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Character Information
Name USFlag.png The United States of America
Human Name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Joonzu)[1]
Age 19[2]
Gender Male
Birthday July 04[3]
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Height 177 cm (5'9.6")[4]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip Chapter 2: Allied Forces
Game Gakuen Hetalia
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue
Anime Episode 01
Musical ~Singin' in the World~
Voice Actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
Ryoko Shimizu (Young America, drama CD "Prologue")
Ai Iwamura (Young America, anime)
Osamu Ikeda (Flower of Iris)
English Eric Vale
Luci Christian (Young)

America (アメリカ, Amerika) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and leads the Allied Forces. Between 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu).[1]


A 'chibi' version of America.


He has short blond hair with an ahoge, representing Nantucket, sticking up and sky blue eyes. He wears a tan uniform and a brown bomber jacket with a '50' on the back (for the fifty states). His glasses are said to represent the state of Texas. America is often shown holding a hamburger or a large-sized soft drink (usually a cola) and flashing a thumbs-up.

When America initially appeared in the webcomic, his hair was drawn smoother, parted in the center, and with no ahoge. Eventually as the art style changed, Himaruya added in the strand and made America's hair slightly wilder. America also was shown to have his pants tucked into his boots in older designs, but more modern artwork depicts him wearing his pants over the boots.

In Volume 5, his body type was described as being like that of a high school jock. Though he shows paranoia over his increasing weight, it is said to actually be muscle.

Personality and Interests

America is a cheerful, energetic and somewhat conceited young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone's business, which causes him to have difficulty making friends. He loves hamburgers and junk food, to the point of obsession, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting England's sense of taste (or lack thereof). America is also known for not being aware of how "the atmosphere" is when he is around others (which, at one point, he was told to read it), but it has been noted that it is not that he lacks the ability to "assess the situation", he simply chooses not to. On multiple occasions it has been shown that, when calm or serious, America can become very logical, reading further into things than he usually would, and actually reading the atmosphere. This is shown in the movie Paint It White, where he suggests to infiltrate the enemy base, something that the others quickly accept which is unusual. His profile states that his hobbies are sports, games, and making movies. Furthermore, in the side-story Black Ships Have Come, when introducing himself to Japan, he states that his hobbies are "quick-draw, archaeology, and adventures" (which is translated to Japan as America's hobby being lechery). He possesses an abnormal amount of strength, shown even as a child by easily swinging a full-grown buffalo around, and has been once seen running around dragging a heavy Rolls Royce, belonging to England, behind him for an hour in order to ask permission to borrow it. In the NotoSama 6 game, America was able to stop a car with the heel of his foot.

He is shown to be ignorant of the geography outside his own home, believing that maps of the United States constitute the "world map" and that he can simply get to other countries by car travel. He is shown becoming concerned about his weight in the strip Supersize You! and it is mentioned that he has invented strange diet machines as well as becoming obsessed with exercise (which has caused him to become paranoid about his rising weight, as he is unaware of his building muscle). Aside from being afraid of ghosts and weighing scales, he also fears Marmite. In Hetalia Fantasia 2 it is revealed that America has at least 238 weaknesses, one of those being Dora The Explorer. As America is obsessed with heroes and happy endings, he hopes that his future will be that way. He also seems to like cars and has a car collection, as it is said that he has several, including a Mustang, a remodeled Caprice, a 1955 Thunderbird, and a DeLorean modeled after the car in the movie Back to the Future.[5]

Though he is friends with an alien named Tony and his friends, he does not believe in England's magical friends, fairies, or unicorns. The only time he can actually see fairies and other such beings is on Halloween.[6]

In the 2010 Christmas event, he said that he was jealous of all of the kids in his country that get presents from their fathers. This may be a reference to America's fast growth and young age, and how he missed out on a lot of childhood things by growing physically mature so quickly, as well as what seems to be the lack of parents for most of the nations (as opposed to elder siblings).



