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The "Nyotalia" versions of the nations. From left to right: Hungary, China, France, South Italy, North Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, UK, and America.

Nyotalia refers to the genderbent versions of the canon Hetalia characters. Nyotalia is a fandom-made term, started by the Japanese fandom, from the words nyotaika (which refers to male-to-female genderbends) and Italia (or, rather, Hetalia). Fanmade versions of other characters can often be seen in the tag along with the "canon" ones. In some instances, they are depicted as the characters actually genderbent, though the intention is for them to be completely different incarnations.

It has become common to depict characters as the opposite gender in either fanart or fanfiction (for example, Germany as a female or Hungary as a male). In addition, designs of the opposite gender exist for certain characters, as Hidekaz Himaruya drew them for fun to see what the nations would be like. However, Himaruya also noted that when drawing the characters, he came up with their designs as if they were completely different people (if they were designed as females to begin with). This is presumably why some of them lack certain distinguishing details that their original versions had.

So far, the characters drawn by Himaruya include the Axis, Allies, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Prussia, Seychelles, South Italy, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Wy.

Himaruya first drew the initial Axis and Allies designs in 2006, and briefly revisited the concept in 2008 with a few more characters. The characters would get redesigned and re-introduced in 2010 and 2011, along with a cameo in the fourth manga volume, featuring the standard Estonia having fallen asleep during a meeting and having a dream where "God" supposedly grated a wish for him, putting him into his own wild fantasy, where everyone else in the meeting had suddenly become girls while he fell asleep, though Estonia denied wanting such a thing.

Although the Japanese fandom have given the characters names and used the surnames from their opposite gender, others are apt to come up with completely new names themselves, both given names and family names. Himaruya has listed some names that he liked for several Nyotalia characters, however in a post following that one, he'd stated that they were unofficial and that fans should feel free to chose whichever names they preferred for the Nyotalia characters.

Design sketches for Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark were released in the Volume 4 omake, however it's unclear if they're scrapped or merely unfinished.

The Axis

The Axis as females as of 2010.

In the Japanese fandom, the female versions of the Axis Powers are often referred to as Nyojiku (from combining nyotaika with suujiku, the Japanese word for the Axis).

Flag of Italy.svg Italy (イタリア Itaria?)
Voiced by Rena Maeda in Japanese.
Female North Italy displaying great strength when angered much to the shock of her male counterpart.

North Italy's female counterpart has her hair tied back into a ponytail, and has a wild curl of hair dangling down at the side of her head. In one sketch, she wears a more feminine version of a military uniform, with a double-breasted jacket and mini skirt. But in a later sketch, she wears a short-sleeved khaki shirt and skirt, with a black tie. Her eyes are depicted in a more amber color than her male counterpart's. Her hair is also curlier and a lighter shade of brown. Estonia commented that she "looks badass" as opposed to the rather weak appearance of her male counterpart. Himaruya' described her as being strong, not hetare like her counterpart,[1] and a rather emotional, strong-willed, and cheerful big sister-type who "lives for love".[2] Contrary to the male Italy, it appears that she can display an unusual bout of physical strength when angered as seen in the right. In a later note it is mentioned how her personality is different from her male counterpart. In an illustration of her arguing and switching punches with female England, it is shown that she is the braver one and more willing to fight. She seems to be rougher around the edges or accident-prone, if the bandage on her knee is any indication. In a blog post, Himaruya had mentioned that he liked the name Alice for female Italy, commonly pronounced as "Ah-LEE-che" in Italy, from a list of names he was sent for some of the Nyotalia characters.

Itako is a nickname for the female version of Italy, derive from Itaria and the suffix "-ko". Though fans in the Western fandom tend to use the names Felicia or Felice for her, the Japanese fandom has given her the name Daisy Vargas. This name had fallen out of use shortly after Himaruya brought up the suggested name Alice. Alternatively, in a straighter "genderbend" take, Daisy is sometimes used as her middle name, with Feliciana being the first name.

In their appearance in Volume 4, she'd commented that there was nothing wrong with falling asleep, even during a meeting, and that it was a quite natural thing to do, before flustering Estonia by suggesting that they go out to eat and "sleep properly" once the meeting was through.

Flag of Germany.svg Germany (ドイツ Doitsu?)
Voiced by Rika Zaiki in Japanese.

