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Official "chibi" artwork of Iceland.

Possible mockup for appearances list. Using Iceland as an example.

The following is a list of appearances made by Iceland. Appearances include strips, volumes, anime episodes/movies, drama CDs and video games. Due to the series' status as on-going, the list is incomplete and can be edited at any time.


Extra Strips

  • Sealand and Iceland- Sealand finds a potential friend in Iceland, who is selling himself on Ebay. However Sealand ends up in tears and calling Latvia after he doesn't understand why he (Sealand) should be considered "his senior".
  • To Create Better Products in Northern Europe- Iceland is seen at the end of the strip eating licorice with Mr. Puffin, stating "What? Were you expecting something from me?"
  • Wordy Nordic Comic- Iceland is seen with the rest of the Nordics as he hands Denmark his DNA results; announcing that he and Norway are in fact brothers. Norway tries to get Iceland to call him "Onii-chan" much to his disapproval. Iceland later gets embarrassed by Denmark's mockery and eventually leaves from all the racket that the rest of the Nordics are causing.
  • Christmas Event 2010
  • Halloween Event 2011- Iceland is seen as part of Denmark's pirate group for the costume contest.
  • Christmas Event 2011- Iceland awakes screaming after having a dream about him and Turkey over increasing Icelandic tourism. He is also briefly seen with the rest of the Nordics and Ladonia who are all waiting for Santa's arrival.


  • Volume 3- Republishes To Create Better Products in Northern Europe, Wordy Nordic Comic and Sealand and Iceland (re-branded as How the Nice Products From the Nordic Countries are Made, Lazy Northern Europe/The Chatty Nordics and Keep Moving!! March Forward, Sealand!).
  • Volume 4- Iceland appears in a special Nordic 5 omake strip commemorating the release of volume 4 but doesn't have any lines.

Drama CDs


  • Episode 79- Adapts To Create Better Products in Northern Europe.
  • Episode 84- Adapts Sealand and Iceland from the set Keep Moving!! March Forward, Sealand!
  • Extra Episode 1- Adapts Wordy Nordic Comic.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White- Iceland is seen at the start of the movie, introducing himself to viewers. He states that he is lonely due to the lack of tourism and plots to find a way to bring more tourists to his home. He is seen again during the post-credits and has managed to get several tourists as the strange aurora that appeared made his house into a big tourist destination. He also states that didn't understand why everyone was despairing over the end of the world.

Below is what a full list would look like:


Main Story

  • The original WWI-WWII story line.

Comic Diary

  • The Comic Diary strips.

Extra Strips

  • Events or random strips posted on his website.

Deleted Strips

  • Appearances from deleted strips no longer on Kitayume or his blog.


  • Strips posted in the volumes.

Video Games

  • Video game appearances. Examples would include Gakuen Hetalia and the Noto games.

Drama CDs

  • Drama CDs. Stuff like the drama tracks on the character CDs would go here too.


  • Anime appearances. Movie goes here too.

Lyric Thing

Hatafutte Parade (Finland)
Song released in Hetalia: World Series
Vol. 6 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Takahiro Mizushima
Released May 25, 2011
Composer Conisch
Arrangement Saki
Hetalia Song Chronology
United Nations Star ☆ Hatafutte Parade (Finland) Hatafutte Parade (Sweden)

Hatafutte Parade is the second ending theme for Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series. This alternate version of this song was rewritten to reflect Finland's culture and view towards the other countries. It is sung by Takahiro Mizushima.



Hatafutte Parade (Finrando)

Flag-waving Parade (Finland)

Lippu heiluttaa Paraati (Suomi)

右手に サンタ袋
左手には タヅナ

Migite ni santa-bukuro
Hidarite ni wa tadzuna

In my right hand is Santa sack, In my left hand are reins

Oikeassa kädessä on Joulupukin säkki, vasemassa kädessä ovat ohjakset

プレゼント 届けて モイ!モイ!パレード

Purezento todokete Moi! Moi! Pareedo

Delivering presents, it's a Moi Moi Parade

Jaetaan lahjoja, se on Moi Moi paraati!

魅惑の世界へ tervetuloa

Miwaku no sekai e tervetuloa

Towards the enchanting world, Tervetuloa[1]!

Kohti lumoavaa maailmaa, Tervetuloa!

手をとって 輪になって 回るよ地球号

Te o totte wa ni natte mawaru yo chikyuu gou

Take our hands, make a circle, spin, and it's the world

Ottakaa kätemme, tehdään ympyrä, pyöritään, ja se on maailman

花たまごも一緒で 絶好調!!

Hanatamago mo issho de zekkouchou!!

Along with Hanatamago, I'm in the best condition!

Hanatamagon kanssa, olen parhaassa kunnossa!

雪のふる 湖 Nordic Cross

Yuki no furu mizuumi Nordic Cross

The Snowy Lake Nordic Cross

Luminen järvi on Pohjoismaiden Risti


Sori de yume o hakobimasu yo

I am carrying dreams on my sled

Kannamme unelmien kelkkaa


Hetaria ♪

Hetalia ♪

Hetalia ♪

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