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This is a listing of outfits worn by Greece in Hetalia: Axis Powers. Changes made to them in other adaptations, such as the anime, are noted where applicable.

Military Uniform

Greece is usually depicted wearing a white T-shirt, with a light brown jacket and pants. He often wears the jacket slung over his shoulders, not bothering to put it on all the way. He also wears a dark brown hat.

In early artwork featuring this outfit, he wore tall boots with white cuffs, though Himaruya later changed them to simple shoes.

In the anime adaptation, his hat was changed from brown to white.

World Meeting

Greece appears in the story Meeting Of The World, mostly sleeping during the meeting. He wears a tan jacket and pants, with a white dress shirt left unbuttoned.

In the prototype version of the story, he wears a basic suit and tie like most of the other characters.

Gakuen Hetalia

In Gakuen Hetalia Portable, Greece wears the standard boys uniform with a tan sweater, minus the blue blazer. He is also shown to wear a tan suit, white shirt and blue tie for his formal clothes, and a blue T-shirt and tan pants for his casual clothes.


These are all the outfits that Greece has worn. Please note that this list is incomplete. Please click for larger viewing.

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