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Character Information
Name EstoniaFlag.png Republic Of Estonia (Eesti Vabariik)
Human Name Eduard von Bock (エドァルド・フォンヴォック, Edoarudo fon Vokku)[1]
Age 17[2]
Gender Male
Birthday February 24[3]
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green (early art), Blue (manga, anime)
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip Chapter 4: Pact of Steel
Game Gakuen Hetalia
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2
Anime Episode 01 (cameo)
Episode 29 (formal debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsushi Kousaka
English Mike McFarland

Estonia (エストニア Esutonia) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Between 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Eduard von Bock (エドァルド・フォンヴォック Edoarudo fon Vokku).[1]


A 'chibi' version of Estonia.


Estonia is a simple looking boy with square glasses and a narrow face. He has dark blond hair and blue eyes[4], though early art (such as the chibi seen on the left) portrayed him with green eyes. His glasses are a must due to his poor eyesight[5], but also adds that he has a lot on his mind, so they play a role in concealing his facial expressions.[6] He has a tendency to fall asleep with his glasses on but often doesn't realize it and forgets to take them off.[7][8][9] His usual choice of outfit in the WWII-set strips is a deep green military suit, however a later chibi design on the back cover of Volume 4 had the uniform colored in a dark blue.[10] In a series of sketches featuring some of the male nations topless and in aprons, Estonia's upper body was shown to be somewhat toned and was featured with broad shoulders.[11]

In his debut shot in the webcomic, he was shown wearing a star-shaped pendent around his neck though this was the only time he was seen wearing it.[12] In the strip, Meeting of the World in Volume 1, he was shown wearing a silver band on his middle finger but this also was the only time he was seen wearing it.[13] In response to a fan question, Estonia was said to be the tallest among the Baltics, though no specific numbers were given.[14]

Personality and Interests

The second oldest of the Baltics, he is an ace student[3][15] and is considered the luckiest of the three[3], having managed to avoid problems with his wit and many years of wisdom.[15] Estonia is mild-mannered, peppy[16], and carries himself well.[3] Around others, he is cool, logical, and business-like but in private he is pretty calm.[15] He is skilled at information technology[15] and economics[3], and appears to have good relations with most of the other nations.[15] However, he tends to work at his own pace and doesn't pay much attention to his surroundings so he often goes unnoticed by others, despite his status as an ace student.[3][17]

Estonia plays the piano[18] and says his singing voice is considered to be "revolutionary".[19] He also runs his own blog.[20] Estonia keeps a variety of sentient mochi creatures that display the characteristics of various nations. He is often seen carrying the shape-shifting America mochi who found its way to Estonia's home.[21] He purchased more through auction websites and soon realized that he became addicted to taking care of them.[22]



Main article: Finland

Estonia and Finland have known each other for a long time; thus, they are good friends. After fleeing Denmark's rule, Finland stopped by to see him; during this visit, Sweden offered for the Baltics to come join them as family. Though Poland refused to let them go, Sweden gained partial custody of both Estonia and Latvia.[23]

The two men are known to come up with strange festival ideas together, though Estonia snatched the "leader" position.[15] They also enjoy making sweets together.[24]


Main article: Latvia

Despite both being Baltic states, they are not brothers[25] and have little in common.[26][27] Character notes reveal that Latvia and Estonia are in a "mild battle" over the origin of the Christmas tree.[28] Estonia seems to care for Latvia's well-being, as he will often yell out Latvia's name if Latvia is in danger or simply in a bad situation.[29][7] During the Christmas 2011 event, Estonia states he will visit Latvia, and Latvia decides he will give Christmas cookies to Estonia, though he usually only eats them himself.[30]


Main article: Norway

The two nations are said to share some sort of an acquaintanceship. In the volume 4 omake comic, Estonia writes that Norway is difficult to read but they talk on occasion.[31] After the two nations are kidnapped by Parallel France (alongside with Finland and Sweden) in the 2010 Christmas event, Norway mentioned that Estonia's eagerness to join the Nordics frighten him sometimes.[7]


Main article: Russia

Estonia lived with Russia during various points in history.[29][32] During his time there, Estonia was taught many things in order to be "converted into Russia". When he found himself back at Russia's house for a second time, Estonia said he didn't want to see Cyrillic characters for a long time.[29]

Estonia is sometimes nervous around him (particularly during the WWII-setting strips) and tries to avoid him[32][12] but in some strips he has been shown to have no problems being around Russia such as when he accused him of hacking his blog.[20] His dependency on Russia is low.[15] The two of them are rival tweakers.[7]