Main Article: Belarus

America became a sort of big brother to her after she attempted to separate herself from her brother after the fall of the Soviet Union. However, she tired him out a lot in doing so, and he tried to get rid of her the same as Russia did.[7] She's annoyed by American ghosts (as they're very conspicuous) and going to America's house, though she seems to enjoy the famous haunted mansion, the Winchester mystery house, and went there with Russia despite being irritated at having to visit America.[8]


Main Article: Canada

Canada is America's kind-hearted brother. As children, the two grew up separately until England eventually took Canada on a trip to meet America, who wound up becoming bored with him and forgetting him shortly into their first meeting.[9] While they are later shown to have gotten along quite well, Canada could not match America's rapid growth and development and he was not able to mature at the same time as his brother, causing him to remain a child while America began to reach his adolescence.[10] A rift occurred between the two after Canada refused to join America's side during the American Revolution, with America believing Canada had too much affection for England.[11] This tense relationship continued for many years afterwards.[12]

In their adulthood, Canada is frequently overshadowed by America and has even been mistaken for him more than once. America and the other nations also tend to forget that he exists, but there are times, such as in Episode 44, where Canada comes to talk to America, and America has no trouble recognizing him and seeing him. America also visits Canada's house on occasion and is seen to be the one Canada spends the most time with. They seem to have a healthy sibling relationship, despite Canada's passive aggressive resentment and America's cluelessness.

In World☆Stars, America is shown to secretly admire Canada's personality to get along with everyone (despite Canada's desire to change it), calling him "blessed" to have such an ability.[13] He is also shown to be taken aback by how much Canada knows about his politics and entertainment, while he knows very little about Canada's.[14]


Main Article: Cuba

Cuba does not get along with America; their relationship has failed to the point of "diplomatic discommunication". Though he has yet to interact with America in the series, he displays violent outbursts when he sees Canada and believes him to be America.[9]


Main Article: England

After America was discovered as a small child by Finland, England adopted and raised him like a younger brother, caring for him with adoration and teaching him how to be a nation. When the Revolutionary War came, America declared his independence and split from England, creating a huge rift between the two that still is present, if only less severe. As part of the Allied Forces, they manage to work together, although England often disagrees with the unusual ideas that America presents and America teases England about everything from his cooking, his style of dress, and his "old" age. They are shown to be always bickering but it is hinted the two truly care for one another. Although they do argue on a regular basis, America tends to get upset when he and England don't patch things up. When England didn't give him chocolates for Valentine's Day, he sulked about it. He also grew concerned for England when he was sick and feigned glee at his "death", knowing it would shock him into waking up.


Main Article: Estonia

Estonia finds all his websites hacked with each site displaying a drawing of Chibirussia. Immediately, Estonia accuses Russia of the dirty deed, but naturally Russia denies it. In order to solve the mystery, Estonia hires America to trace the hack.


Main Article: Finland

Finland was shown to be the first one to discover America in Finland's Holiday Home; after mentioning it to him, Sweden decides to try to capture him, but they both end up being beat up by Holland. Finland also is the one who tells France and England about America. While the two argue over who the boy looks most like, Finland asks if America looks like him. There is a resemblance, but both France and England deny it.[15]

There is not much more interaction between Finland and America, though in the 2010 Christmas Event, after listening to America express his jealousy for the children who receive presents from their fathers, Finland suggested that, since America shared his genes from the colonization days, America could think of him as his papa. America responded with "I might be able to if you looked older", to which Finland responded "I'll wear a beard!"[16] In a 2009 blog post, it was stated America learned to make log houses because of the leftovers he had left.[17]


Main Article: France

As a baby, America was fought over by both France and England, with England becoming the winner. Despite him being England's rival, America holds no hate for France, likely because of his contributions to America's independence. Even though France always refers to himself as "onii-san" and treats America similar to a younger sibling, America has never referred to him as such. France has offered to feed America his food instead of England's cooking multiple times, once becoming very depressed when a young America stated that both France's and England's cooking were "sweet and tasty". In the strip America's Brewster F2A Buffalo France refuses to offer a depressed America a drink after he has a horrible day, stating that he is still a child.

