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Denmark and Norway
Denmark (left) and Norway (right) taken from an official illustration of the Nordic Five.
Pairing Information
Orientation Homosexual
Interaction in Canon Media? Yes (see moments)
Pixiv Tags
デンノル (DenNor)
丁諾 (??)

Denmark/Norway is a mildly popular slash pairing featuring the Nordic countries Denmark and Norway. It is commonly referred to by fans as DenNor, taking obvious inspiration from the first three letters of the nations' names.


A picture of Denmark and Norway, apparently sporting Viking era garb, Finland provided by request during the run-up to the Christmas Rampage.
Denmark and Norway grew up together, apparently having shared history as vikings. At the time of the Kalmar Union, Denmark ruled over all five Nordic nations, but everyone (beginning with Sweden and Finland, followed by Norway and Iceland) left him in the end. Norway disliked Denmark and teased him often, but Denmark was, and still is, too oblivious to notice. Denmark believes to this day that the two are good friends.

Present Day

There are very few comics featuring both Denmark and Norway, and none exploring their relationship exclusively, but the few times they do appear together, there's usually some bickering. In the strip "The Nice Products that Come From Scandinavia Are...", Norway is seen to openly criticize his Danish counterpart, though his jab at Denmark's volume has no affect on the oblivious man, who replies with a cheery, "I see!"

Norway appears unafraid of Denmark on a basic level, not hesitating to strangle him with his own tie when the Dane asserts that the other Nordics should call him 'big brother'.
Norway strangling Denmark with his own tie. While Denmark chokes and Finland panics, Sweden remains unaffected.

Fan Speculations

Because so little has been revealed about the two characters, let alone their relationship, fanon varies. In some fanworks they have a closer, more sentimental relationship, while in yet others Denmark victimizes Norway (and the other Nordics), exhibiting a cracked mentality, apparently intended to reflect the strained atmosphere of the Kalmarunionen. Regardless of particulars, the two characters are seen as great foils for each other, with Norway's more cold personality matched against Denmark's jocular, headstrong tendencies.
Norway criticizes Denmark's marketing technique; Denmark is oblivious.


Webcomics: Extra Stories

  • The Nice Products that Come From Scandinavia Are...
  • Wordy Nordic Comic
  • Halloween 2011
  • Butter Crisis!

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