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List of minor characters


Flag of Albania.svg Albania (アルバニア Arubania?)
An unseen character that is mentioned in Greece's bio and relationship chart.[1] Albania finds Greece to be very stylish and is always crowding his home, while Greece dislikes this country and wishes that they would leave.[2] In a blog post made during Halloween 2013, he indicated that Eastern European countries like Albania might make brief appearances during the event.[3]

Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra (アンドラ Andora?)
In a 2008 blog post, Himaruya remarked that it "sounds like a very interesting country for making a character out of", citing that it was "forgotten by France and declared war on Germany despite never taking part on any fights."[4]

Speculated Croatia from Turkey and the EU.
Civil Ensign of Croatia.svg Croatia (クロアチア Kuroachia?)
In the comic Turkey and the EU, an unnamed nation appears asking to join the European Union and he is immediately let in, remarking on how easy it was to Turkey.[5] A few days prior to the comic's posting Croatia had signed the treaty to become the bloc's 28th member, leading to speculation that this nation was Croatia. In a follow up blog post Himaruya identifies the nation as "the country that makes beautifully ornamented, heart-shaped biscuits and uses them as gifts and even sells them as souvenirs!" [6] This practice was identified to take place in Croatia, though Himaruya hasn't explicitly identified him as the character.
During Halloween 2013, Croatia is indicated to be standing off panel near Bulgaria and Romania after Hungary locks them out of the main room.[7] A subsequent blog post explained that "for a while he had dark circles under his eyes and was an outlaw but after he started to emphasize on tourism he began to care more about his appearance and shifted into Eastern Europe's freshest and most handsome guy from his natural good looks."[8] In a blog post made during the event, he indicated that Eastern European countries like Croatia might make brief appearances.[3]

Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland (アイルランド Airurando?)
Mentioned by Himaruya as having thick eyebrows, but ones with a "different" feel to them than the eyebrows that England and his brothers share.[9] He states that Ireland would hold a grudge against England,[10] and that he plans to let them appear somewhere in stories about England.[11]
In 2007, Himaruya considered the ideas of both a male and a female Ireland, and noted that even a "crybaby" type of girl could work for the female version. He goes on to say that the chance of a female Ireland is high as the folk costumes are cute. Additionally, he states that he wishes to convey all the beauty of the country.[10] In a 2011 blog post, Himaruya stated that he has had problems creating an Ireland character because of the many different images associated with the nation, but that he does "want to see the island of fairies and fantastic landscapes".[12]

Flag of Malta.svg Malta (マルタ Maruta?)
In a 2011, when asked by a fan about a Malta character, Himaruya listed them as one of the most frequently requested.[13] A month later, when asked again, he referred to Malta as "quite refreshing."[14]

Flag of Northern Ireland.svg Northern Ireland (北アイルランド Kitaairurando?), Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland (スコットランド Sukottorando?) and Flag of Wales 2.svg Wales (ウェールズ Wēruzu?)
Scotland voiced by Chris Ayres in English.

All three are brothers of UK and have strange eyebrows.[15][9] Himaruya has noted that amongst his brothers, UK would be known as "England", confirming that he represents both the UK and England.[16][17] He also noted in 2008 that he felt he still hadn't drawn England enough to show them and until he felt that he had, it would "be England's turn for a while." [18]

In the strip The Battle for America, Scotland is shown offscreen in one of England's flashbacks throwing a bird at him, saying that he's a "rotten little brother."[19] The strip was adapted in Episode 39, where it was changed to England shouting at Scotland as he silently throws a bird at him from offscreen, though the original line was used in the English dub of the episode. In a 2010 sketch, England was given a big straw dummy, labelled "from your Big Brothers", though it remains unclear why they gave it to him.[17]

In a 2008 blog post, Himaruya commented that regardless of the time period, he thought the Scottish national costume was cute and he liked it.[20] Years later, in 2011, Himaruya asked the English-speaking fandom their opinion on how Scotland would be. He followed this up with a explanation saying that he was, to him, a friendly and brave character who likes alcohol, cats, haggis, and either likes or has a rich culture. He included a very rough sketch of a man with bushy eyebrows resembing England's, and a somewhat long, thick hairstyle.[21] Scotland was mentioned in another blog post a few months later to be among the most widely requested characters.[13]

Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia (セルビア Serubia?)

Serbia was mentioned in November of 2014 in additional drawings following the story The Students Who Can't Study! Modern Day Eastern Europe, uploaded to the Bamboo Thicket. In one drawing, Bulgaria proclaims that recently he has been the strongest, and not only gained independence, but also fended off an attack from Serbia.[22] Bulgaria was shown in this drawing standing triumphantly over another character. It is possible that this other character was Serbia, but this has not been outright confirmed.

Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City (バチカン市国 Bachikan Shikoku?), alt. (バチカン Bachikan) or (ヴァチカン Vachikan)

A character who has yet to appear in the actual strip, but that has been mentioned as existing in the Hetalia universe; he is described as an old man[23] who lives near Italy, but is very bossy and considered to be an annoyance, which has caused him to be at odds with Italy.[24][11] He is mentioned as wanting to fight and make up with Italy.[25] He was also mentioned on Switzerland's character profile as having hired him as a mercenary in the past.[26] Himaruya apparently has been working on a design for Vatican City for some time, as he mentioned in a 2009 blog post that he has notebooks filled with Vatican's face.[24]

Vatican City was mentioned again in a 2011 blog post, where Himaruya listed him as a character who had been requested since the very early days of Hetalia.[27]


Bengal (ベンガル Bengaru?)

In the anime adaption of China's Age of Exploration, the extended explanation mentions that China got a giraffe from "Bengal-san." It is unclear whether this character would also represent Bangladesh (バングラデシュ Banguradeshu?) as well.

Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia (インドネシア Indoneshia?)

In response to a fan's 2011 question about recent new characters, Himaruya stated that Indonesia was among the most widely requested characters.[27]

In November of 2010, Himaruya uploaded to his blog drawings that many people initially mistook to be preliminary sketches of characters for Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia, and Malaysia; however, it was soon specified that these were merely sketches of people he had met from these countries. Nonetheless, Himaruya commented again that Indonesia was very frequently requested as a character, and that Indonesia's image "felt strong at its core".[28]

Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan (キルギス Kirugisu?)

In response to a fan's story that they had heard of how the flag of Hungary came to be, Himaruya remarked that Turkey and Kyrgyzstan had similar origin stories to their flags to the one the fan told.[29]

Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia (マレーシア Marēshia?)

In response to a fan's 2011 question about recent new characters, Himaruya stated that Malaysia was among the most widely requested characters.[27]

In November of 2010, Himaruya uploaded to his blog drawings that many people initially mistook to be preliminary sketches of characters for Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia, and Malaysia; however, it was soon specified that these were merely sketches of people he had met from these countries. Himaruya reiterated how widely requested a Malaysia character was, going so far as to say that Malaysia was "the most requested character in Southeast Asia".[28]

Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia (モンゴル国 Mongorukoku?), alt. (モンゴル, Mongoru)

An Asian character who has only appeared in a sketch at the end of The Story Of China And Teensy Japan[30] and a chibi sketch of the Asian Nations group.[31] Mongolia is said to have bullied Hungary in his youth, along with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).[32] As a result, it is mentioned on a character profile for Hungary that she loathes them, as well as Romania.[33] It is specified in a 2007 blog post that Mongolia attacked her in the 13th Century and that the inside of her country took much damage.[34] It seems that he may also have bullied China, as Himaruya said in a 2006 blog post that he thought the story of China being bullied by Mongolia "might be cute".[23] Mongolia has also been mentioned as having dominated Russia and made China cringe, and also having had a personality change described as "surprising", but it is unknown as to whether this personality change was a change in the character's personality over the course of his life or Himaruya changing his mind about the character's personality.[35] It is possible that it was the latter that he meant, however, as despite stating in a blog post in May of 2008 that he had decided on a character for Mongolia,[36] he stated later the same year in another blog post that while initially he had envisioned a "very wild" character for Mongolia, he had grown to envision him as being more "nonchalant".[37] Mongolia was also noted to have occupied Hungary in a time period that gave off a feeling of, in Himaruya's words, "hang in there, Hungary!"[38]

Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal (ネパール Nepāru?)

A character seen only by name on a list Sealand was keeping of countries who did not have the mark the Parallel Nations were looking for in the 2010 Christmas event.[39]

Flag of North Korea.svg North Korea (北朝鮮 Kitachōsen?)

North Korea was first mentioned in blog posts by Himaruya in 2006. When a fan asked if the character would be male and Korea's twin brother, Himaruya replied that he tentatively thought of North Korea as being South Korea's younger twin brother, with an aloof personality. The character also was described as being timid but not a "crybaby", similar to Italy, as well as being quiet and having a fondness for playing musical instruments.[40]

Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan (パキスタン Pakisutan?)

Pakistan was first mentioned on a list kept by Sealand in the 2010 Christmas event of countries who did not have the mark that the Parallel Nations were searching for.[39] The character was later mentioned again in response to a fan question following the 2011 Halloween Event. Himaruya was asked if Pakistan was at the 2011 Halloween Event and said that he or she was probably dancing somewhere in the back having thoughts like "That bastard..." in regards to India's dance routine. He goes on to state that "Once you study the history of India, you would be amazed by great interactions between them."[41]

Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines (フィリピン Firipin?)

In a 2006 blog post, Himaruya mentioned that along with Thailand and Taiwan, a character for the Philippines was "definitely planned to appear".[42] The character was mentioned again in a 2011 blog post as one of the most requested characters at the time.[27]

Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore (シンガポール Shingapōru?)

Himaruya mentioned that Singapore had been designed; however, the character's image has yet to be revealed, leading to speculation that it may have only been a draft that he discarded.[36]

Ternate (テルナーテ Terunāte?)

Mentioned by Netherlands in his battle against Portugal in chapter 84 of Hetalia: World☆Stars, which would later be included as chapter 66 in Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 3. During the battle, Netherlands summons his "elite Dutch armada" from Ternate. As only the name was mentioned, it is unknown whether they also represent the modern Indonesian island of Ternate in addition to the historical Sultanate of Ternate.

Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet (チベット Chibetto?)

A character who briefly appeared in some sketches and the strip The Story Of China And Teensy Japan, who has yet to get an official profile of any sort. He is depicted as a young, bald monk. In the anime adaptation of Teensy Japan, he was replaced with a talking panda. He was described in a 2007 blog post as being "variously pitiful".[34]

Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates (アラブ首長国連邦 Arabu Shuchōkoku Renpō?)

When asked about personifications of Arabic nations, Himaruya states that he finds the United Arab Emirates interesting, and envisions him as a charming old man living in the hot weather.[43]


Flag of Botswana.svg Botswana (ボツワナ Botsuwana?)

A character thus far only seen in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a "chibi" head illustration. No gender was given. They are depicted with light brown skin and dirty blond hair tied into a ponytail. They state that they believe they can cook seswaa (a simple dish of beef slowly simmered, then pounded with salt and served over corn mush) the best and enjoy weaving baskets and beading things. They are introduced as a British territory, and are alongside Seychelles in the Africa class of the W Academy.[32]

Flag of Cabinda Province.svg Cabinda (カビンダ Kabinda?)

A character of unknown gender and appearance who introduced themselves in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a territory of Portugal. They are in the Africa class of the academy with Seychelles.[32]

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Congo (コンゴ Kongo?)

A character of unknown gender and appearance who introduced themselves in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a Belgian territory. They are in the Africa class of the academy with Seychelles.[32]

Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia (エチオピア Echiopia?)

Ethiopia was first mentioned in a 2006 footnote to Kitty Festival as a character that Himaruya wanted to design someday.[44] He was later mentioned again in a character profile for Italy as having fought with him. [45] In October and November of 2006, Himaruya again reiterated that Ethiopia was a character he someday wanted to design.[40][46] In January of 2007, Himaruya mentioned that he wanted Ethiopia to appear in the upcoming Gakuen Hetalia demo, but was unsure if this was possible.[34]

He was finally introduced, albeit with no design shown, in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia in the Africa class of the W Academy as a classmate of Seychelles. He is revealed to be an Italian territory, and while he is reluctant to admit it, he is apparently teased by his classmates for this.[32]

Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana (ガーナ Gāna?)

A character thus far only seen in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a "chibi" head illustration. No gender was given. They are depicted with light brown skin and long, dirty blond hair in dreadlocks. Introduced as a British territory in the Africa class with Seychelles, Ghana correctly guesses that Seychelles' coat of arms has something to do with the sea.[32]

Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau (ギニアビサウ Giniabisau?)

A character of unknown gender and appearance who introduced themselves in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia following Cabinda as another Portuguese territory. They are in the Africa class of the W Academy as a classmate of Seychelles.[32]

Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya (ケニア Kenia?)

A female character who made her debut in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia, Kenya is a classmate of Seychelles in the Africa class of the W Academy. She only appears as a "chibi" head illustration, and is depicted with light brown skin and brown dreadlocks tied back into a ponytail. She is introduced as a British territory, and she says that her favorite food is nyama choma- a dish universally eaten in the Republic of Kenya that consists of beef, veal, sheep, lamb, goat, and other meats grilled with lemon juice as well as curry powder and other spices. Kenya asks Seychelles what her national coat of arms is, leading to Seychelles' humiliation as the entire class (seemingly including Kenya) laughs at its strange design.[32]

Flag of Libya.svg Libya (リビア Ribia?)

Libya was first mentioned in a 2006 footnote to Kitty Festival, where Himaruya stated that they were a character he wanted to design someday.[44] He reiterated this in blog entries in October and November of 2006.[40][46] Himaruya mentioned in a January 2007 blog post that he wanted Libya to appear in the upcoming demo of Gakuen Hetalia, but was unsure if this was possible.[34] The character ultimately did not appear in the demo.

Flag of Madagascar.svg Madagascar (マダガスカル Madagasukaru?)

Madagascar was mentioned by Seychelles in the 16th episode of Comic Birz as the only other character she was able to talk about her animals with at meetings. While many fans speculate that the unidentified girl with whom Seychelles was talking (presumed by many to be another African nation) was in fact Madagascar, Madagascar was mentioned in the third person (though using third person is a somewhat common speech quirk in the Japanese language), and this unidentified girl was rather excited to see the ocean, which would be unlikely for an island nation.

Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977).svg Sahara (サハラ Sahara?)

A character of unknown gender and appearance who introduced themselves in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a Spanish territory. They are in the Africa class of the W Academy, as a classmate of Seychelles.[32] It is unknown whether they represent modern Western Sahara as well.

Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa (南アフリカ Minami Afurika?)

In response to a 2011 fan question asking which other African countries Himaruya had considered adding following Cameroon's debut and which African countries Himaruya had interest in, Himaruya responded that he loved South Africa.[21]In addition, also in 2011, Himaruya posted a sketch (titled Suricate) of a male character interacting with a meerkat.[47] While the character went unidentified, it is possible he was intended to be a personification of South Africa, given the range of meerkats. Based on this, other possibilities include Angola and Namibia. However, it is also possible that the character shown was not a personification for any nation.

Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda (ウガンダ Uganda?)

Uganda appears in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a "chibi" head illustration. He is depicted as a young man with light brown skin and a shaved head. He introduces himself as a British territory and says he takes his name from the former Kingdom of Buganda. He is a classmate of Seychelles in the Africa class of the W Academy, and when she shows the class her national coat of arms, he laughs so hard he has to be carried off on a stretcher by paramedics.[32]

Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe (ジンバブエ Jinbabue?)

Zimbabwe appeared in the demo of Gakuen Hetalia as a "chibi" head illustration. No gender was given, though many fans believe the character to be female. They are depicted with light brown skin, green eyes, and short dark brown hair. They are introduced as a British territory in the Africa class of the W Academy, as a classmate to Seychelles. They enthusiastically ask to see Seychelles' national coat of arms after Kenya brings up the subject, leading to Seychelles' humiliation after the entire class (seemingly including Zimbabwe) laughs at its strange design.[32]

While Zimbabwe has yet to appear in the manga, a club called "Extreme Zimbabwe" exists in Gakuen Hetalia and is listed on a blackboard among other clubs in the Carry On, Newspaper Club! strip.

Other Nations

Flag of Åland.svg Åland Islands (オーランド諸島 Ōrando shotō?)

When asked by a fan if Åland would appear, Himaruya responded that it was difficult to say if they would appear, but that they were quite unique.[48] They later were mentioned by Finland and Denmark in the lyrics of the song "Always With You... Nordic Five!" along with the Faroe Islands and Greenland as being a member of the Nordics.

Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador (エクアドル Ekuadoru?)

During the Halloween 2013 event, Himaruya posted a series of drawings on Bamboo Thicket with the message "Ecuador. I wonder if he’d be like this. I want to make an alpaca set with the South American countries that have a lot of alpacas!". The character is depicted with turtles and an alpaca wearing a hat.[49]

Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands (フェロー諸島 Ferō shotō?)

An as-of-yet unseen character only mentioned in the lyrics of the song "Always With You... Nordic Five!" by Denmark as being a member of the Nordics, along with the Åland Islands and Greenland.

Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland (グリーンランド Gurīnrando?)

A Greenland character was seemingly introduced in a merchandise announcement. They are pictured with shaggy hair and alongside an animal of some kind.[50] They were previously mentioned by Denmark in the lyrics of the song "Always With You... Nordic Five!" as being a member of the Nordics, along with the Faroe Islands and Åland Islands.

Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico (メキシコ Mekishiko?)

Mexico is briefly mentioned in the drama CD adaptation of Lithuania's Out-Sourcing, in which America is running late to a meeting with the nation and expresses that, because it is with Mexico, he wants to wear a "casual" tie. They are also mentioned in the America and the World Map strip, where America explains to England why the Mexico on his map is "half-assed", stating that "It's because of my grudge over the Alamo." Mexico's name later was seen in the 2010 Christmas event on a list kept by Sealand of the nations who do not have the mark the Parallel Nations are seeking.[39] In Comic Birz Episode 9, later published in Volume 6, Mexico was mentioned as trying to raise public safety standards with a Facebook poll.

Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay (パラグアイ Paraguai?)

Paraguay is mentioned in a FIFA 2010 sketch showing Germany manhandling Italy and Romano. Italy tells Germany that Germany is wrong and that they didn't go and watch soccer, and Romano explains that they went to go see Paraguay.

Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga (トンガ Tonga?)

Tonga made a brief appearance during the Halloween 2011 event. Seen only from behind, Tonga has dark hair and is wearing sheep horns for Halloween.

Ancient Empires and Tribes

The characters in this section are personifications of ancient kingdoms/empires or tribes that have yet to have a role in the webcomic. Their existence was mostly first revealed through information on the Bamboo Thicket blog and profiles.

Ancient Greece (古代ギリシャ Kodai Girisha?)

The mother of Greece, described as having been relatively laid-back and easygoing. However, when she fought, she was "scary." Ancient Greece had a troubling internal struggle, compared to that of Japan's feudal clans.

Rome fell in love with both her and Ancient Egypt at first sight. In Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD, she is also referred to as Byzantine Empire and it is said that Turkey had feelings for her as well before conquering and killing her.

Britannia (ブリタニア Buritania?)

She was mentioned briefly in one of Himaruya's blog posts (circa September 2011). In an answer to a fan who was looking to know more about the UK family, he writes that she is the mother of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Like her son's (England) characteristics, she's also a tsundere.[51]

Byzantine Empire (ビザンツ帝国 Bizantsu teikoku?), alt. (ビザンツ, Bizantsu)

Although Ancient Greece was also referred to in Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD, an independently-produced CD scripted by Himaruya that was produced in 2007 but not released until September of 2008, as the Byzantine Empire, a May 2008 blog entry by Himaruya identified them as separate characters, listing Byzantine Empire as an enemy of Magyar.[52] In the CD, it is said that Turkey (as the Ottoman Empire) had feelings for the character before conquering and killing them. However, it has yet to be seen which route Himaruya will take with a Byzantine character.

