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This article is about the character representing modern day Egypt. For the character representing the ancient civilization, see Ancient Egypt.
Character Information
Name EgyptFlag.png Arab Republic Of Egypt (Dżumhurijjat Misr Al-Arabiyya)
Human Name Gupta Muhammad Hassan (グプタ・モハメッド・ハッサン, Guputa Mohameddo Hassan;[1] Arabic: غوبتا حسن محمد
Gender Male
Birthday February 28[2]
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Golden brown (early art)
Dark brown (early anime)
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 (profiled)
Volume 4 (formal debut)
Strip Hetalia: Chapter 1
Anime Episode 27
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Takahashi (grunting noises)
Eriko Nakamura (child)
English Scott Sager

Egypt (エジプト Ejiputo?) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Between 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Gupta Muhammad Hassan (グプタ・モハメッド・ハッサン, Guputa Mohameddo Hassan;[1] Arabic: غوبتا محمد حسن).


A 'chibi' version of Egypt. Shown in 2010 Character Cards.


Egypt has light brown skin and wears a khaki uniform. His eyes are green and have upward corners,[3] though in early artwork they are a golden brown color.[4] His head is covered with a white keffiyeh tied with a grayish-brown agal. In at least one recent drawing, he is shown to have one, small golden earring.[3] He is sometimes depicted wearing a white robe when not in his military uniform.[5] His legs are wrapped in what appears to be a white cloth and he wears brown shoes. He has a long brown staff with a curved top,[3] though it has alternatively been colored with stripes.[6] In some artwork, he is depicted with an Anubis-like creature.[3]

Personality and Interests

A young man with a mysterious and individualistic atmosphere. He is described as quite stubborn, but is also friendly and family-oriented.[2] It is said that he maintained an elegant and high-class civilization since the ancient times, and was able to maintain his own culture despite having been occupied by both Rome and the Ottoman Empire,[4] as well as the British empire.[7] He is also described as robust[3] and faithful, though it is difficult to tell what he is thinking[4] and he may do things half-heartedly.[3] In a picture of several nations sleeping, Egypt is shown lying down with his eyes open positioned with his arms crossed like a mummy.[6] In the modern day, it is said that he has been cleaning his house, excavating, overturning things, and petting cats.[3]

He is quiet, and is rarely seen talking in the series. However, according to character notes, he is rumored to actually be very talkative.[8][9] He is first shown speaking during the Christmas 2007 event, where he asks France if he would like to buy a pot,[10] and he verbally refuses a request in a blog entry asking to see him smiling and without his keffiyeh.[11] It is stated in 2010 character notes that, while he hasn't been shown talking in the main storyline, a lot of other characters have heard him talk and have bought pots from him.[3]


Ancient Egypt

Main article: Ancient Egypt

Although Egypt has not been seen interacting with his mother much, he is said to have inherited his laid-back personality from her. In an illustration posted to Bamboo Thicket in 2013, he is depicted as a baby being cradled by her lovingly,[12] and is shown standing alongside her in another entry where she discusses ways to cheer yourself up.[13] After her passing, he inherited many of her artifacts and structures that archaeologists and tourists the world over come to see.[3]


Main article: France

France and Egypt are first shown interacting in the April Fools' 2007 event, where France asks Egypt if he can talk and Egypt tries to sell him a pot.[10] In a sketch posted after the event as an extra, later subtitled with "Egypt has been excavated", France is shown leering at him while he hangs clothing to dry after stripping down.[14][15] In 2010 character notes, it is stated that he gave France an obelisk in exchange for a timepiece.[3]


Main article: Turkey

Egypt was once occupied by the Ottoman Empire,[4] and during the Christmas 2011 event a young Egypt is shown attentively listening to Turkey tell a story.[16] Character notes reveal that "he's improved his relationship with Turkey from the old days" and that they like each other a lot now.[8] During the Halloween 2011 event, he is shown participating in Turkey's costume group without qualms (unlike Greece),[17] and prior to their appearance, Egypt is shown in a blog post looking disturbed as Turkey leers at him while wearing a Nasreddin costume.[18] A footnote in the Christmas 2011 event states that the foundation of Turkish (and Greek) coffee is the way Egypt drinks it.[19]



A young Egypt smiling, pictured without his keffiyeh during the Christmas 2011 event.