The female version of Germany does not wear her hair slicked back. In a group sketch, she is shown to wear only a tank top and pants when training, much like the male Germany. Two other sketches depict her wearing uniforms similar to her male counterpart. Each illustration depicts her with a worried or exasperated expression. In his notes, Himaruya described her as being reserved, serious like her male counterpart, and as having large breasts.[2] He also said that she's tall and gives off a cool feeling.[1] In a sketch, Germany was shown to be scolding a bruised male Italy for rashly getting himself into difficult situations. Himaruya had once received a list of name suggestions for some of the Nyotalia characters, mentioning that he had liked the name Monica, the German variant being Monika, for Germany.

Doiko/Dokuko are two names that are used to refer to the female version of Germany by, that derive from Doitsu and the suffix "-ko". The latter is a pun on the kanji for Germany (doku) as well as a pun on the term bokuko (a girl that speaks and acts like a boy). She is also referred to as Nyoitsu, most notably on her Pixiv tag. In both Japanese and Western fandom, fans often use Louise, or Luise, as her human name.

Flag of Japan.svg Japan (日本 Nihon, Nippon?)
Voiced by Mai Goto in Japanese.

Japan is depicted as a short girl with a bob hairstyle, and has shine to her eyes unlike her male counterpart (her eyes are also more amber in color). In Himaruya's notes, she is stated to be a Yamato Nadeshiko-type character who yearns for the West a bit.[2] Her fanon name has been given as Honda Sakura (or "Sakura Honda" in English-speaking order). When Himaruya noted that the names he was personally fond of(in female Japan's case, her common, fanon one) were not official, he mentioned that if he had chosen an official name for Japan, she "would for sure end up with a name like Ponko or Mameko". She is usually not depicted in any sort of military uniform, but rather in a simple kimono or other civilian clothes (such as a school uniform or one for gardening). She seems to always have a shy expression, befitting of one with a Yamato personality.

According to Himaruya, Japan used to have much longer hair in the past. She cut it to its current length after opening up her borders in order to prove she would be able to get along with the rest of the world.

Nichiko and Nihoko are two names used by some of the Japanese fandom for the female Japan, from Nihon (or the kanji nichi) and the suffix "-ko".

The Allies

Nyotalia Allies as of 2010.

Flag of the United States.svg America (アメリカ Amerika?)
Voiced by Ryoko Shintani in Japanese.

The female version of America does not have glasses or a "Nantucket" hair. She often dresses in short skirts or shorts and wears tops which expose her midriff. In her initial design, she also wore a cowboy hat and boots and had an American flag patch on her top, though some fans mistook it for a tattoo on her chest. Her later design depicts her in a bomber jacket like the male America, though she seems to be fond of hot dogs instead of hamburgers. Her weapon of choice appears to be a baseball bat. She has blue eyes and wavy, amber-colored hair that comes to her shoulders, with two star-shaped barrettes holding her bangs out of her face. The name used to refer to her in the Japanese fandom is Emily Jones. English-speaking fans however, will often opt to use Amelia or a similar name.

Ameriko is a nickname used for the female version of America, deriving from Amerika and the suffix "-ko". The "A" is sometimes left out, leaving her as Meriko (or Merika), or the name shortened to Rika or Meri. She can also be referred to as Nyomerika (from combining nyotai with America).

It's shown in Volume 4 that she seems to be the type to solve problems through violence, as England had to tell her not to strike Estonia with her bat for falling asleep during the meeting.

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom / England (イギリス Igirisu?)
Voiced by Yūko Kurose in Japanese.

England, unlike canon England, has glasses. She no longer has the signature thick eyebrows, though Himaruya mentioned missing them, and wears her hair in long pigtails that are either slightly curled or completely straight. In two colored pictures of her, her hair appears to be the same color as her male counterpart's original hair color. Her eyes are green. This version of the character is called Igiko (girl England/UK) by Himaruya and Japanese fans alike. Himaruya describes her as trying to behave elegantly, but being quite punk.[2] In an old post, Himaruya commented that being kuudere and that being the type to say embarrassing things smoothly might be nice for a female England.[1] She is often depicted in a British schoolgirl uniform or the uniform of the female nurses of the NHS. In a blog post, Himaruya said a fan had suggested for her name to be Rosa, however a more English variant would be Rose. In a following post, he received a response from a fan in regards to the popular fanname for her, Alice, which he said was cute, and also commented that Lisa was the name of a British friend he had, and that it would have also made a good name.