After a lot of hard work on his part, France presented America with a dismembered Statue of Liberty, celebrating America's 100th year of official independence in The Story of The Statue of Liberty. In Independence Day, France's gift was a censored object along with champagne, to which America asked for such things not to be shown in public. When America went on a diet in Supersize You, he asked France for a suggestion, however, whatever was said was censored out; later in the Hetalia Fantasia 2 C.D., it seems that France had lied about a snack diet being a great way to lose weight. This revelation came after France stumbled into a dungeon area that he believed America had based off of the Palace of Versailles, and he became very emotional. He then goes on about how much he always knew America loved his culture and how grateful he is for it, but this is never verified by America himself.


Main Article: Italy

America and Italy have appeared together quite a few times and both are known for not being able to read the atmosphere. In Comic Diary 1 they were shown looking for the "Legendary ability to read the atmosphere" together.


Main Article: Japan

In Black Ships have Come, America rather forcefully convinces Japan to open up his borders, leaving him frustrated. Apparently the relationship gets better, since in Japan and The Footsteps of Westernization, America visits his house. He introduces "table turning" to Japan, asking what he would like to question the table about. Japan eventually ends up confiding that, while he is happy to be opening up his borders and meeting new people, he is fearful of not being able to get along with other countries. He then goes on to request that America ask if he will be able to make new friends, and America promptly makes the table shift once, exclaiming "That means the answer's yes!"

In modern-day strips, these two get along well. They share a love of technology and video games, and are frequently at each others' houses to play them together. Differences between the American and Japanese culture and lifestyle are often explored using these two, such as in Traits of Japanese People that America-Kuns Have Noticed, and Why Americans Love Spring.


"Main Article: Korea"

The only time they had shown to actually be interacting in the webcomics was during a meeting, where Korea disagreed with Japan while agreeing with America, though America and Japan had already agreed. America and Korea were also both in the "Do your best! Japanese snacks!" strip, but they did not interact. And Korea mentioned America in the "Breasts are Forever" strip, when Japan turns down Korea's request to touch his chest and Korea declares that "If you don't let me touch them, I'll make a movie... and then show it to America later..." It isn't clear why he'd want to watch it with America, but one can assume it is because of their historically close friendship.


Main Article: Lithuania

After falling into poverty due to WWI, Lithuania started to work for America as his housekeeper, finding himself a happy freedom in the process. When the Great Depression hit, Lithuania found himself having to return back home with Russia.

It seems like Lithuania actually cares for America since in Episode 29 he asks Russia about him, although a trembling Estonia interrupts to remind him that he can't talk to Russia about America. He also was one of the people who went to America's birthday party.


Main Article: Molossia

In one of the Christmas 2011 bonus requests, Molossia is embarrassed about accidentally exposing his softer side to Sealand and the other micronations, so he's on edge and ends up snapping at America. America expresses his surprise and says that Molossia used to be such a mild person, much to Molossia's embarrassment. Footnotes explain that Molossia can't "lift his head against America" and is shown exchanging a polite greeting with him in an omake illustration.[18]


Main Article: Prussia

Though there hasn't been much interaction between them, it was revealed that Prussia trained America in combat for the Revolutionary War. Initially he was worried about how he didn't know what he was thinking, and told himself to be cautious. However, after Prussia introduced himself he thought Prussia was friendly; he later realized that he was being serious when he said that his training methods were harsh, as they were like torture.[19] In more modern times, on a day the countries had gone to the beach, Prussia and America had a swimming race. According to Prussia, America swims very quickly, like a shark, making it impossible for him to win.[20] In the drama CD, Prussia lost because a wave knocked him back.


Main Article: Russia

In one of the first meetings of the Allied Forces, America tells everyone that their roles in the upcoming battles are to be his support. When Russia asks what America himself will be doing, America replies, "I'll be the hero, of course!" During the Cold War, America's boss ordered him to call up Russia and tell him to make 25 cm (9 in.). condoms in order to destroy the Russian will to fight. Russia replied that it will be extremely hard to make, but does it anyway. When the package came, Russia had attached a note on the package saying, "I hope it fits," with it being labelled size "Extra-small".

