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Norway and Iceland
Norway glancing at Iceland in the strip, Nordic Lines.
Pairing Information
Orientation Homosexual
Interaction in Canon Media? Yes (see moments)
Pixiv Tags
鯨組 (Kujiragumi, Whale pair)
北欧兄弟 (Nordic brothers)

Norway/Iceland is a slash pairing in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving the characters Norway and Iceland. The pairing is admittedly incestuous, as Norway and Iceland are confirmed to be brothers. Nevertheless, it still has its own fan following. It is referred to as 鯨組 (Kujiragumi), Whale Pair, in the Japanese fandom.


Norway and Iceland go a long way back, as both of them feel strongly for each other and that Iceland feels that Norway is the home where his heart truly is. This is evidenced by the fact that, while once it was believed that Iceland had its own indigenous population, the earliest traces of life came from the Norwegians.

Modern Life

In the strip Nordic Lines, Iceland shows the other Nordics the result of the DNA test (in actuality an excavation) that he had done of his body, and it was revealed that he and Norway are, indeed, brothers. When the other Nordics find out about this, they (Denmark especially) tease Iceland into calling Norway "onii-chan." Iceland is embarrassed by this, saying that he has outgrown such behavior.


Webcomic: Extra Stories

  • Wordy Nordic Comic
  • Halloween 2011
  • Christmas 2011

Published Manga

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