Igiko is the nickname used by Himaruya for his female design of England, that has become popular for fans to refer to her by as well. Translated, it means "Girl England/UK". She is also occasionally referred to with the names Eiko (from Eikoku, a Japanese term for the UK) or Nyoigi (nyotaika and Igirisu combined). Igiko was given the human name Alice Kirkland by the Japanese fandom, though English fanworks sometimes refer to her as Elizabeth or Victoria.

Flag of France.svg France (フランス Furansu?)
Voiced by Satsuki Yukino in Japanese.

France's female counterpart is an elegantly-dressed woman with her hair tied back into a french knot, usually held back by a crown or something similar. She usually wears the upper part of a double-breasted military uniform with a matching black tie and gloves, she also wears a dark purple cape or cloak either shown as long or short; the lower part is a light purple or violet skirt, it has been shown that she wears black or dark-colored stockings with knee-high boots. She is sometimes shown holding a bottle of wine, or a single red rose as an alternative. Her hair is dark brown (or alternatively a dirty blonde) and her eyes are violet. A snobby woman,[2] she is said to be more protective of Canada or his female version, as he used to be her former charge. And she is also much more argumentative than her male counterpart.

The fanon human name given to her is Françoise Bonnefoy. Some fans often choose Marianne or Francine as an alternative name for her as well. Frani or Franny are other nicknames that can be used. She is sometimes called Franiko, but not often.

Flag of Russia.svg Russia (ロシア Roshia?)
Voiced by Aoi Yūki.

Russia is a modestly-dressed woman with long beige-blonde hair. Her first seen picture gave her soft blue eyes while her second appearance gave her lilac colored eyes. Himaruya has described her personality as akin to a wearied mother figure who is emotionally unstable rather than childishly cruel. Her fanon human name is Anya Braginskaya. Anya is a Russian diminutive of Anna. In a blog post, Himaruya said he liked Russia's fanon name. The first color sketch featuring her depicted her in a blue dress, while a "chibi" picture of her shows her to wear a long pink winter coat. Instead of a lead pipe, she is seen with a large shovel and matryoshka dolls.

Kolko is a nickname for the female version of Russia, derived from the suffix "-ko" and "Kol" (from Russia's chant Kolkolkol, in reference to the kolkhoz). She is also sometimes referred to as Roshiko, deriving from Roshia and the suffix "-ko".

In their appearance in Volume 4, Italy referred to her as the origin of all suffering, and demanded that she be nicer to Estonia, which prompted her to say that she'd spread honey on and rolled him around outside a little bit.

A female version of General Winter was also drawn, carrying with her a young child, and dressed in what seemed to be a hooded cloak.

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China (中国 Chūgoku?)
Voiced by Mika Kanai in Japanese.

China usually wears some form of qipao dress and has her hair, now a deep auburn, tied up in a set of buns. Himaruya stated that he doesn'tknow what she's thinking well.[2] It is said that she is a type of girl whose emotions cannot be read easily, but is most often depicted with a very similar personality as her male counterpart. In her appearance in Volume 4, she attempted to sell Estonia a medicine, saying that if he bought it they would both be happy, after seeming to climb atop the back of his chair. In her first appearance, her dress had short sleeves, but it was changed to a long-sleeved uniform by the time she appeared in another illustration. Rather than the wok and ladle her male counterpart uses, China is often shown holding a large square kitchen knife or meat buns. Her fanon human name is given as Wang Chun-Yan (Chun-Yan Wang in Western order). In a blog post, Himaruya mentioned that he liked her fanon name.

Nene is a nickname used for the female China, from nee-chan (older sister) and a reverse of a nickname used for her male counterpart (Nini, from nii-chan, older brother).