Carthage (カルタゴ Karutago?)

A rival of Rome situated in North Africa. Rome mentions to Germany that on his path to power one of the things he did was beat up Carthage.

Golden Horde flag 1339.svg Golden Horde (黄金のオルド Kogane no Orudo?)

A male character who briefly appears in volume 3. Golden Horde is also known as Ulus of Jochi (ジョチ・ウルス Jochi Urusu?), or Tatar (タタール Tatāru?) (as Russia called his erstwhile boss). He briefly appears as a cameo when Hungary explains to Lithuania about the 'surrounding idiots' in the area and when Lithuania's boss contemplates on the potential enemies, which he noted the Golden Horde's unstoppable expansion. He also appears as a silhouette in Volume 4. For quite a while, many fans speculated that Golden Horde was the same character as Mongolia, simply with a different name; however, in a January 2015 blog entry, Himaruya stated that he was in fact "a different person, but a person from Mongolia's house."[53]

Hun (フン Fun?)

A relative of Hungary mentioned in Magyar's character profile in 2008 as his sibling, which would make Hun Hungary's aunt or uncle.[52] Interestingly, in the unfinished screenplay for Gakuen Hetalia, Hun, rather than Magyar, was said to by Hungary to have raised her. In this screenplay, Hungary describes Hun as having been a very strict person who only thought of fighting.[32]

Royal Banner of the Kingdom of Castile.svgKingdom of Castile (カスティーリャ王国 Kasutīrya Ōkoku?)

A planned character mentioned in a 2008 blog post as an older sister to Spain. Himaruya stated that while he had been thinking about a Castile character, it was still unclear to him as to when, or even if, she would appear.[54] Many fans speculate that Himaruya has forgotten about her, due to official art of a young Spain hinting at the Reconquista, one of his bosses being shown to have been Joanna of Castile, and Castilian culture being the predominant culture of Spain. These indications among others have led some fans to believe that Spain may have represented Castile when he was younger. In Volume 3 however, he was shown representing the Crown of Aragon. To date, the nature of Himaruya's plans of Castile as Spain's older sister remains unknown.

Kingdom of the Franks (フランク王国 Furanku Ōkoku?)

When asked whether the Kingdom of the Franks prior to its dissolution into three separate kingdoms would've been France as a child or a separate character, Himaruya responded that he had been troubled over whether or not to have the Kingdom of the Franks appear as a separate character, and that were they to appear they would likely be a parent figure to France. [52]

Magyar (マジャール Majāru?)

A male relative of Hungary and an enemy to the Byzantine Empire. He trained Hungary in combat when she was younger, which lead to her imitating his masculine speech patterns and fighting style.

Pontus (ポントス Pontosu?)

An ancient kingdom on the southern shore of the Black Sea. She appeared, albeit briefly, as a chibi head in a chapter of Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1, where Ancient Rome listed her as being a cute girl alongside Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.[55] It is currently unknown if she has any relations to any other characters.

Three Kingdoms

In response to a fan's question as to whether during China's Three Kingdoms Period the three kingdoms in question, Wei ( Gi?), Wu ( Go?), and Shu ( Shoku?) had been living together in China's house, Himaruya replied that that would be extremely chaotic but also sounded very interesting. He went on to say that it seemed to him that Wei and the others would have "fierce personalities". [56]

German States

These characters represent historical countries that became part of Germany with the unification and that exist in the modern day as its Federal States. In Osōji Prussia, they are all confirmed as Germany's older brothers, thus being other descendants of Germania. However, a note given by Himaruya states that all of Germany's siblings are "retired" and that they may die out and disappear over time due to no longer being active countries, having passed the duty and their skills on to Germany. It is ambiguous as to how many of these siblings are still alive (like in the case of Prussia) or which ones have died out.

Flag of Bavaria (striped).svg Bavaria (バイエルン Baierun?)

This brother briefly appeared in between Saxony and Prussia in the summary of the War Of Austrian Succession. His hair is short and appears to be somewhat messy. Historically, he is also one of the many states that were under the control of the Holy Roman Empire (along with Saxony). In the War Of Austrian Succession, he insisted on the rights to the throne.

It is speculated that he also appeared as a child in the background of one of Prussia's diary segments with his brother, though it remains unconfirmed whether it is actually a younger Bavaria or another Germanic.

Flagge Preußen - Provinz Brandenburg.svg Brandenburg (ブランデンブルク Burandenburuku?)

An older brother name-dropped by Prussia in the game. Little is known about him, though it is historically heavily tied to Prussia.

Flag of Hesse.svg Hesse (ヘッセン Hessen?)

Another older brother, also briefly name-dropped by Prussia. It is said that Germany inherited his stubbornness from him, as well as from Prussia and Saxony. He appears in the "Christmas Cartoon Trivia" for the Christmas 2011 site event, where his is a part of England's Hessian army. When America and his army come to attack him, Hesse and his men are celebrating Christmas instead. He is shown to have a large scar running across his face.

