Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue 2

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Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue 2
ドラマCD「ヘタリア ドラマCD~プロローグ2~」
Album Information
Released December 29, 2008
Tracks 3
Label Frontier Works,Media Factory
Catalog Number HETARE-0002
Status No Longer In Print
Hetalia Album Chronology
Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 1 Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue 2 Marukaite Chikyuu

Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue 2 is the third drama CD for Hetalia: Axis Powers, released on December 29th, 2008 as a Comic Market 75 exclusive. It contains the first drama CD appearances of China and Hungary.

Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. "A Happy New Year"   12:38
2. "Japan And The Footsteps Of Modernization" (日本と文明開化の足音) 11:27
3. "Bonus Track: Cast Commentary" (キャストコメント) 30:28

Plot Summary

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Please feel free to edit this summary to add missing sections and complete it.

A Happy New Year

Japan And The Footsteps Of Modernization

Voice Cast


  • Starting with this drama CD, Hiroki Takahashi began to use a deeper voice for Japan, a change that carried over to the anime adaptation.
  • An additional seiyū, Kaoru Mizuhara, appears in the Cast Commentary section in the discussion of recording for the drama CDs and anime. When it comes time for each actor to discuss the characters they play, Mizuhara mentions Kankoku and Korean barbeque, which drew speculation that she was originally cast as South Korea at the time of this recording, but was let go from the production when the character was written out of the series in light of the South Korean protests. However, a later translation revealed that Mizuhara was only discussing the idea of playing a character in the series, with a "Monaco" being suggested first for her by another seiyū before she picked Korea.
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