April Fools Aftermath

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April Fools Aftermath
Game Information
Developer(s) Hidekaz Himaruya
Publisher(s) Kitakou Yumezakka 2009
Designer(s) Hidekaz Himaruya
Artist(s) Hidekaz Himaruya
Writer(s) Hidekaz Himaruya
Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s) July 12, 2009
Genre(s) Visual novel, Comedy
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April Fools Aftermath (エイプリルーるののこりもの, Eipuriruu Runonokorimono) is an unfinished mini-game created by Hidekaz Himaruya that was released as a free download on Bamboo Thicket on July 12, 2009 and based off of his Axis Powers Hetalia series. It was originally hosted under the file name Nokorimono (literally meaning "??"). The player plays as Shujinko (also known by the default nickname "Picardy"), a henchman of France who has been sent out to do France's normal April Fools' activities.

Summary (incomplete demo, 2009)

France is lying on the couch in his house, complaining of being in pain. The player character, Shujinko, asks him if he is alright. France insists he is fine, but as he tries to sit up he cries out in pain. Shujinko tells France that he doesn't know what's happened, but he doesn't want to be called out in the middle of the night like this again. France insists that he has urgent business he must attend to, and Shujinko tells him not to push himself. Shujinko has made oatmeal, brings it into the room, and tells France to eat some when he is able to move.

France begins to tell Shujinko about April Fool's Day, but he is interrupted when Shujinko tries to get him to focus on his health. France begins shaking him in a rage, explaining that he has dreams about the events of April Fool's Day but now he is unable to participate due to his injury. Shujinko apologizes and urges France to let him go, and France releases him, beginning to cry. Composing himself, Shujinko realizes that France has called him so that he can do his dirty work for him. France explains to him that April Fools' is serious business, so that he is asking Shujinko, who is "famous for his earnestness" to help him."

However, France forgets his name, and the player is given the opportunity to choose a name (being given the default "Picardy"). Shujinko complains that France has forgotten his name, which France blames on his injury. Shujinko reluctantly agrees to help France, and asks what exactly he will be doing. France puts a pair of cat ears on Shujinko and tells him to "go for it," much to his surprise.

A shot of the night sky is shown, with the text "That's how a little Picardy's long April Fool's began."


"Please Choose Your Destination."


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