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Character Information
Name NorwayFlag.png Kingdom Of Norway (Kongeriket Norge)
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3
Strip To Create Better Products In Northern Europe
Drama CD Hetalia Fantasia 2
Anime Episode 79
Voice Actors
Japanese Masami Iwasaki
English Alex Organ

Norway (ノルウェー , Norūē) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Norway. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Norway has short, light blond hair and dull blue eyes.[1] He wears a belted, navy blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie, and cuffs, with matching pants and sailor hat. He sports a Nordic Cross barrette in his hair, and has a detached haircurl[2] representing the Fjords[3] that floats independently beside his head (which often has a dot that floats independently beside it). The barrette functions as a communications device.[4]

Although he hasn't been given any specific numbers, he is shown to be the third tallest among the Nordics in official artwork.[5]

Personality and Interests

Norway is a quiet[6] and mysterious man of few words and expressions, and is reclusive from the everyday world.[7] Himaruya designed him as a mysterious character because of his love for Norwegian fairytales.[2] He is often shown to have a troll or fairy with him, and has the ability to see and interact with various supernatural creatures.

He is described as curious[4] but difficult to read.[3] In Hetalia Fantasia 2, while questing with Denmark and crossing paths with Germany and Japan, it was stated that he is painfully shy around strangers as he resolved to leave upon seeing them, however moments after this suggestion Norway did a generous amount of speaking, complaining and whining to said pair, demonstrating the absence of his previously assigned social discomfort.[8] This contradictory scene may have been constructed solely for comedic purposes, however it leaves the impression that Norway is the type to recruit himself sympathy at the expense of Denmark.

Mr. Puffin referred to him as a "snarky guy." He is shown to be hard-working[9], skilled at chess[10], and is a baker.[11]



Main article: Denmark

They have known each other since childhood, but while Denmark considers the two of them to be like best friends and believes that Norway thinks the same way he does, he is unaware of Norway's blunt teasing.[7] Norway frequently refers to him as anko[12], a term Himaruya has described as having a nuance like older brother or oniichan, the familiar form of big brother, and having a classmate-like feeling.[13] Historically, Denmark and Norway drifted apart after Norway became oppressed by a more powerful nation. When Norway later entered into an alliance with Sweden, Denmark is described as throwing a childish tantrum, cutting their ties, and decreasing goodwill toward him.[14] Despite Norway's apparent annoyance towards him, Finland has mentioned that Norway spends a lot of time with Denmark.[15]


Main article: England

In the Christmas Event 2011, Norway and England briefly bonded over their shared ability to see magical creatures. America, watching them, stated "England has a new weird friend."[16]


Main article: Estonia

The two nations are said to share some sort of an acquaintanceship. In the volume 4 omake comic, Estonia writes that Norway is difficult to read but they talk on occasion.[3] After the two nations are kidnapped by Parallel France (alongside with Finland and Sweden) in the 2010 Christmas event, Norway mentioned that Estonia's eagerness to join the Nordics frighten him sometimes.[17]


Main article: Iceland

Norway feels strongly for Iceland, whom he sees as a younger brother to him and as being very important.[7] In return, it is said that Iceland considers Norway to be the home where his heart truly is.[18] It was later revealed that Norway and Iceland are indeed "biological" brothers due to Iceland having been discovered by Norwegians[19], though Iceland became irritated at Norway's insistence to refer to him as a big brother ("onii-chan").[20]

Norway feels the need to take care of him[7] and still sees him as a child, a thought that Iceland finds unpleasant.[21] One cannot tell if he yields to Norway.[7] The two of them also frequently fight over mackerels.[6]



Norway and Troll from a May 2009 entry.[22]

Although Norway made numerous appearances in sketches as far back as late 2007[23], he did not debut in a comic until the strip To Create Better Products in Northern Europe, posted on Himaruya's blog in 2009 where Norway criticizes Denmark for being too loud.[24] In the strip, The Wordy Nordic Comic, Norway frequently tries to get Iceland to live up to his promise in calling him onii-chan (big brother in English) but is largely unsuccessful. Iceland however does eventually give in before leaving the group, but not without giving them a thumbs down behind a wall afterwards.[25] Both strips were later republished in Volume 3 under similar titles.

In an omake comic thanking readers for purchasing Volume 4, Denmark is shown to be missing from the group and in a panel, Norway is seen holding a photo of Denmark in the style of a Japanese funeral.[3] In Volume 5, Norway briefly appears alongside the rest of the Nordics in the strip Go Forth! Newspaper Club! Second Half as part of the Nordic Club.[26] In Episode 14 published in the March 2013 edition of Comic Birz, Norway is shown chatting with Troll. It asks him a question of some kind and Norway replies it has to "give it a good punch". In the next panel, he removes his hair pin and says he's hanging up and the clip makes a beeping sound.[4] This was later republished in Volume 6. In the same volume, he appears in the strip, Meeting of the Nordic, participating in Iceland's surprise birthday party. When Denmark begins bringing out alcohol, Norway brings out a bottle of Yoggi (a yogurt juice from Sweden) and adds "Aren'tcha glad y've got such a capable older bro?"[27] When the celebrations begin, Norway explains that they're celebrating the half-way point between their birthdays and Iceland adds if "that's something that grown men do."[28] Later in the strip when the conversation switches to lopapeysas, Norway mentions he wants one to match his brother's, but Iceland replies that it looks "disgusting" at their age.[29] In a strip involving the Norwegian butter crisis, Denmark comes to his aid but criticizes him for trying to lose weight when he isn't "chubby" and that removing butter without lessening the sugar content is bad for his health. Seeing how health conscious Denmark has become, Norway decides not to offer any of his buttery cake to him but Denmark nervously says he'll eat that one and asks him to bake some.[11]

