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Banner from the Animate Website advertising the promotion.

Hetalia: World Series x Animate Cafe was a theme promotion for the anime Hetalia: World Series at the Animate Cafe in Ikebukuro that ran from June 1 - 30, 2012. Restaurant hours were from 11:00 AM until 8:30 PM. Certain promotional items were given to those who order from either the Food or the Drink Menus, in addition to other products available for sale. Admission was free, though the official website warned that tickets could become necessary if the restaurant became too crowded. Alternatively, time limits could be implemented or nearby areas could become available for seating.


*This item is not eligible to receive merchandise.



Soft Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks


Postcards and Coasters.

Three types of Hetalia-themed postcards were given to people who order from the food menu, and feature either the Axis Powers, the Allied Powers, or Prussia. Those whom ordered only the "Milk Cream-Filled French Bread" were not be eligible to receive a postcard. In addition, eight types of Hetalia-themed coasters were given to people who order from the drink menu, and feature one of the eight main characters.


Promotional Poster showcasing available goods.

Limited Edition Goods were available for sale within the cafe, including:

  • Animate Cafe Leaflet, Side A - ¥500 including tax
  • Animate Cafe Leaflet, Side B - ¥500 including tax
  • Clear File - ¥368 including tax
  • Tumbler (Axis Powers) - ¥1050 including tax
  • Tumbler (Allied Powers) - ¥1050 including tax
  • Milk Carton-type Cookie Gift Box - ¥680 including tax
  • Character Pins (11 types total) - ¥200 each

The Leaflets feature a picture of either Italy, Germany, and Japan (Side A) or America, England, and France (Side B). The front features a message the Cafe received from Daisuke Namikawa commemorating the Hetalia promotion. Side A features individual pictures of Italy, Germany, Japan, Romano, Prussia, and Spain, while Side B features individual pictures of America, England, France, Russia, and China.

Character Pins available include Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, and China. The last three were announced as secret, but were later revealed to be Prussia, Spain, and Romano.

Promotional Photographs

On June 6, 2012, Animate posted an article with a series of promotional stills of the cafe. Click to enlarge.

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