Western Europe

Northern Europe

Eastern Europe

Mediterranean Europe



Other Characters


The female version of Austria looks similar to her male counterpart though she lacks glasses while her mole is on the opposite side of her mouth. She wears a more feminine version of the uniform worn during the War of Austrian Succession and wears a piece of jewellery that holds back part of her hair. Nyosutoria, from nyotaika/nyotalia and Osutoria (Austria), is a nickname used for fanon female versions of Austria. Anneliese is also another nickname used but within the Western fandom. Her fanon name is usually Sophie or Sophia. According to Himaruya's notes, she is a great cook, taking recipes from people and making her own "Austrian" version. He also connected her to the Austrian opera "Der Rosenkavalier" or the Rose Knight. The main female character in the opera is Marchallin, a wise older woman princess who is getting on her years and has to let go of her younger lover. She also wants female Germany to call her "Onee-chan"(big sis), but Germany didn't like the idea, as "doing so would cause various issues." The issues involved were not stated.[3]


The male version of Belarus wears a long coat with dark fur trim and has chin-length hair with an ahoge and eyes similar to Netherlands. Fans often refer him as Nikolai Arlofsky or Vladislav Arlovsky.


Belgium has short, flipped-out hair, a cat-like mouth like his female counterpart and seems to wear a similar uniform.


The female version of Canada is a young girl with long, slightly curled pigtails. She appears to wear a hooded overcoat with maple leaves printed on the sides, with a jacket similar to France's female counterpart and a matching skirt worn underneath it and a beret on her head. Her eyes are violet, seemingly taking after female France. She wears glasses similar to her male counterpart, and has a polar bear named Kumarie (クマリー Kumarii), who is said to be scarier than Kumajirou. She's said to be quite mild-mannered.[4] Himaruya had mentioned in his blog that he had liked the name Marguerite for female Canada, with her nickname being Meg for short.

Canako is a nickname used for the female version of Canada, deriving from Canada and the suffix "-ko". Some people have also referred to her as Maddie, or Madeline (partly as a reference to the book Madeline, which takes place in France, or as a homophone of the male counterpart's "Mattie" derived from "Matthew"). She can also be referred to as Nyonada, from combining nyotai with Canada.


Hungary's male counterpart keeps his hair tied back into a short ponytail. His fanname in the Japanese fandom is Daniel Héderváry though Gary (or Gari), a shortened form of his nation name, is sometimes used. Himaruya had initially intended to draw Hungary as male, and her nyotalia counterpart appears to use a slightly altered version of the previous design, as his hair appears to be slightly longer. They may also share the same personality, however that is uncertain.

Hong Kong

As a female, Hong Kong has hip-length hair kept the same shade of dark brown as her male counterpart. Her eyes appear to be more of a dark brown than her male self and she has a flower in her hair that has been depicted as red, black, pink, yellow, or white. She wears a crimson shangpao with no sleeves and gold accents. She wears thigh-high black stockings and slipper-style shoes as well as black, fingerless gloves extending to just below her shoulder on both arms.


The female version of South Korea is depicted as a girl with long hair tied back in a braid. She wears a long hanbok with large, over-sized sleeves. Some fans call her Im Soo Jin.


The male version of Liechtenstein is depicted as a young boy in a long shirt and overalls. In a more recent sketch on Himaruya's blog, he is depicted as wearing a small crown and cape and holding a book of some sort. He is referred to by Japanese fandom as either Hr. Noah Stein, or given his brother's surname of "Zwingli" (making him Hr. Noah Zwingli). "Hr." is the short form of the German and Scandinavian title Herr, an equivalent to the English "Mister".

Rihi-kun and Stein-kun are two nicknames for the genderswapped Liechtenstein. The first comes from Rihiten (the shortening of his name in katakana) and the suffix "-kun", while the second comes from "-stein" and "-kun".


The male version of Monaco is a rather short young man with slightly feathered blonde hair and a "tourist-welcoming' smile. He wears a black vest, a blue striped button-down shirt, and light pants, and is depicted drinking wine. He's said to be strong, a gourmet, and enjoy driving, but he's rather bad at gambling despite the prevalence of casinos in Monaco. He owns a Japanese-style garden and has a weird relationship with France, but it's good, despite the one fight that they had(two days after the fight he said "It’s no good without Big brother France" and they seem to have made up.) Oddly enough, the France he was depicted with and as having an odd relationship with was male France. He was originally under Spain's protection, eventually wound up with France, Italy, and then finally gained his independence with France's help, though he leans toward France nowadays.