So far, Norway has appeared in most of the events since the 2009 April Fools event (although he did appear in a brief sketch with Denmark in viking clothing during the 2007 Christmas event as part of a request from a fan). In the 2009 April Fools Event, Prussia snapped photos of the Nordics and Norway was shown shopping and looking at stuffed pink bunnies. Prussia then wrote in his blog that "his life was exposed to danger but wouldn't be daunted by something like this."[30] During the 2010 Christmas Event, Norway spends time with Finland, Sweden, and Estonia during the live stream but are later kidnapped by Parallel France. At the end of the event, the group becomes startled by a topless Denmark though Norway appears to be unfazed by the situation.[17] In the 2011 Halloween Event, Norway takes part in America's costume contest dressed as a pirate alongside with the rest of the Nordics. In some panels, Norway occasionally injures Denmark on purpose (for example, holding Mr. Puffin in his hand as he pecks the side of Denmark's head) but later apologizes, saying his hand slipped.[31][32] Denmark however doesn't seem to notice and carries on with the celebrations. During the 2011 Christmas Event, he and the rest of the Nordics (minus Finland) and Ladonia get together inside of a furniture store and wait for Santa.[17] In a requested strip during the event, Norway and England converse and bond over their ability to see magical creatures. Norway find England's magical creatures to be very cute and he asks if he could pet one of them. He gives him the okay but warns him that he sometimes sends out beams of light.[16] In an another requested strip, Denmark tries to convince Norway to go with him and sail the oceans but he angrily tells him to get back to work. Denmark decides to go on his own to visit Japan on impulse but was beaten up by Netherlands once he got there.[9]

Drama CDs

Norway makes his debut appearance in Hetalia Fantasia 2 where he and Denmark become separated from the rest of the Nordics and later meet up with Germany and Japan, who became separated from Italy. The four of them team up to search for their missing group members where they hear America screaming in the distance (who is upset that his plans to beat England did not work out). After Japan calms him down, America offers to show off his new skill and later blows up a mountain, the blast so strong it blew away the monster attacking Iceland and Italy from afar. Denmark is visibly impressed and screams for an encore while Norway adds "Nice going with the cheats." The group is then reunited with Iceland and Italy after Iceland calls out for them, after noticing "that loud and annoying message box" popping up after the blow-up of the mountain. Norway asks Iceland if he's hurt and uses a healing item on him. Iceland insists he's not a child but Norway says otherwise. Denmark later remarks that he and Norway were worried about him and was happy to see him safe.[8]

Norway also appears in the Nordic-centered third interval drama CD in both the first and second tracks. The first track is a slightly expanded version of The Wordy Nordic Comic.[33] In the second track, Norway bickers with Denmark and becomes annoyed when Denmark asks why he didn't call him "Big Bro". Later in the track, Denmark falls off his chair drunk and Norway decides to take him home by carrying him out of the restaurant.[15]


Norway in Episode 79.
Norway with Denmark in "Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half".

Norway made his anime debut in Episode 79, which adapts To Create Better Products in Northern Europe. He appears only to observe that while the dolls Finland and Sweden made were fine, the salesman (Denmark) was too loud and annoying. He appears next in Extra Episode 1 where after learning about Iceland's DNA results, Norway tries to get him to fulfill his promise in calling him "Big Brother." In The Beautiful World, he makes a brief cameo in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half, which adapts the strip of the same name in volume 5. In The World Twinkle, he makes appearances in the Nordic-centered episodes, Meeting of the Nordic and The Nordic Five +α.

His appearance remains largely unchanged in both World Series and The Beautiful World from his manga appearance. However one scanned official anime picture featuring the Nordic 5 (in their uniforms) showed that the necktie of his sailor top had a slight extension to it.[34] In addition, his new design in The Beautiful World moves the dot near his floating hair curl from above to below it.


  • It was rumored that Norway would appear in the first season of the Hetalia anime, and that he would be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.[35] But the news "announcement," which also claimed that Denmark and Iceland would appear, turned out to be a hoax. Despite this, some websites still circulate the false seiyū information. Norway is now officially played by Masami Iwasaki and made his debut in the second season (and fourth season overall) of Hetalia: World Series.
  • In a 2010 blog post, Himaruya listed Lukas Bondevik, Børre Thomassen, Bjørn, Kjetil, Knut, and Sigurd among the names he liked for Norway. Bondevik and Thomassen seem to be his potential surnames.[36]


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