Main article: Sweden

Estonia and Sweden meet for the first time in the strip, The Violent Sve of Northern Europe Takes a Mighty Swing! Upon their first encounter, Estonia screams in fright when seeing Sweden's face but later apologizes for being rude after Finland whispered to him that he made Sweden angry (Sweden however couldn't hear him) and introduces himself. Sweden later states that he wants Estonia and Latvia to come with him but Estonia nervously says that it's not possible while Latvia adds they need Poland's permission first. Determined, Poland tries to stand his ground against Sweden but later he ends up getting "stranger anxiety" and he is given partially custody of Estonia and Latvia.[23] Estonia lived as an underling under his rule.[29] In the volume 4 omake comic, Estonia wrote that when Sweden looks down at him, he feels as if Sweden might want to kill him.[31]



Estonia in folk costume from a 2010 blog entry.[33]

Estonia has appeared in multiple strips, dating back to the mainstory line of the webcomic. He makes his debut in Hetare 4: Pact of Steel in a few brief shots that include him and Latvia trembling from behind a wall[34], the two of them being awaken after Lithuania wakes up yelling from his dream about Poland[35], and when he reads Poland's letter to Russia, looking uneasy.[36] He also appears in Hetare 5: Lietuvis!! where Russia becomes fascinated over a facet pipe and he asks if it's dangerous.[37] He makes a brief cameo with Russia and the other two Baltics when they arrive at Germany's house[38] and when Japan falls through the ceiling (after Russia smashed holes through it) and lands on top of Latvia, causing him and Lithuania to yell out his name.[39]

In Comic Diary 4, Estonia decides that he'll stop calling out Latvia's name but he doesn't get a chance to finish his sentence when something hits Latvia in the head and he ends up yelling out his name.[40] In the strip, Let's go take a look at Estonia, he gives some insight to the readers about his homeland. While he talks, Latvia plays with a sheep in the background. When he turns around, Estonia finds Latvia's head inside the sheep's mouth and yells out his name in distress.[29] In Soviets, both Estonia and Latvia praise Lithuania highly but the second he leaves to meet up with Poland, the air between Estonia and Latvia becomes antipathetic.[26] In The Violent Sve of Northern Europe Takes a Mighty Swing! Estonia and Finland reunite after having not seen each other in a long time but the mere presence of Sweden frightens him greatly, though he does try to make him feel welcomed. Sweden later gains partial custody over him and Latvia, but only due to Poland getting "stranger anxiety."[23] In the strip, Estonia's and Russia's Gentle Argument, Estonia's blog is hacked and immediately thinks Russia is the culprit but he insists he's innocent. America soon arrives to help out after hearing the news from Lithuania. The two of them work together and track down the culprit which turns out to be an Estonian citizen. Russia surprises him by showing up on the scene, saying he's glad things worked out in the end and that he was cleared of any suspicions. In the last panel, the two men are all smiles while Russia chases him with a facet pipe, saying "You understand that there's no way things will end just like that, right?" while Estonia laughs and replies, "You're right!" In a bonus scene, America asks if he could finish his movie for him and Estonia says he doesn't mind. Several panels showcase the ending credits which focus on America in a heroic fashion. In the last panel, the ending is shown to be twice as long as the movie itself.[20]

In the Mochi comics, Estonia plays a central role as the caregiver to a few of them. In Omochi Manga Summary, Estonia returned to find Mochi!America inside his home, munching on paper. He wasn't sure what it was and was confused by its behaviour which included hiding inside a garbage bin and getting inside a freezer.[41] While Mochi!America watches television, Estonia decided to find to him some friends. Though he didn't know the name of the species, he stumbles on some mochis on an auction website and purchases Mochi!Italy for $2. The two appeared to get along and is hopeful he can keep them. He soon purchases Mochi!Canada for $1.50 and realizes that he's become addicted to taking care of them. Later on, Estonia meets an older man who cares for mochis as well and brings along Mochi!England. Estonia is impressed with him, citing he appears clean and tidy compared to the ones he's seen on the internet. The man thanks him but notes he's a bit of a hooligan at home.[22]

In Omochi Omochi 2, Estonia takes Mochi!America to the vet after a man had fed him and grew to be bigger than him. The veterinarian is unsure how to fix the problem, only offering to "make it fall in love." When Estonia asks which mochi would like to help out, both mochis put up flags indicating they were both male. But Estonia grabs Mochi!Italy and wondered how to tell if he was male. In another strip, Mochi!Italy shows off a magic trick and Estonia watches in amazement as the tomato disappears. In another panel, Mochi!America's face comes off and Estonia screams in horror, asking what kind of surprise that was.

