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Character Information
Name LatviaFlag.png Republic Of Latvia (Latvijas Republika)
Human Name Raivis Galante (ライヴィス・ガランテ Raivisu Garante)[1]
Age 15[2]
Gender Male
Birthday November 18[3]
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Violet (manga)
Blue (anime)
Height 140 cm (4'7 ft est)[4]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip Chapter 4: Pact of Steel
Game Gakuen Hetalia
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2
Anime Episode 01 (cameo)
Episode 29 (speaking)
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Kugimiya (Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2), Kokoro Tanaka (anime)
English Ryan Reynolds

Latvia (ラトビア Ratobia) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Between 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and Latvia received the name Raivis Galante (ライヴィス・ガランテ Raivisu Garante).[1]


A 'chibi' version of Latvia.


Latvia has short, curly blond hair and violet eyes (sometimes colored dark blue). In his WWII appearances, he usually wears a maroon military uniform with brown epaulettes.

He is the shortest of the Baltic trio, though he was drawn somewhat taller in his earlier appearances in the webcomic and originally had thicker eyebrows. His uniform also originally had frog clasps in the front (rather than simple buttons) and he wore tall boots.

Personality and Interests

The youngest of the three Baltics, he a withdrawn crybaby due to the series of unfortunate events he's experienced in life. He is often pushed around by Russia, who he tried and failed to cut ties with. Although he is a crybaby, he will often fail to read to the atmosphere and say or do what is prohibited in front of Russia, and then has to face harsh consequences. He loves poetry and romance novels. In character notes, Latvia is called a "hidden genius" who manages to do things that seem impossible. However, he often does not partake in these endeavors unless ordered, so has slacked off as of late. His Volume 4 bio states that he has hid his true strength and ability to handle things easily.

Despite being rather young in physical age, Latvia's profile also states that he drinks a lot of alcohol. This is further elaborated on in the Hetalia Desktop Buddies, where he states that he is able to drink up to forty cups of alcohol at his best.[5] He also seems fairly knowledgeable about many other countries, knowing at least basic information on several of them upon being asked (though, when asked about Russia he simply shivered saying he didn't want to hear his name.)[5]



Main article: Estonia

Despite both being Baltic states, they are not brothers and have little in common.[6] Character notes reveal that Latvia and Estonia are in a "mild battle" over the origin of the Christmas tree.[7] Estonia seems to care for Latvia's wellbeing, as he will often yell out Latvia's name if Latvia is in danger or simply in a bad situation.[8][9] In the Sealand and Latvia Desktop Mascots, Sealand pointed out that he doesn't actually know much about Estonia, which upset Latvia somewhat.[5]


Main article: Prussia

Though they've been shown as having little interaction in canon, it's said that Latvia hates the Teutonic Knights, one of Prussia's younger incarnations. In more recent times, Prussia had pet Latvia and found his hair very pleasing to the touch. Latvia also mentioned that he and Prussia worked together not long ago, presumably meaning when they were both part of the Eastern Block.


Main article: Russia

Latvia's former ruler, who he has failed to cut ties with. Thus, even in modern strips, Latvia is often shown alongside Russia. It's notable that despite how shy, fragile and fearful Latvia seems, he will still say blunt statements to Russia. It is said that Latvia lets the wrong things slip out in front of Russia, and then has to face the consequences. Because of their strength differences, Latvia often ends up maimed by Russia's cruel retaliations, or play.


Main article: Sealand

Though Latvia stabbed him with a flower when they first met at a world meeting, the two quickly managed to become close friends, due to their similarity of being small nations that weren't taken very seriously. Latvia attempts to act as an older brother and mentor figure to Sealand, but his own insecurities and worries tend to get in the way.



Latvia in Episode 29.

Latvia first appeared in Episode 01 at the Meeting Of The World, where he was being bullied by Russia and Belarus, the latter holding a knife to his back. He officially appears in Episode 29 with the other two Baltics, speaking for the first time.

His design in the anime adaptation was altered slightly, with his light blond hair having been changed to a darker shade, while his violet eyes were changed to an aqua blue. This look was carried over into Hetalia: The Beautiful World where he makes a very brief cameo as a chibi head in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half. He did not reappear until Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!‎ where he calls Sealand to tell him about Wy but later discovers they're already friends. Though Latvia was originally voiced by Rie Kugimiya in his appearance in Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2, he is instead voiced by Kokoro Tanaka in the anime series.


  • His birthday corresponds with the date for Latvia's declaration of independence from Russia and Germany, November 18th, 1918.[3] Latvia would later wind up occupied by both Soviet and Nazi forces in 1940 and 1941 respectively, before being reoccupied by the Soviet Union in 1944. While it announced its renewed independence from the union in 1990, it took a year for it to actually be restored.
  • In (No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw‎, Himaruya mentions a story he heard of when the Baltics separated from Russia, Lithuania threw away anything associated with Russia, Latvia was scared to throw them away, while Estonia sold everything at cheap prices and believed it fit their personalities.[10] The page was later reposted on Bamboo Thicket with some additional sketches.[11]
  • The "desktop mascot" of Latvia reveals that he has an apparent dislike for things such as the Livonian Order, Alexander Lukashenko, the Teutonic Order, and Cossacks.[5]
  • Latvia has commented, after Russia asked why he was so short, that it was because of Russia pressing down on his head every day. If he did not, Latvia would be ten centimeters taller than he is now.
  • In volume 4 Estonia stated that Latvia was also a member of the Academy Choral Club along with Ukraine and Lithuania. He also states that the Academy's Soviet Union club is targeting them, however Russia confirms that the Soviet Union club has disbanded.


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