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Project Shipping is a project focused on the creation, expansion and clean-up of pairing articles on the wiki.

The project's creator is Icelilly.


  • Articles should be written in a neutral matter and should contain the point of views taken on both sides on the pairing spectrum (this is extremely important for the "Fan Speculation" section); regardless of the canoncity. No pairing is better than the other and it is important to list all views taken by fans.
  • Because Hetalia has a large cast and is still growing, we cannot catalogue every single pairing out there. Pairings should contain at least some popularity on both sides of the fandom (namely the Western and Japanese fandoms). However, pairings that have large amounts of popularity on one side of the fandom and not the other are permitted. We don't want to see obscure or extreme crack pairings like Hungary/Sealand to be posted here (please take note that I merely put two random characters together for the sake of this statement). Selfcest is also not permitted (so please, no Prussia/Prussia articles).
  • Always post your article with templates and categories for organizational purposes.
  • When posting images, they must be from the anime, manga or a drawing by Himaruya. No fanart should be posted in the articles as it is against the wiki's policy.
  • If you join the project simply to vandalize and cause trouble, you will be banned and forbidden to partake in any other projects. Spam and vandalism will NOT be tolerated here.

Joining the Project

To join the project, simply add your name in the list alphabetically. But remember to read the rules before joining.



  • To create articles for pairings that are popular on either side of the fandom.
  • To expand and clean-up current pairing articles.
  • To find high-quality images for articles.