In a dream sequence, Estonia is awaken by a winged mochi who calls himself "The Fairy King of Mochi." He teleports Estonia to his world where he can only leave if he brings a mochi back home with him. He sets his eyes on Mochi!Liechtenstein who seems to have taken a liken to him, even offering a stamp. He feels set on taking her but begins having second thoughts when he remembers about Mochi!America and Mochi!Russia and ultimately decides she's better staying here. He then sets his sight on Mochi!Spain and notices he has a speech bubble floating next to him. He then grabs it, eats it, and realizes it's a cookie. For taking the cookie, Estonia gives him a tomato that he had in his pocket to replace it for the time being.[8] He feels fond towards Mochi!Spain and thinks he'll take him home but Mochi!Estonia calls out to him an asks him to take him instead, however Estonia feels uneasy around him. The winged mochi returns noting the two look alike but Estonia insists they don't. As he cries, Mochi!Spain tries to cheer him up by nuzzling him. Estonia responds by hugging him tightly and decides to take him back with him. However the winged mochi insists on taking Mochi!Estonia instead but Estonia refuses. In response, he beats up Mochi!Spain but Estonia has had enough and simply wants to go home. The winged mochi apologizes and send them home but not before he slaps Mochi!Spain. Estonia awakes in his bed and soon realizes it was a dream. However he discovers Mochi!Spain hiding under his sheets and pulls him in for a hug, remarking how cute he was. He brings him to meet the other mochis but Mochi!America changes shape to stomp on him however it later appeared they made up.[42]

Estonia has appeared in all but the third and fifth volumes. In volume 1, he makes his debut in Meeting of the World when he tells Russia it isn't nice to bully the weak.[43] In the strip A Natural Rags-to-Riches Story, he is living at Russia's house and during a conversation he whispers to Lithuania to not mention America in Russia's presence. When Latvia says something that may have upset Russia, Estonia walks out nervously, stating he's going to make some tea.[44]. In the strip Squished, Latvia states he hates living with Russia and would much rather rely on Germany instead while Lithuania refuses, thinking he is way too scary. Estonia adds that he looks for a time he doesn't have to rely on anyone. In a change of conversation, they talk about dinner and each want a different meal. In the last panel, Estonia adds they don't feel like the Baltics "countries" at all.[27]. These two strips were combined in Chapter 2: Power Ranger Allied Forces. In volume 2 he makes a brief appearance in the strip, Unrequited Love, showing a panel of the numerous faces that lived in Russia's house.[45] In Don't Think Too Much Into It, Estonia curiously wonders if siblings would be good to have.[25]. Both these strips were combined within the Russia's Big and Little Sister chapter. In volume 4, he appears in the strip Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! as part of the Choir Club with Ukraine. After explaining about their club, Estonia notes that their most distinguished feature is being targeted by the Soviet Union Club (which consists of only Russia). However Russia insists that the club has been disbanded.[19] In the strip I Was Overwhelmed by Heroines! he awakes to discover the other nations have turned into girls[46] and wonders how this happened.[47] God arrives to explain that Estonia looked "out of luck" so he had granted a wish so he can be happy and live a life like in seventh heaven. Estonia however doesn't want "those gloomy girls" and awakes to discover it was nothing more than dream, "a scary nightmare" he says to Russia who is curious as to what kind of dream he had.[48] Estonia also appears in an omake comic released with volume 4 as the one writing the Nordic 5 bios.[10]

In volume 6, he appears in the strip Meeting of the Nordic where he was invited to Iceland's surprise birthday party and brought snacks from his homeland. Iceland (who originally though this was a meeting between the Nordics) wondered why "that Non-Nordic Four-Eyes" was there and Estonia winked at him when they exchanged glances, leaving Iceland flustered and wondering what that was even for.[49] Estonia also appears in two republished strips, the first being The Nordic Five +α where Estonia eagerly tries convince Finland to let him join the Nordics, noting it'd be more fun to have another Ugric language speaker in the group. While the two have coffee, Estonia reaffirms his desire to join the group. Lithuania and Latvia over-hear this and Lithuania wants to hear more while Latvia notes they can't be the Baltic Trio without him. Estonia however states nervously that even if he pulls out, the two could still get by as the Baltic Duo, an idea that Finland thinks won't end well.[50] In the strip A Call for Russia, Russia apologizes for calling the Baltics over so late at night and asks if the three of them had any requests for him, which Estonia responds nervously that he doesn't. Later in the strip, he watches Latvia closely, noting that he can't work hard without a carrot and stick approach.[51] Both these strips were originally published in Comic Birz in March and June 2013 respectively.[52][53]

