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This is a list of the most popular pairings in the Hetalia: Axis Powers fandom, started by hints of canonical evidence in the manga and anime, or ones that have grown to become popular with little evidence so far in the series.


Male/female pairings


Main article: America/Belarus

  • America and Belarus
  • Also known as: AmeBel/AmeBela, AlNata (アルナタ)
A rather popular hetero pairing, it is usually depicted as a love/hate relationship. While the two haven't been shown together in many comics, it is mentioned in the strip Russia's Big and Little Sister that Belarus has become sort of an adopted sister to America after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Main article: America/Taiwan

  • America and Taiwan
  • Also known as: AmeTai, Plum shake (梅シェイク)
A pairing that is still quite rare, and since they have yet to appear together in the comics, unfounded. The history between the two until present day would only suggest America thinking of Taiwan as a little sister. They are drawn and written together in fanon predominately because of the Taiwanese fanbase for Hetalia.


Main article: America/Ukraine

  • America and Ukraine
  • Also known as: AmeUkr (米ウク), Supersize pair (スーパーサイズコンビ)
A rare hetero pairing, with the two never actually having any interaction in the comics. Although it is mentioned in Russia's Big and Little Sister that Ukraine is now friends with America after the Soviet Union split. The pairing is most likely based on the close relation between the two countries.


Main article: Austria/Hungary

  • Austria and Hungary
  • Also known as: AusHun/HunAus, Peaceful couple (ほんわか夫婦)


Main article: Canada/Ukraine


Main article: China/Taiwan

  • China and Taiwan
  • Also known as: ChuTai, Chinese siblings (中華兄妹)
A rare, hetero pairing. It is usually depicted as angsty based on current disputes between the two countries. Taiwan appears to be very annoyed by China, as shown in one sketch of her poking China and telling him to leave Japan alone. It is unknown how China feels about her, but in some fanarts he is shown as wanting to marry her, possibly referring to how the People's Republic of China would like to reunite with Taiwan. It is safe to assume that any feelings for each other would be very one-sided on China's part.


Main article: England/Seychelles

  • England and Seychelles
  • Also known as: UKSey, EngSey, EngSe (英セー), Tsundere Federation (ツンデ連邦)


Main article: England/Taiwan

A rare hetero pairing, as the two have yet to have any interaction in the manga. The common depiction in fanfiction is that England acts very gentlemanly while Taiwan acts either similarly to a tsundere or attempts to pursue him. The UK is one of 56 nations that maintain some form of unofficial mission in Taiwan.


Main article: France/Seychelles


Main article: Iceland/Liechtenstein

  • Iceland and Liechtenstein
  • Also known as: IceLiech, Younger siblings pair (リ トル弟妹コンビ)
A crack pairing. In terms of political membership, Iceland and Liechtenstein (as well as their brothers, Norway and Switzerland respectively) are all sole members of the European Free Trade Association. Added to this is that both are small countries formerly ruled by renown empires; specifically the Kalmar and the Denmark–Norway Union with Iceland and the former House of Hapsburg with Liechtenstein.
The pairing is sometimes referred as the ribbon pairing because of both nations wearing ribbons by their chest.


Main article: Japan/Taiwan

  • Japan and Taiwan
  • Also known as: Chrysanthemum and plum (菊と梅), Kikuwan (菊湾)


Main article: Lithuania/Belarus

  • Lithuania and Belarus
  • Also known as: LitBel, LietBela (リトベラ), Stork pair (コウノトリ組)


Main article: Netherlands/Belgium

A heterosexual and incestuous pairing of Netherlands and Belgium, oftentimes depicted in fanart as a love/hate relationship.


Main article: Poland/Hungary

  • Poland and Hungary
  • Also known as: PolHun/PoHu, Friendship Day/Anniversary (友情記念日)


Main article: Prussia/Hungary

  • Prussia and Hungary
  • Also known as: PruHun, GilEli (ギルエリ), Chick and flower (ぴよ花)


Main article: Romania/Hungary

Romania and Hungary are often paired in a 'love/hate' relationship, mainly because of the history that the two share, but also because of the notes that appear in Hungary's bio, of her and Romania constantly mocking each-other.