Egypt first appeared during the first chapter of the original Hetalia main storyline. Italy decides that he could contribute more to the Axis, so he launches an attack on Egypt. However, Egypt begins hitting him with a stick, causing Italy to cry. By the time Germany arrives to help, Italy is sitting on the ground with a number of bumps on his head while Egypt hovers over him.[20] He is next seen during the third part of Lithuania’s Outsourcing Series, where, during the Great Depression, England goes to him and Seychelles in order to gain more funds as they are his colonies.[7] He makes a cameo appearance at the end of the webcomic version of Opening of the Meeting at the Center of the World watching an exchange between the Italy brothers and Germany.[21] During the Christmas 2007 event, France runs into Egypt and asks if he can talk, and Egypt asks him if he'd like to buy a clay pot from him.[10] He shows up again in a fake news story invented by Spain during the April Fools' 2008 event, where it claims that he was seen talking in long sentences for five hours to a Turkish tourist.[5]

He doesn't appear again until the Christmas 2010 event, where he is shown on the phone with Sealand, having checked his body for markings. He has a bandage on his head,[22] and a deleted panel taking place earlier in the story shows him getting attacked by a shadowy figure.[23] In the April Fools' 2011 event, he briefly appears without his keffiyeh watching Greece and Turkey fight over weird photographs they had been sent.[24] He makes his formal debut in the published manga in Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4 in one of the May Be Useful Tomorrow: Hetalia Knowledge strips. He appears horrified at how foreigners treated mummies that were unearthed on his land (cut up, burned, and used as a heating source or smoked like tobacco).[25] In the Halloween 2011 event, he shows up to America's party as part of Turkey's group dressed like an Aladdin character. Greece, brought there against his will, asks Egypt to talk some sense into Turkey.[17] He appears in a flashback during the Christmas 2011 event alongside Turkey and Greece, listening to a story Turkey tells about Nasreddin Hodja.[16] He doesn't make another appearance in a comic until 2015, when he shows up at the end of the fifty-first serialized chapter of Hetalia: World☆Stars (later published as chapter 36 in Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 2). He is given an AK-27 by Russia, on the advice that Russia should give him something he would want himself.[26]


Egypt in Episode 27.
Young Egypt in "Turkey&!".

Egypt makes his debut anime appearance in Episode 27, voiced by Hiroki Takahashi. The episode adapts his initial appearance in Hetalia Chapter 1, and he doesn't speak beyond some grunting. His anime design uses the deep brown eye color used in early webcomic appearances, and his skin is significantly lighter than in his other appearances. He wears a white keffiyeh with a gray agal, and an off-white robe with a dark gray collar.

A young Egypt later appears in Hetalia: The Beautiful World, voiced by Eriko Nakamura. He first shows up in the episode "Turkey&!", adapting the strip from Christmas 2011 where he listens to a story told by Turkey but runs off when Greece begins philosophizing about it. He makes a brief appearance in "Our Failure", adapting the April Fools' 2011 event, where he silently watches Greece and Turkey fighting. In this season his design was changed to better reflect his manga appearance. He has darker skin and green eyes, and in his younger days wears a large dark green shirt with a lighter green strips at the center and on the sleeves, along with large brown pants.


  • His birthday corresponds with the date that Egypt gained independence from the United Kingdom, on February 28th, 1922.[2]
  • In Fandom, it's common to find pictures of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus misidentified as Egypt as their character designs appear to look vaguely similar to some fans.
  • Contrary to fan speculation, Egypt is capable of smiling and has been shown in canon doing so during the Christmas 2011 event.[16]
  • According to 2010 character notes, his air conditioner is of the "loud, booming, shrill variety."[3]


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