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GermanyChibi.png Policy Alert!
This page is an important policy page for Hetalia Archives. All members should read this.

The Hetalia Archives Policies are a series of guidelines created to keep users safe and the wiki running smoothly. Hetalia Archives has additional policies due to part of the site being focused on fanon. The guidelines are a continuous work in progress and are subject to change upon community consensus.


  • Please be nice to all members. We're all here because we're all fans of Hetalia and we're here to work together as a team. If you are having problems with a particular user, contact either Icelilly or FH14 and they will sort it out for you.
  • Do not start edit wars. If you think something is incorrect, politely discuss it with other members on the article's talk page.
  • Please do not post links to things like song downloads and fan-subbed anime. Not only does this create copyright infringement, it is also illegal.
  • Absolutely no vandalism or spam. This can include things such as inserting gibberish into pages, removing content for no reason, and spamming pages with useless links. This is a bannable offence and little to no warning can be given depending on the severity of the act.

User and Talk Pages

  • You are free to customize your user pages as much as you like however please avoid uploading fanart, even if it's yours. Official images from other series (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Gundam Wing, etc.) and photography are okay but keep your uploads to a minimum. Also, do not post anything on your user page that is hurtful or offensive. Repeated offences will result in a ban.
  • Do not edit other people's user pages unless you are reverting vandalism or spam.
  • The talk pages are for discussing article improvements. It's not a place for stating things like "OMG! That was an awesome episode!" or "England is my fav character ever!" Save your comments for a place like Tumblr or Twitter.
  • Please don't forget to sign your posts! That way we know who's leaving the comment. If you're unsure how to sign your posts, type ~~~~. If you can't write tildes easily on your keyboard, the second last button at the top of the edit box can do it for you.
  • Please do not edit or remove other people's comments. This is considered bad behaviour and consequences will follow. The only time removing comments is allowed is for archival purposes.


  • Articles must be written in American English however, talk pages can be written in any form of English (ex. Canadian, British, etc.) that the user is comfortable with. Even if you are not a native speaker of English, we welcome you to edit alongside everyone else. Mistakes can be easily corrected by other users of this wiki so don't be shy to participate.
  • Any information added to an article must be properly cited with a reliable source. Edits without proper citation may be subject to removal.
  • To help keep this place organized, we encourage our users to use categories. If you're unsure what category to use, look at other similar pages to see what kind of categories they have. However, keep in mind, they do not function like tags (ex. Tumblr) so please be careful on how you type them. Spelling and punctuation is key for this section.
  • Please avoid using attributions in the articles. The History section of the page already calculates all of that information.
  • For lyric pages, any work that is not yours must be credited to the original transcriber and permission must be granted by them for use on the wiki. A link back to the original source is preferred and done through a comment within the coding anywhere on the page. This can be done by typing <-- comment here -->.


  • Hetalia Archives does allow fanon-based articles but a fair amount still cannot be posted here. Below is a list of things not allowed to be posted:
    • Fan-made characters
    • Fanfiction
    • Fan-made songs
    • Fan-made games
    • Doujinshi

This is a current list of what is allowed (as of February 2012):

    • Pairings
    • Websites
    • Fan-made videos (Popular ones only) (Currently up for debate)
    • Terminology and memes (lists are already created for this)
  • In regards to pairing articles, please only add information that is in regards to the Hetalia universe and be sure to keep it neutral. Also, please avoid using fanart in these articles. Use an anime or manga image, if possible.

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