Main article: Belarus/Russia

  • Russia and Belarus
  • Also known as: BelaRus/RusBela, RusBel, IvaNata (イヴァナタ), Yandere brother and sister (ヤンデレ兄妹)


Main article: Seborga/Monaco

South Italy/Belgium

Main article: South Italy/Belgium


Main article: Spain/Belgium

  • Spain and Belgium
  • Also known as: SpaBel, Orange waffle (オレンジワッフル)


Main article: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Female/female pairings


Main article: Belarus/Ukraine
Also known as: BelaUkr, Snow skin sisters (雪肌姉妹)

A rare, non-canon pairing. Belarus and Ukraine are often drawn (and then shipped) together by fans of female/female pairings. They are both Russia's sisters (thus making this pairing incestuous), and are most likely paired together because they are two of the few female countries that have interacted together in canon.

Male/male pairings


Main article: America/Canada
Also known as: AmeCan/CanAme, Americest/Americacest, North American brothers (北米兄弟)


Main article: America/England
Also known as: USUK, JOKER, AlAsa (アルアサ)


Main article: America/Estonia
Also known as: AmeEst

When Estonia's websites were hacked and turned into pro-Russia sites, America came to help find the culprit. America then asked to star in Estonia's independent film and create "a really awesome ending." This pairing seems to be mostly fan-based.


Main article: America/Japan
Also known as: AlKiku (アル菊), Uneven pair (デコボコンビ)


Main article: America/Korea
Also known as: AmerKo, AmeKo, Kimchi burger (キムチバーガー)


Main article: America/Lithuania
Also known as: AmeLith, AmeLiet, AlTori (アルトリ), Coffee pair (コーヒー組)


Main article: America/Molossia
Also known as: AmeMol, モロ米 (??)


Main article: Russia/America
Also known as: RusAme/AmeRus, RussiAmerica, The cold war (冷たい戦争), Waiting for spring pair (春待ち組)


Main article: Germany/Austria
Also known as: GerAus, Wurstorte (ヴルストルテ)

Austria and Germany were allied in both the First and Second World Wars, despite the Treaty of Versailles, signed at the end of the First World War, forbidding the union of the two countries in any way. In the manga, Austria is shown as not much minding the Anschluss in 1938, as a reference to the large number of votes that were claimed to be in favor of the union. Germany regarded Austria as a bothersome "not-wife", especially after Austria patched his underwear after grumbling about being 'wasteful'.


Main article: Austria/Switzerland
Also known as: AusSwit, AusSwitz, AustroSwiss, Edelweiss pair (エーデルワイスコンビ)


Main article: Prussia/Austria
Also known as: PruAus/PrusAus, Prustria, Water and oil pair (水と油コンビ), Aristocrat and rabbit (貴族兎)


Main article: Cuba/Canada
Also known as: CuCan, Cubanada, Ice fondue (アイスフォンデュ)


Main article: Denmark/Canada
Also known as: DenCan, Maple Danish

A crack pairing. Historically noting, the countries have an interesting geopolitical relationship involving the sovereignty of Hans Island.
Varying fanworks depict them as brothers, friends, rivals (mostly of Hans Island but can regard the arctic in general) and even lovers due to the co-operative missions of surveying and promoting arctic conservation of Northern Canada and Denmark's autonomous region, Greenland. Notably, Greenland has an interest with establishing more ties with Nunavut due to the prevalent Inuit culture.


Main article: France/Canada
Also known as: Franada, FranCan, Fluffy pair (ふわほわコンビ)


Main article: Netherlands/Canada
Also known as: NedCan, NethCan/NetCan, Tulip festival (チューリップ祭), Maple castella (メイプルカステラ)


Main article: Norway/Canada
Also known as: NorCan

A rare pairing. Historically, Norwegian and Icelandic vikings were the first Europeans to have come in contact with Canada with evidence from L'Anse aux Meadows. Additionally during the Second World War, an aircraft training facility called "Little Norway" was established when Norway was unable to regroup from the Nazi occupation.
In fanworks, Norway is often depicted as an older brother/caretaker of Canada during the early eleventh century until Norway eventually had to leave due to the failure of establishing a permanent colony, added to the inability to retrace the New World at the time.


