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Current Project: Prussia's page; Sealand's page
Next Project: Liechtenstein's page; Taiwan's page; Hong Kong's page

Name: Tara (Tarafishes on LJ; Exinspired on Tumblr.)

DOB: June 21, 1994

Location: Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Occupation: Layabout; Moderator of the main Hetalia community on LiveJournal, and the APH Dressing Room on Dreamwidth

I fell out of this fandom but I'd like to say I'm back now that Himaruya is! I want to resume my previous projects. . .but I don't know how to jump back in.  ;w;; I'll get back to work someday! I'm occasionally reliable for finding fanart and often reliable for official art and knowing whether or not something is official. I like Prussia and Liechtenstein and I can read/write a little Japanese and German--even more if I have a dictionary!

I'm silly.