In one strip, when an economic crisis hit Lithuania's house, he went to America's house to work as a housekeeper in order to gain money. Russia visited America to check on Lithuania, and explained to America to treat him well, and then made a threatening expression and said, "he is my ex, after all."

In modern day, they are still shown to passive-aggressive towards each other. During one of America's birthday parties, Russia gave America extra-small condoms as a joke (a reference to when America had tried to destroy the Russian will to fight during WWII) and a ticket to Siberia with no return ticket, in which America responds that he'll make sure to blow his nose with it if he has a cold. While Russia 'laughs', a tense and scary aura emanates from both of them. When Estonia's blog was hacked, he immediately suspected Russia, as a cute picture of Russia, along with pro-Russian graphics, had been placed all over. America offered to help Estonia catch the real culprit, but it turned out to be a citizen of Estonia instead.


America in the anime


America makes his first appearance at the beginning of Episode 01 where he announces his plan to stop global warming.

His childhood is spotlighted numerous times in the anime, including Episode 25 and Episode 39 and Episode 40, which tells of how France and England battled each other over his ownership.

In a minor difference from the manga design, the '50' was left off of America's jacket in the anime adaptation.

In Hetalia: The Beautiful World, America's hair had a lighter shade.


Ryūko Isogai as America.

America appeared in the musical Hetalia ~Singin' in the World~ and was portrayed by Ryūko Isogai.[21]


  • His birthday corresponds with the Independence Day of July 4th, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the U.S. Continental Congress.[3]
  • Although commonly referred to as America, some merchandise refer to him by the full term United States Of America, or simply U.S. for short.
  • In some fanart, he is portrayed with a rabbit, as "U.S.A." can also be "usa" (a shortening of the word "usagi"), which means "bunny" in Japanese. The child version of America was also shown to have a bunny following him, when he first met the older nations.
An early America as seen in vol 3.
  • According to Himaruya, America's personality was based off of his teacher's. The same teacher is said to have a strong disinterest in world geography. Meanwhile, America's appearance is based off of that of a Canadian that Himaruya met when he went to America.
  • Notes in the special edition booklet for Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3 revealed that America was originally intended to be smarter and more cheeky, but evolved into a "Go for it!" type of character. Himaruya noted that in retrospect, the original character personality would have been harder to use.[22]
  • In a set of character notes, it is revealed that America has mingled a lot with Germanic blood, and that he was insecure for having no history of his own before England adopted him.
  • In England, Dreaming About The Past, it was revealed by a sleeping England that America used to wet his bed when he was younger.
  • It is a source of debate among fans as to whether it is America or Canada that is the older of the two brothers (with Hidekaz Himaruya having not confirmed a set age difference between the two). A common fanon assumption is that the two are twins, due to their similarities and the fact that Canada is easily mistaken for America (due to having the same face), though the two do not share the same day of birth. Supporters of the twin theory point out the nations' birthdays merely refer to their date of independence or unification, and that a "nation" may not have an official birthday in the same sense as humans.
  • The number '50' on his jacket, representing the 50 states, is historically incorrect. Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959 and Alaska became a state on January 3, 1959, both after the end of World War II, the time in which the story primarily takes place. This is most likely the reason the '50' is not present in the anime adaption.
  • When asked by a fan what the "F" stood for in America's human name, Himaruya mentioned that he originally was thinking of the name Foster, but played around with the idea of Franklin or Fuck as well, leaving it open ended. [23]
  • In the strip Until It Becomes Buried in the Cabinets, America stars in a hair iron commercial. An off screen voice refers to him by his human name of Alfred.[24]
  • In response to a question from a fan on Himaruya's blog, it was stated that in addition to America's glasses representing Texas, his glasses are "a prop to show you he's normally disguising his power." This pays homage to the American cartoon trope where the hero conceals his identity with a pair of glasses. However, America still feels like a hero even with them on. [25]
  • America is also said to have several cars, including a Mustang, a remodeled Caprice, a 1955 Thunderbird, and a DeLorean modeled after the car in the movie Back to the Future..[5]


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