Main article: Prussia/Canada
Also known as: PruCan, Pranada


Main article: Russia/Canada
Also known as: RusCan, CanaRuss


Main article: Japan/China
Also known as: NiChu, Far East brothers (極東兄弟)


Main article: Korea/China
Also known as: Kimchi Bun (キムチまん), Kanchu


Main article: Russia/China
Also known as: Rochu, Ruchi, Red color comrade (紅色同志)


Main article: Denmark/Norway
Also known as: DenNor/NorDen (デンノル)


Main article: Denmark/Sweden
Also known as: DenSu/SuDen, DenSwe, DeSu


Main article: England/Canada
Also known as: UKCan, EngCan, AngloCan, AsaMatt, Maple tea (メイプルティー)


Main article: France/England
Also known as: FrUK, Frangleterre, Entente Cordiale, Nice dover (ナイスドーヴァー)


Main article: England/Japan
Also known as: UKJap, AsaKiku (朝菊)


Main article: Prussia/England
Also known as: PruUK, Prugland, Engssia, Pitiful guys (不憫ズ), Tea and rabbit (英普)


Main article: Russia/England
Also known as: RusUK, RusEng, KolHoata (コルほあた☆)


Main article: Spain/England
Also known as: SpaEng, SpUK, Doting parents pair (親馬鹿コンビ)


Main article: Estonia/Finland
Also known as: EstFin, FinEst, Group Urals (ウラル組)


Main article: Estonia/Latvia
Also known as: EstLat, Livonia pair (リヴォニア組)


Main article: Russia/Finland
Also known as: RusFin/RussFin, Santa pair (サンタ組)

The two have not interacted in the comic yet but are sometimes paired because of the long and complicated history of occupation, terror and numerous wars, as well as close ties during the Cold War and the present day. Before gaining his independence, Finland lived in Russia's house for about a century; in the comic he stated that he actually felt more free there than with Sweden, though his will to build a harbor was ignored. (It should be noted that Finland, who was granted autonomy, had rather pleasant relations with Russia until the turn of the 20th century when the Russification policy drove a wedge between them.)
The pairing is usually depicted with angst and is often concentrating on historical conflicts such as the Winter War, Russia's failed attempt to take over Finland. The softer side of it is seen for example in fanworks involving the beginning of the Russian rule, with Russia favoring Finland in hopes it would make him like him.


Main article: Sweden/Finland
Also known as: SuFin, SweFin, SveFin, FinSu, Hana-tama couple (花たま夫婦), Northern Europe couple (北欧夫婦)


Main article: France/Spain
Also known as: FraSpa, Bad friends pair (悪友コンビ), Bad friends couple (悪友夫婦)


Main article: Rome/Germania
Also known as: Inseparable ties pair (腐れ縁コンビ)

Germany/North Italy

Main article: Germany/North Italy
Also known as: GerIta, Gertalia, Flower couple (お花夫婦)


Main article: Germany/Prussia
Also known as: Germancest, Flower couple (お花夫婦)


Main article: Greece/Japan
Also known as: Giripan, Cat pair (ぬこんび)


Main article: Turkey/Greece
Also known as: Mountain plants pair (山菜コンビ)

Holy Roman Empire/North Italy (Chibitalia)

Main article: Holy Roman Empire/Chibitalia
Also known as: First love pair (初恋組)

Hong Kong/Iceland

Main article: Hong Kong/Iceland
Also known as: HongIce, High school boys pair (男子高校生組)'

Hong Kong/Korea

Main article: Korea/Hong Kong
Also known as: KoHo, HongKo

Though these two have yet to meet in the web comic, it's a popular pairing in fanarts. They could be paired due to their personalities, following the "opposites attract" comment, with Korea's hyper-active personality to Hong Kong's calmer one. However, there are no hints of relations of them and remains to be just a fanon pair.

Hong Kong/Taiwan

Main article: Hong Kong/Taiwan
Also known as: ???

A rare pairing; possibly based in the role that Hong Kong territory used to have in the Cross Strait deals, as a former intermediary between China and Taiwan. They still have dealings in non-government related deals (trades, travel, etc.).


Main article: Turkey/Iceland
Also known as: TurIce/TurkIce, Soil Ice (土氷), Turkey Ice (トルコアイス) and Old Man Shock (おじさんショック)


Main article: Norway/Iceland
Also known as: NorIce/IceNor, Whale pair (鯨組), Nordic brothers (北欧兄弟), Onii-chan shock


Main article: Russia/Iceland
Also known as: RusIce, Frozen sunflower (冷凍ヒマワリ)

A rare pairing. In the character definition of Iceland, it said that Russia helped him when he caught a cold, and Iceland accept his kindness, although he felt suspicious about it. This statement means that they used to be friends.