Holstein (ホルシュタイン Horushutain?)

Little is known about this brother, other than his name being mentioned when Prussia attempted to count off all of Germany's siblings.

Flagge Königreich Sachsen (1815-1918).svg Saxony (ザクセン Zakusen?)

This character was briefly mentioned in a summary of the events of the War Of Austrian Succession, where he appeared in an illustration alongside Prussia, Bavaria, Spain, and France. He has long blond hair like his ancestor. In the War Of Austrian Succession, he attempted to obtain Moravia. He is also mentioned as having been involved in the Seven Years' War.

Saxony has also appeared as a background character in one of Prussia's diary segments in the Liechtenstein's Journal Of Swiss Dopiness strip series, and in an omake illustration in Comic Diary 7, hanging out with Prussia and two other unnamed Germania offspring. His only appearance in the main webcomic storyline has been a brief cameo as one of Holy Roman Empire's guards (in Chibitalia), with two other unidentified German states acting as the others. This appearance was removed in the anime version when the guards' appearances were changed.

In Osōji Prussia, it is said that his stubbornness rubbed off on Germany himself.

Provinces of China

Fujian (福建 Fukken?)

The first mention of Fujian was China reading a message from him after the events of Christmas 2010. His message stated that he had laughed upon seeing the pictures of China crossdressing.[57] He later appeared in a scene in the Halloween 2011 event, in which he is sleeping through the brawl in China to decide on the year's costume theme.[58]

Guangdong (広東 Kanton?)

Guangdong was mentioned in Hetalia Fantasia 2 by China, who claimed that Guangdong could make anything out of the game's items.

Hebei (河北 Kahoku?)

Hebei was mentioned following the events of Christmas 2010 in a scene with China reading a message from the character. Hebei's message to China asked "What exactly happened..." in response to seeing the pictures of China crossdressing.[57]

Henan (河南 Kanan?)

Henan was mentioned following the events of Christmas 2010 in a scene with China reading a message from the character. Henan's message to China told him he looked "surprisingly cute" in the clothes he was wearing in the crossdressing pictures.[57]

Jiangsu (江蘇 Kōso?)

Jiangsu was mentioned following the events of Christmas 2010 in a scene with China reading a message from the character. Jiangsu's message to China suggested he "definitely come to the Lunar New Year party dressed like that!" in response to the pictures the character had seen of China crossdressing.[57]

Liaoning (遼寧 Ryōnei?)

Liaoning was mentioned in Hetalia Fantasia 2 by China, who claimed that Liaoning could make anything out of the game's items.

Sichuan (四川 Shisen?)

Sichuan was mentioned following the events of Christmas 2010 in a scene with China reading a message from the character. Sichuan's message to China stated that Sichuan found the pictures of China crossdressing "strange, but I approve".[57]

States of America

These characters are representations of U.S. states mentioned by Himaruya with quotes from a handful of states in response to a fan question regarding personifications of U.S. states. Currently none of them have designs, nor any mention beyond a quote from them, and as the fan's question explicitly regarded hypothetical characters representing U.S. states, it is currently uncertain whether or not these potential characters will in fact come to light.

Flag of Alaska.svg Alaska (アラスカ Arasuka?)

Alaska was mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states. They were quoted with "...Everyone seems like they're having fun".[59]

Flag of Massachusetts.svg Massachusetts (マサチューセッツ Masachūsettsu?)

Massachusetts was mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states. The quote given for the potential Massachusetts character was, "My house is the prettiest", although the word used could also mean "cleanest" or "nicest".[59]

Flag of New York.svg New York (ニューヨーク Nyūyōku?)

New York was mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states. Their quote was "The center of America is me, right?".[59]

Flag of Texas.svg Texas (テキサス Tekisasu?)

Texas was mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states. They were simply quoted as shouting, "Yahoo!".[59]

Flag of Washington.svg Washington (ワシントン Washinton?)

Washington was mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states. The quote provided for them was, "I'm not basic. I'm serious and moderate."[59]

Western Seaboard (西海岸 Nishi kaigan?)

Mentioned by Himaruya in an early 2015 blog post in response to a fan's question about hypothetical personifications of U.S. states, the Western Seaboard was not explicitly divided by state (apart from the aforementioned Washington) and was simply quoted with "What?".[59]


Kowloon Walled City (九龍城砦 Kyūryū jōsai?)

In response to a fan question about a personification for Kowloon, Himaruya mentioned that he imagined them being a "very chaotic and dirty" character.[60] However, a design has not yet been released.

Flag of Quebec.svg Quebec (ケベック Kebekku?)

A character who appeared in Canada's nightmare in 'Fly, Canada, Fly'. In Canada's nightmare, anglophones and francophones in his country began to squabble over whether the national anthem sounded better in English or French. As a result, Quebec emerged as an independent country. He is depicted with hair similar to Canada's own but with a thicker ahoge at the front without a curl as in Canada's. It is mentioned in notes by Himaruya that Quebec "once caused a huge ruckus about independence, but was voted off by 50.6%".[61]

It should be noted that as Quebec has only appeared in Canada's nightmare, it is uncertain as to whether or not he is in fact a canon character. The wording of the narration when he emerges as a new country is unclear as to whether this was the character's birth or the character's independence with him having existed prior to the hypothetical event of the nightmare. While some fans speculate that the character does not exist outside of this nightmare Canada was having, others speculate that he is in fact a distinct character.

