Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD

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Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD
Album Information
Released September 14, 2008
Length 1:07:47
Tracks 9
Label The Code for Flower of Iris
Status No Longer In Print
Hetalia Album Chronology
Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 1

Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD was an early, independently-produced drama CD adaptation of the Axis Powers Hetalia manga. Though it was produced in 2007, it was not released until September 14th, 2008. Due to Hetalia having been licensed for commercial drama CD adaptations at the time, this CD was mail-order only, though further copies were distributed in limited quantities at a doujinshi event. Though it was an independent CD, the script was written by Hidekaz Himaruya, with various tracks having been based off of stories from the original webcomic.

The drama group The Code for Flower of Iris had previously provided voices for the Gakuen Hetalia dating sim, and had provided promotional voice clips to commemorate the launch of Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 1.

Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. "Hetalia: Chapter 1" (ヘタリア第一章) 07:27
2. "Hetalia: Chapter 2" (ヘタリア第二章) 07:27
3. "Worldwide Panic!" (世界恐慌キター!) 03:34
4. "Go, Go Allied Forces" (ゴーゴー連合軍) 09:08
5. "Grandfather Of Italy" (イタリアのじいちゃん) 06:44
6. "The Olympic Games, Part 1" (オリンピック前編) 05:19
7. "Switzerland and Liechtenstein" (スイスとリヒテンシュタイン) 04:35
8. "The Olympic Games, Part 2" (オリンピック後編) 08:34
9. "Bonus Track: The Flag Of Cyprus" (キプロスの旗) 16:03

Plot Summary

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Hetalia: Chapter 1

Hetalia: Chapter 2

Worldwide Panic!

The Allied Forces Go-Go

Grandfather of Italy

The Olympic Games, Part 1

Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The Olympic Games, Part 2

The Flag of Cyprus

Voice Cast


  • The character Cyprus that appears in the final track of the drama CD did not receive a character design until Volume 4, so the visual differences between him and TRNC had long since yet to be seen. Contrary to a fanon theory about them, the two are not twins, or even close in age (with TRNC as a young child and Cyprus as an adult).
  • Germania is specifically mentioned as Germany's father in this CD (by Rome in track 5). The official profile for him in volume 2 and the site profile state that he is the grandfather to Holy Roman Empire and "others", but does not specifically mention Germany. In the trading cards, Holy Roman Empire is Germania's son (rather than grandson).
  • While Japan would later be voiced by a male actor (Hiroki Takahashi) in the commercial drama CDs, he is voiced by a female (Yanagi) in this one. China is also voiced by a female (Kanae Kasuga), though his voice is not as high as Japan's.
  • Italy's voice is comparatively deeper than Germany's, while the commercial CD adaptations opted to give him a higher voice.
  • The characters of Hungary, England, France, and Sealand were also present in the promotional voice clips for Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 1. However, Poland (who did not appear in the CD) was also in a promotional clip, voiced by Toru Ogawa. Sealand also had a different voice actress (Haruka Hoshiduki, who voices Hungary in Gloria Hetalia).
  • Greece's mother, identified as Ancient Greece in profile information, is referred to as Byzantine in the CD.

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