Although female Poland has yet to be released, in response to a fan's inquiry, Himaruya stated that she would likely be a big sister-like character and look the same as male Poland.[5]


The female version of Prussia is a woman with long, rather wild white hair, which she, according to Himaruya's notes, started growing out from the 18th century onwards. Prior to then, it was even shorter than male Prussia's. She is shown to have sectoral heterochromia in both eyes; pink on the top and blue on the bottom. She gives the same air of arrogance as her male counterpart. She sports a scar on her left cheek, under her eye. Himaruya's stated that she found her sister to be even cuter after meeting her again when they had been separated, further support towards the theory of Prussia being East Germany. She has a wild and strong personality, which covers up her more serious, book-smart, and hard-working personality; she never misses a day of training. Himaruya has stated that he liked the name Julchen for her which, while not actually a name, is a diminutive form of Julia. She is also called Maria or Marie by some. She wears thigh-high boots, a black miniskirt, and a jacket similar to her male counterpart's, however it seems to be either torn or designed differently at the end, and comes to a stop shortly below her skirt.[3] Her bird is given a bow, hinting that it is female.

Long before her official design, Maria was a name used for a fanon female version of Prussia. Her full name was given on Pixiv as Gilbert Maria Beilschmidt (or Maria Gilbert Beilschmidt), with "Maria" originating from St. Maria Order (short for Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem). Since the released of a canon Nyotalia Prussia, Maria still remains popular to use.


Seychelles has short spiky hair and appears to be shirtless. He wears what appears to be a seashell necklace, swim trunks, sandals, and carries a large fish with him.

South Italy

The female version of South Italy, or Italy Romana, is drawn with dark, shoulder-length hair held back by a headband. She wears what appears to be either a ruffly top or dress in her initial appearances, and a uniform similar to the short-skirted variant her sister wears in a later chibi. She was also drawn without Romano's curl, however it was restored in a 2010 chibi drawing. The fanon name given to her by Japanese fans is Katarina Vargas (which could also be rendered Caterina, a name widely used in southern Italy). Though, Western fandom often opt to call her Lovina instead as it is closer to her male counterpart's name. In a blog update, Himaruya had mentioned that he was sent a list of names for some of the Nyotalia characters, and that he liked the name listed for South Italy, Chiara, commonly pronounced as "Key-ARE-ah" in Italy. In a note about the character after receiving a request to draw her, Himaruya said that she is better at fighting than her male counterpart.[6] She is also referred to as "Romana-san"("Miss Romana",) showing that she might be the type to be respected, and it was mentioned in the same post that she and female Spain seem to have strong images.[7]

In the official original sketch of her, Himaruya mistakenly used the filename "Romania", leading to brief confusion outside of the Japanese fandom over whether the design was of female Romano or a Romania.


The female Spain is shown to be a stylish woman with a pinstripe shirt and her hair tied back into a bun. She has two fan names in the Japanese fandom: Isabel Fernandez Carriedo and Carmen Hernandez Carriedo. This is due to the fact that Antonio's surname has been given as both Fernandez Carriedo and Hernandez Carriedo, causing much confusion and debate. She and female Romano "seem to have strong images"[7] and female Romano is like a daughter to her.

Nyotabun, from nyotaika mixed with oyabun ("boss"), is a nickname used for female Spain.


While the female version of Switzerland has not yet been released, Himaruya, in response to a fan's desire to see her, said that it reminded him that he'd initially designed Switzerland as a girl with braided hair, however she gradually changed into the normal Switzerland we now have. He then said that he might give female Switzerland braided hair. He also mentioned a name he liked for her, Adelheid, the name meaning "noble" and that the short form would be "Heidi".


The female version of Sweden is a woman with straight, long hair. Her face is calm and serious and not scary-looking like her male counterpart. She wears glasses and a flat hat upon her head. She wears what appears to be a long flowing coat or dress with either a flower print pattern or lace trim at the bottom. She seems to be armed with a sword.


The male version of Taiwan has short hair and seems to be wearing an overshirt/jacket with the white sun from the flag of the RoC on it. He also seems to carry a bag around. He is seen in two different pictures; one that shows him with a long, wild curl while the latter version does not.


Ukraine as a man looks very much like Russia with a long scarf and a haircut much like his female counterpart.


Vietnam is dressed similarly to his female counterpart and carries a long paddle, but does not have a ponytail. His fanon name was usually Viet-kun.


Wy wears a tri-point crown on his head, a bandana around his shoulders, an unbuttoned shirt and shorts and carries a large paintbrush.



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