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World Academy W as seen in in Gakuen Hetalia
World Academy W as seen in Gakuen Hetalia Portable

World Academy W is a fictional multicultural private educational institution located in New York present in the Axis Powers: Hetalia video games spin-off series Gakuen Hetalia and Gakuen Hetalia Portable, as well as in Noto-sama 5 and Noto-sama 6. It also appeared in manga volumes 2, 4, and five, as well as the corresponding anime episodes (Episode 31: Academy Hetalia Christmas, Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half and Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half).


According to Seychelles, every country must graduate from this school to be considered an official territory (Switzerland is said to not attend this academy because of his aggressiveness, though he is seen present in other media aside from the games). Additionally, in Gakuen Hetalia Portable there are many students that are not countries, or at least, not yet revealed if they are so. As far as it has been seen, the lessons taught include the design of Flags and Coats of Arms, and to expose about the country's culture. It also let it's students take part in different clubs and extra-curricular activities.


Depending on the continent they belong, the countries are assigned to a classroom.

European Class

Asia Class

Africa Class

  • Seychelles (Noto-sama, PSP, game, anime)
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • Botswana
  • Ghana
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Cabinda
  • Congo
  • Sahara
  • Ethiopia



The countries can take part on the following extra-curricular activities.

Manga Research Club

Not an official club, the activities consist on reading several volumes of Japanese manga.


Art Club

Italy attempts to enter to this club.


Newspaper Club

This club reports the different activities and special events held on the school. The newspaper is released once a year


Siesta Club

The only activity of this club is to sleep. Italy seems to have several positions on this club.


Choral Club

The members of this club sing in the School Chorus. It is usually targeted by the Soviet Union Club.


Soviet Union Club

This club was disbanded. Its only known activity was to stalk the Choral Club.


Hero Club

A club owned by America whose activities are not known.


Gourmet Food Club

A club formed by selected gourmet chefs. It's activities include prepare, eat and love gourmet dishes. Italy applied for a membership but was rejected. England is forbidden to enter.


Magic Club

A club for fans of the occult. Their activities (that are supposed to be secret) are performing magic to ensure marital harmony, cast love spells, cosplay as Harry Potter, pray for an abundant harvest and other zealous things.


Nordic Club

The club was formed by the five nordics, and their main activities is maintaining popularity all over the academy by creating furniture designs, getting together to eat snacks while having relaxed conversations about furnitures and their aspirations. However, then Denmark lies when he says that the furniture turns into a robot if they gets into a tight spot.


Going home after school Club

Their activities is not to show up and defend their homes.


Canada Club

It was owned by Canada. It's a club for fans who enjoyed the Canadian culture. Their activities revealed were wearing Canada t-shirts, pouring maple syrup on pancakes, and spend time singing and roasting marshmallows as they gaze at the mountains.


Elephant Appreciation Club

Their only activity is to appreciate and admire their elephants.


Swimming Club

The club won few awards during the swimming competitions and it was describe by Germany that this is the only serious club so far.


Music Club


"We wanted to be accepted to W Academy" Club

Their only main activity is to get accepted or recognized, in order to enter the W Academy. It was taken place in which was relayed from outside.


Other 27 clubs

It was owned by Italy who flooded the school with the multiple, strangest activities, that consists of;

  • Popularity Research club
  • The Slightly Bad-ass club
  • Cat snuggling club

and the other 24 unnamed or unknown clubs.