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Hetalia Archives
A snapshot of the Hetalia Archives, taken on June 14, 2012.
URL http://hetalia.kitawiki.net/
Type Wiki
Launched January 2, 2009
Current Status Active

Hetalia Archives is a wiki dedicated to all things relating to Hetalia: Axis Powers. Here you can find all things related to the anime, manga, webcomic, media, and the people who work on series. We also cover on some topics of fanon.


Hetalia Archives was created by the sole admin of the site, Icelilly on the host, Wikia on January 2, 2009. An application was sent on January 1 and was approved the following day. Article creation started on that same day, with the article for England being the first to be created. However as time passed, the site received little traffic and was eventually forgotten.

In March 2009, the site gained a huge revival after Ceras (then working on under an IP address) found the site and began creating articles. A revival project was started and word began spreading about the site. Soon traffic was up and more people were joining the project. The site was booming with life.

On January 2, 2010, the site celebrated its first birthday.

On October 25, 2010, the site announced about a possible change in servers due to Wikia's new Oasis skin that was to be forced on all (but one) wikis. After a community agreement, it was decided that it was best to leave. The move began on November 3, 2010 and was finished on December 14.

After spending most of the year offline due to site outages and locked databases, the site moved once again from ShoutWiki to Wikkii on October 30, 2011 and was completed on November 3.

Due to similar outage troubles in the later half of 2012, including a two week period where the site was offline in late October and early November, the site moved to its own servers and information transfer was completed on November 17.

The Sections

Below is a list of sections and what they cover:


Very basic; covers the characters in the series. Articles will contain basic information on the character, personality, relationships, role in the anime and some fun trivia.


Covers all things related to the anime series. This sections consists mostly of the episodes of the series.


Covers both the manga and the webcomic. This section mostly contains information on the chapters and different strips.


This sections covers the people who work on the series. This covers the voice actors and people who work behind the scenes. Himaruya can be found here too!


This section covers all things media. This includes CDs, songs, merchandise, etc.


The fanon side of the series. The section only allows certain topics. Those topics include pairings, fan terms, memes, and websites. Our Uniform Guide project can be found here as well.

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