America's Cleaning Of The Storage: Director's Cut

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America's Cleaning Of The Storage: Director's Cut
Hetalia: Axis Powers episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Compilation Epiosde 1
Length 5:28
Original air date March 12, 2010
Production Credits
Director Bob Shirohata
Hetalia Episode Chronology
Episode 52 America's Cleaning Of The Storage: Director's Cut Chibitalia

The Director's Cut of America's Cleaning Of The Storage was broadcast on March 12, 2010 in between the second and third season of Hetalia: Axis Powers. It compiles the adaptions of the strip America's Cleaning Of The Storage (also referred to as simply Cleaning Out The Storage) seen in Episode 17 and Episode 20.

Plot Summary

America's Cleaning Of The Storage

Lithuania, who is working for America as his housekeeper, notices that America is going to clean out a room and offers to take care of it for him. America declines, saying that it's only a little storage cleaning and that he can handle it. Lithuania decides that he'll go make coffee for America in the meantime.

America enters his storage room, setting some heavy books down on the table as he does. He notes that he hasn't set foot in the room for a century, and that it has always been hard to clean due to the memories that it holds. As he looks over at a box of toy soldiers, the shot segues into a flashback:

  • A younger America marvels over the new set of toy soldiers that England gave him. He thanks the visibly injured England, his arm in a sling, who tells him to be more careful when using a hammer next time. America notices how all the toy soldiers have different faces, while England says it's because they're all custom-made.

In the present day, the adult America stares at one of the old toy soldiers and says that he won't be needing it anymore, so he might as well throw it out. His attention is quickly diverted by an old, dust-covered formal suit as another flashback occurs:

  • A teenage America is confused at the expensive suit that England gave him, and says that it's not like he'll wear it. England responds that his wardrobe has become a mess, and that if he doesn't dress properly, it reflects badly on both of them. America says that he likes his clothes the way they are, but in the following shot, he finishes putting on the suit in front of the mirror while England exclaims that he looks better that way. An unconvinced America continues to resist, saying that the suit is too formal and that he'll wear it for special occasions.

Back in the present, America folds up the suit and decides he'll throw it out as well. He notes that there seem to be a lot of upsetting things in the room, and digs through a crate in hope of finding something worth keeping. He digs out an old musket, and thinks of putting it up as a decoration, but trails off as he notices a deep scratch mark on it.

As America realizes the significance of the scratched musket, a title card for the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) flashes onto the screen, followed by a shot of a younger America holding the musket as the scene segues into a flashback:

England and America stand on a battlefield; America informs the other that he wants freedom, that he's no longer England's child or baby brother, and that he will secede. England charges at him with his bayonet thrust forward; America blocks with his own musket, but it is sent flying out of his hands.

England approaches the disarmed America, pointing the blade at his head as he mentions that the younger's incompetence is outstanding; reacting to this, the other American soldiers prepare to fire their guns. However, England hesitates and finds that he unable to shoot America. Dropping his musket onto the ground, he falls to his knees and breaks down in tears.

America watches England cry and briefly flashes back to a childhood memory where the two of them held hands as they went home together. He stares down at England on the battlefield and says that he used to be so great.

Back in the present, Lithuania (who has finished making coffee) finds America standing outside with a melancholic look on his face. America explains that the storage room was so filled with trash and dust that he couldn't get any cleaning done. Lithuania offers to serve the coffee outside.

As they drink, America mentions that he was unable to throw anything away due to the memories, and he feels like he's become an old man. However, Lithuania says that he's simply grown up. A final shot of the toy soldier is shown with the caption "End".


Lithuania comes across the old toy soldier when he cleans the house. As he picks the toy up and mentions how "cute" it is, a panicking America screams that England is coming and that he needs to hide it quickly.

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