watch as Japan (now in a kimono) orders him to "take responsibility".


A teaser for an upcoming episode ("Cleaning Out The Storage") is shown, with panels from the comic book version in the background.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • Japan Vs. Italy originally took place before Germany Vs. Italy, and Italy kissed Japan along with hugging him, which was what spurred Japan to demand that he take responsibility and marry him.
  • In the published manga, the training segment originally took place in the Axis Powers arc, after the debut of Romano.
  • This episode ran 5 minutes and 30 seconds long, due to the addition of adverts for the anime soundtrack Marukaite Chikyuu and the first Hetalia Character CD.

English Dub changes

  • When England asks France if he can't afford a calender, France says he's wrong and the situation isn't funny. In the original version, he responds that he can manage to buy things like a calender.
  • France says that he overheard his boss say that if he doesn't get married, his boss will kill him. In the original version, his boss says directly to him that he might die if he doesn't get married.
  • When England crawls towards the Axis' training session, he says that he's part of the SAS and no one can beat him in spying. In the original version, the SAS isn't mentioned.
  • When Italy hugs Japan, the later scolds Italy for invading his personal space, even though he "doesn't need a lot anyway". He goes on to say he hopes Italy knows how awkward that was for him. In the original version, Japan proclaims that it was his first time and demands that Italy "take responsibility".
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