Main article: Korea/Japan
Also known as: Kimchi Bowl (キムチ丼)


Main article: Netherlands/Japan
Also known as: NedPan, Pickle pair (漬物組), Tuka couple (ツーカー夫婦)

Japan/North Italy

Main article: Japan/North Italy
Also known as: ItaPan, Axis flower pair (枢軸お花組)


Main article: Russia/Latvia
Also known as: RusLat, Riga life pair (リガ生活組)


Main article: Poland/Lithuania
Also known as: LietPol/PolLiet, Allies’ kingdom (連合王国)


Main article: Russia/Lithuania
Also known as: RusLiet/RussLiet/RussLi (露立)


Main article: Sealand/Latvia
Also known as: SeaLat/LatSea, Sea-kun and Lat-chan (シー君とラトちゃん)


Main article: Spain/Netherlands
Also known as: NethSpa, SpaNeth, HolSpa, SpaHol, Othello Pair (オセロコンビ), RanNishi (蘭西)

North Italy/Poland

Main article: Poland/North Italy
Also known as: PolIta, Feli pair (フェリコンビ)

Depending on the introduction, Poland and Italy either met and played with each other as small children, or met at some point in their teens while Italy was still under Austria's rule and when Poland had yet to achieve his independence. The two bonded over the similarities in their situation and became good friends.

North Italy/Prussia

Main article: Prussia/North Italy
Also known as: PruIta, Prutalia, Chick pair (ひよこんび)

Even though the two are not often seen together, Prussia finds Italy to be very cute and acts incredibly affectionate to him, much to the irritation of Prussia's brother, Germany. During his April Fools' hacking, he expressed joy at being able to interact with Italy (who in turn enjoyed his company).
In a production note by Himaruya, it is also said that Prussia yearned for the warm Italian sun while he was under control of Russia. Historically, Prussia also helped out Italy in its unification process, so it is speculated that his affection (and Italy's warmness towards him) could stem from there. In the drama CD adaptation of Prussia's blog event, Prussia invited Italy to go on a date with him to the Danube River, though Italy's attention was more focused on Prussia's new bird.


Main article: Prussia/Norway
Also known as: PruNor

When Prussia hacked Kitayume and made it his blog during April Fools '09, there was an entry about him taking pictures of the Nordics. Since Norway seems to be the type of person who is aware of his surroundings, there have been discussions about Norway seeing Prussia while he tried to take a picture - This could have been a canon interaction. History wise, they have interacted with each other a few times during World War II and the period after that. Prussia's personality is also alike Denmark's, which makes it easier to see Prussia and Norway as pair. On a side note, Fredrik Vilhelm III of Prussia and King Haakon VII of Norway are related.


Main article: Sweden/Norway
Also known as: SuNor/NorSu, SweNor/NorSwe, Nobel pair (ノーベル組)

A rare pairing. It stems mostly from the Kalmar Union or the the ninety-one year union Sweden initiated as a reparation over the loss of Finland to Russia.

The history between the two varies with how they interact. Fandom commonly depicts them in an intimate friendship, one-sided love, or of indifference.


Main article: Prussia/Poland
Also known as: PrusPol, GilKs (ギルックス)


Main article: Russia/Poland
Also known as: RusPol

The two have argued with each other at least since the early 1600s, when Poland succeeded in capturing Moscow. Russia's revenge for this was taking part, together with Prussia and Austria, in the partitions of Poland. In 1939, Russia decided to partition Poland again, this time in conjunction with Germany; Russia has said that partitioning Poland is his hobby. Their relationship was further soured by the years of post-war Soviet domination. It should be noted that Poland is not afraid of Russia; Poland actively defends Lithuania from Russia despite the inherent threat.
Fans of this pairing see it as a very intense love-hate relationship, both in terms of the characters involved and of the nations and people the characters represent.


Main article: Russia/Prussia
Also known as: RusPru,(P)Russia, RusPrus, pRussia, Snow rabbit (ユキウザギ)

This pairing is often seen as a love/hate relationship. They have interacted a few times in the web-comics; In the Christmas 2010 special Prussia says that he hates Russia "Almost enough to puke if he lays a single finger on me..." and "Even if I don't puke, I'll still lose four eyelashes...". Russia also comments a few times on Prussia's "Oresama no Blog".
Russia and Prussia fought on opposite sides during the War of the Austrian Succession (1740–1748), and the Seven Years War. Tsar Peter III later signed the Treaty of Saint Petersburg and made peace with Prussia, allowing Prussia's Fredrick the Great to concentrate on other enemies. They then cooperated to carve up Poland-Lithuania between them (1772, 1793 and 1795). During World War II, Russia took control of East Germany, which is believed to also be Prussia by some fans. Kaliningrad Oblast, an oblast of Russia, was once the city of Königsberg. It was originally the capital of East Prussia.

Spain/South Italy

Main article: Spain/South Italy
Also known as: Spero/Sparo/Spamano/Spomano/Spam