Flag of Ryukyu.svg Ryukyu Islands (琉球諸島 Ryūkyū shotō?)

Himaruya mentioned the Ryukyu Islands and Australia within a 2008 Bamboo Thicket post, noting he hadn't initially thought he would draw them, but that they were likely to be added. Himaruya also expressed that he thought the two would have contrasting personalities.

In volume 4, a character named Okinawa was spotted enjoying watching baseball from TV. Since Okinawa was formerly the Ryukyu Kingdom, it is possible they are the same character.

Flag of the United Nations.svg United Nations (国連 Kokuren?)

An old man who appears briefly in volume 2, representing the U.N.. He briefly appears in the anime adaption in Episode 69.

General Winter (冬将軍 Fuyu-shōgun?)

A character who represents Russia's winter. He torments Russia, but is also his greatest ally. When the shadow defeated him in the Christmas Bloodbath of 2010, Russia began to experience odd weather patterns, and midsummer temperatures suddenly arose all around. He's based off of the Russian character Old Man/Father Winter, who is the personification of Winter in general.

Mr. Newspaper (新聞君 Shinbun-kun?)

The name for a character that is made to represent a country's newspaper. The first notable appearance of one is in Comic Diary 9, during Austria's presidential elections. He appears as a freckled man in a flatcap.

An omake illustration depicts at least six "Mr.Newspapers", including one that resembles France, though it is noted that every country has their own and that all of them happen to be megalomaniacs.

Parallel Nations

During the 2010 Christmas/New Years event, a world parallel to the canon Hetalia one was introduced. This world is one like the canon world, however all of the nations are feline (as they bear cat ears and tails), don't wear clothes(and also lack accessories such as glasses). In this world are 123 Frances, each individually named by number. The one which was seen most being 23 or ni-san, a pun on nii-san, or big brother in Japanese, what canon France wants to be called.) Their personalities seem to differ from their Earthen selves as well.

Unlike the other Parallels, Parallel America seems to be fascinated with the clothes of Earth, and finds people wearing them to be cute. As a result, upon searching Hong Kong and China, he dressed them up in women's clothes. According to Parallel France 23, he is a pervert. Unlike America of Earth, he doesn't wear glasses. The France that was seen most often was the 23rd France. His name is a pun on France-nii-san (ni being two in Japanese and san being three), or Big Brother France. Rather kind and cheerful at most all times, he was defeated by Sealand, but shortly after explained why they had all come and begun stripping the nations of Earth. He appears to also be dating Parallel Spain, as when he admitted his crush on Belgium he began to accuse him of cheating on him. Also, he lacks the facial hair of Earth's France. He was the one to send a letter back to earth, thanking them for their help and the introduction on how to celebrate a New Year to them, and left them $500 and a voucher for the Hyatt Hotel. The shadow that attacked Belgium (among others) was Parallel Spain. Upon receiving her scarf from her concern for him running around in the cold, undressed, he fell in love with her. That angered his supposed boyfriend Parallel France 23 (however he seemed confused and contradicted, asking who was cheating). He seems to share Spain's passion, as he seemed willing to stay on Earth and forget about his possibly to be destroyed home world to stay with Belgium.

Shinatty-chan (シナティちゃん Shinati-chan?)
Voiced by Hozumi Gōda in Japanese.

A middle-aged man in a Hello Kitty knockoff costume. He is a frequent companion of China, and has only been shown out of his mascot suit twice so far.

His name comes from Shina, an older offensive term used for China by the Japanese.

Crossover Characters

Flag of Ishikawa Prefecture.svg Noto-sama (の‌と‌さ‌ま Noto-sama?)
See Noto Kanazawa at the Kitayume wiki

Noto Kanazawa (金沢のと Kanazawa Noto), better known as Noto-sama, is the lead character from Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, the first webcomic by Himaruya. He has appeared in the Hetalia comic on a few occasions and crossed over with the nations in the games Noto-sama 5 and 6. Though he first appeared as a regular schoolboy in the original comic, it is his later cross-dressing and vengeful self ("Black Noto") that is shown in these appearances, usually wearing a red sailor uniform dress and a detachable ponytail with a red bow. He is best-known for exacting his vengeance on people more popular than him by stripping them, or humiliating them in other sexually-suggestive ways.

He first appears in the deleted Christmas 2007 sequel to exact his revenge for having an unhappy Christmas, only to wind up stripped by France. His next cameo is during Spain's April Fools event, in one of the fake news reports where it states that he, Yamato, and Prussia were all arrested for lewd conduct at school. He later appears to wish the readers a happy April Fools' day, after France tricks Spain into stripping to appease the "God of Lies".