Estonia has appeared in several Kitayume Hetalia holiday events. In the 2009 April Fools event, Ore-sama no Blog, Estonia leaves a comment that the poster for his independent movie is finished but Prussia replies that he is more important than that and to focus on him. Estonia replies back stating that if the photo had been in focus, maybe he could of seen how cool he was.[54] In the 2010 Christmas event, Estonia helps out Finland with the Christmas stream alongside with Sweden and Norway. The four of them are later attacked by Parallel France and awake in an unknown location with ripped clothes.[7] During the Halloween 2011 event, Estonia arrives at America's Halloween party with the rest of the Baltics, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, dressed in Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes. Estonia also brought Mochi!America to the event, dressed as Humpty Dumpty.[55] Later in the event, he notices that Mochi!America's legs have disappeared but doesn't seem phased by it, noting he "grow something weird again soon."[56] In an extra comic posted on Himaruya's blog before the event, Latvia has to work the next day and tries to leave but Estonia and Lithuania, who are still partying, keep him from doing so.[57] In the Christmas 2011 event, Estonia is seen briefly riding Mochi!America (who has morphed into a horse-like creature) and saying he will visit Latvia and see his Christmas tree.[30] In the 2013 Halloween event, Estonia shows up with Finland and Sweden to join the rest of the Nordics for the Halloween party. When Iceland asks if Finland's costume is supposed to partner up with Sweden's, he is seen laughing in the background.[58] In a bonus strip, Estonia made costumes for the Mochis however Mochi!America is unhappy with his, replying "I'm hero! Do you know?" While he sleeps, Estonia decides to draw the Superman logo on his body but it takes him several attempts to get it right as they're scribbled off. The next morning Mochi!America notices the logos on his body and bounces excitedly.[59]

Drama CDs

Estonia made his debut in Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2. In the second track of Hetalia Fantasia 3, Estonia comes to the aid of Poland (by he request of Lithuania) who's in tears and struggling to start the game. As he gets things ready, Estonia apologizes for taking so long to stop by, as he was watching the stocks on his 12 monitor computer. He also adds that he plays the game as well so he's happy to answer questions he has. Poland makes a request for him to let Lithuania know that he did everything himself and Estonia says he's fine with that. Estonia gets the game up and running in a timely manner, leaving Poland impressed by his skills. He offers to tinker with the game so Poland can kill a dragon in one-hit but passes on the offer. He thanks Estonia for his help but reminds him to let Lithuania know he did everything himself.[60]


Estonia in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half.
Estonia in Episode 01.

Estonia made his first, albeit cameo, appearance in Episode 01 stating to Russia that it isn't nice to pick on others, adapting from the strip, Meeting of the World. He makes his first major appearance in Episode 29, which adapts both A Natural Rags-to-Riches Story and Squished from the first volume of the published manga. Estonia also makes minor appearances in episodes 37 43, 56, 57, 70, and Extra Episode 2. In The Beautiful World, he makes three major appearances in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half, The Gentle Fight Between Russia and I, and I Was Overwhelmed by Heroines, adapting the three strips of the same name. In The World Twinkle, he makes brief appearances in the Nordic-centered episodes, Meeting of the Nordic and The Nordic Five +α.

In a minor change to his character design, his green eyes were changed to a dark blue, while his military uniform became blue as well, a change that later became standard in the manga. For Hetalia: The Beautiful World, his eye color became much lighter, matching the current manga art.


  • Self-portrait comics of Hidekaz Himaruya suggest that Estonia bears resemblance to his creator.[61] Also, Himaruya has jokingly said Estonia is "the coolest creation in the series."[62]
  • His birthday references the date of Estonia's declaration of independence from both Germany and Russia on February 24th, 1918.[3] It became officially recognized as independent on February 2nd, 1920, but was annexed by the Soviet Union from 1940-1941. Next, it fell under the occupation of the Third Reich until 1944, when Soviet forces reoccupied the nation. Estonia regained its independence from the Soviet Union on August 20th, 1991.
  • In a timeline given in Let's go take a look at Estonia, it was stated that Denmark and the Teutonic Knights used to beat him up frequently and later forced the teachings of Christianity against his will.[29]
  • In (No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw‎, Himaruya mentions a story he heard of when the Baltics separated from Russia, Lithuania threw away anything associated with Russia, Latvia was scared to throw them away, while Estonia sold everything at cheap prices and believed it fit their personalities.[63] The page was later reposted on Bamboo Thicket with some additional sketches.[64]
  • In an incomplete version of The Meeting of the World, Estonia was shown to reek the scent of money.[65]
  • In Episode 29 Estonia suggests eating 'piirakka'. That is actually a Finnish word and the food pictured derives from Karjala (Karjalan piirakas), an Eastern part of Finland. It's called 'Karjala pirukas' in Estonian, but is not really a very common thing to eat in Estonia.
  • In Omochi Omochi 2, a framed photo that reads "I ♥ IKEA" is seen hanging over his bed.[8]
  • Estonia is the only character (in the canon and linear story) that has had interaction with the Nyotalia nations.


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