Flag of Nara Prefecture.svg Yamato (大和 Yamato?)
See Yamato Nara at the Kitayume wiki

Yamato Nara (奈良大和 Nara Yamato) is Noto-sama's partner in crime, and originated from Himaruya's second webcomic Barjona Bombers (which later shared the same universe as Kitakou and crossed over with it). He became Noto's partner after the third Noto-sama game, and has since shown up in cameos in Hetalia as well.

Yamato's first appearance is also during the Christmas 2007 sequel, where he assists Noto in carrying out his revenge on Christmas. When the two attempt to invade Poland's house, they wind up finding that their targets have already stripped naked for a celebration and wind up with their clothes stripped off by France. He next appears in April Fools 2008 in a fake news report stating that he was arrested on the World Academy W campus for exposing himself to a girl (along with Noto and Prussia).

Flag of Oita Prefecture.svg Nomaru (のまる Nomaru?)
See Nishinomaru Hunai at the Kitayume wiki

Nishinomaru Hunai (府内西丸, Hunai Nishinomaru), better known as Nomaru is a classmate of Yamato's, and originated from Himaruya's second webcomic Barjona Bombers (which later shared the same universe as Kitakou and crossed over with it). One of the most normal students at Barjona Marine High School, he works part-time at a local convenience store. He makes a non-speaking cameo in both the manga and anime adaption of Why Americans Love Spring as the cashier at the convenience store Japan goes to to buy manga and ice cream.


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List of historical characters

This is a list of historical characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers. These characters represent either inexplicably or explicitly actual persons from history and are shown interacting with Nations in different manners such as a "boss" (i.e. ruler).

European Figures

Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Adolf Hitler (?? ???)
Voiced by Ken Takeuchi in Japanese and R Bruce Elliott in English.

Referred to as "Germany's boss", he is seen in stories set around the time of World War II. He first appears in Chapter 4: Pact of Steel of the original webcomic, where he and Germany are preparing for a meeting with Russia. He has misplaced something and is giving Germany notes on what to do when he arrives, including having high-class Vodka on hand.[1] Germany later complains to Finland about his boss, claiming that he even sent him to try to find the Holy Grail. Finland asks if Germany worries that his boss might throw him in jail for complaining, and while Germany expresses his doubts, Finland concludes that Germany's boss could foreseeably go that far.[1]

Hitler later appears at the end of Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Part 3: The Great Depression where he is seen kicking away Germany's reparations collections bag that had worsened the country's situation during the Great Depression, having gained power towards the end of the crisis.[2]

Sweden-Flag-1562.svg Christina of Sweden (?? ???)

She first appeared in a sketch posted on Himaruya's blog in September 2010 and was described as a free spirited woman during the 17th century.[3] She was mentioned again in the third interval drama CD as a former boss of Sweden's. When Finland asked what kind of person she was, Sweden responded that she became queen at the age of 6 then began planning her retirement at the age of 20. He then states she abolished her position on the throne and left on a journey to travel the world, much to Finland's astonishment. When Finland asked if Sweden was okay with her doing that, he responded that she looked like she was enjoying herself so it was okay with him. Finland later notes that despite the lack of change in his facial expression, Sweden appeared to be feeling nostalgic and was probably thinking about how good of a queen she was.[4]

Flag of Prussia 1892-1918.svg Frederick the Great (?? ???)

Prussia's favorite boss of all time, whom he refers to as "Old Fritz."[5]

Sweden-Flag-1562.svg Gustav II Adolf (?? ???)

He was briefly mentioned in the third interval drama CD under his nickname The Lion of the North. He was also mentioned to be a former boss of Sweden's.[4] His daughter Christina was also mentioned in the drama CD as well.

Alex K Kingdom of Poland-flag.svg Jadwiga of Poland (?? ???)

Poland's boss during the The First Time The Poland Rule Was Used strips.[6] It's worthy to note, however, that in the strips, she's aged up quite a bit compared to her historical age of 11 at the time of her consummation with Jagiello of Lithuania.

Royal Standard of the King of France.svg Jeanne d'Arc (?? ???)
Voiced by Michiko Neya in Japanese and Dana Schultes in English.

Also referred to as "Joan of Arc" and "that girl," she first appears in a series of illustrations called Big Brother France and That Kid, which showed her relationship with France. Jeanne is shown admonishing France and telling him that she is fighting for his sake.[7] In À Bientôt!, France meets a girl named Lisa, whom he believes to be Jeanne's reincarnation.[8]

Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Joseph Stalin (?? ???)

Referred to as "Russia's boss" or "Russia's adviser", he is seen in stories set around the time of World War II. He is first alluded to in Chapter 4: Pact of Steel when Lithuania overhears a meeting between him and Russia where the latter explains the plans for the Invasion of Poland.[9]

Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Maria Theresa (?? ???)
Voiced by Michiko Neya in Japanese and Stephanie Young in English.

Austria's boss in stories set around the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War. She is initially mentioned in the footnotes of the second part of Lithuania’s Outsourcing Series where she is not "particularly gung-ho" about participating in the partitioning of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.[10]

Asian Figures

African Figures

North American Figures

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